Use Microsoft Onedrive over Webdav

Koofr now lets you fully use your connected Microsoft Onedrive (or Onedrive for Business) account over Webdav.

After connecting your Onedrive account to Koofr via the Connect external clouds option, you will be able to access and modify your content on Onedrive. You will now also be able to upload content to the Onedrive account through our Webdav connection, which was not possible before.

clouds 2019 koofr dropbox google onedrive.png

The easiest way to setup Koofr via Webdav is by installing our Desktop App and Enabling network drive in the settings. This will take care of everything, from generating separate app password to mapping Koofr as a network drive on your computer (works for Mac OS and Windows).

Please note, free Koofr accounts have a daily transfer limit for external cloud accounts, all paid accounts are unlimited.