Koofr changelog
Koofr changelog

Public links policy update





In the past days we have encountered several problems with external storage providers with regard to public links leading to files stored on Google, Dropbox etc. In order to ensure good quality of service to all our users, we have made the difficult decision to restrict creation of such links for users on our Starter (free) accounts.

What does this mean?

Users with our free Starter accounts will no longer be able to create public links to files stored on Google, Onedrive, Dropbox or Amazon. This does not in any way affect access or sharing of those files inside Koofr or links to files stored on Koofr or on your computer.

What options for sharing do I have as a free user now?

You can still use all the sharing functionality (including public links for receiving and sending) for all files residing on Koofr or your computer. You can also Share any file with other Koofr users, regardless of where it is stored.

What will happen to existing links?

Nothing, all existing links will remain operational for now. No worries.

How many users are affected by this?

We estimated only a handful of users were using such links, so the majority of you will probably not notice any difference. We believe this was the solution that affects the least users.

What about the paying users?

Nothing changes for you. Actually, due to various limits emposed by external providers, we expect you will now have a better service as a result of this limitation.