Koofr changelog
Koofr changelog

Getting the extra free space in Koofr is even easier now





You'll be happy to hear that now it is even easier to get some extra, free space in your Koofr account.


Invite your friends to join Koofr and each one of them that starts using Koofr will now bring you 2 GB of additional free space. Since you get 2 GB of free space as soon as you join Koofr, you will now only need four of your friends to accept your invite, to get to 10 GB of free space in your account. We will, of course, give them the extra 2 GB as well.

Invite them to join by clicking on Get free space in the Koofr web app. Send them your unique invite link or invite them via email.

get free space.png

As an additional bonus, we rounded up the existing free space from your previously accepted invites. If, for example, one of your friends accepted your invite to join Koofr, you both received 500 MB of free space. Now, both of you already have the extra 2 GB of free space in your Koofr accounts, forever.

Let us know what you think of this improvement on our Reddit channel.