Koofr desktop client update

The Koofr desktop client has recently undergone a major update. We’ve made some big changes to our syncing process.

So, imagine you are inside your default Koofr sync folder (or any other sync folder that you yourself created for that matter) and you want to copy/move a file. Previously all of the files you copied or moved inside the sync folder were uploaded to Koofr servers again which made the desktop client slow sometimes.


Now we are able to detect that you moved/copied your files and we do the move/copy action inside your Koofr sync folder locally without doing the unpleasant intermediate steps which used to hinder our speed. We improved transfer speed and Koofr now also uses less bandwidth. Or in other words - the Koofr desktop client is now faster.

And then we also have a bug fix for you. Some Koofr on Windows users occasionally had issues if they were using two syncs – for example one from the home office and the other from work.

If they renamed a folder on one of them, Koofr sync would rename the folder but it would also keep the empty copy of the original folder. We are happy to report that we have now fixed this annoying issue.