Koofr changelog
Koofr changelog

Koofr gift cards now available for purchase in your account!




Five months ago, we introduced Koofr gift cards through our partner Proxystore to offer a simple way for users to pay for their cloud storage using cryptocurrencies and cash.

Now, we've expanded our gift card program - you can now also purchase Koofr gift cards directly in your account using existing payment methods (credit card, PayPal, or bank transfer). You can, of course, still purchase gift cards through Proxystore as well.


Why purchase a gift card?

  1. You can purchase a gift card when it is discounted and apply it later.
  2. You can stack gift cards to extend your subscription for two or more years, so you don't have to think about renewing every year.
  3. It can be a great gift for family or friends, especially if they value privacy and security!
  4. You can save 35% on cloud storage if you purchase your Koofr gift cards until 30. 11. 2021 in our Black Friday Deal.

To purchase a gift card, click on the new Black Friday 2021 icon in the top menu of the browser application. Alternatively, you can open the drop-down menu by clicking your user icon, then navigating to Upgrade your account and switching to the Gift cards tab in the left sidebar. Each gift card has a corresponding gift code, which can then be used to reedeem the gift card through the field at the top of the page. You'll be able to see a list of all of your gift codes (both valid and redeemed) in a list at the bottom of the page.


Currently, you can only purchase gift cards for yearly plans L (100 GB,) XXL (1 TB), or XXXL (2.5 TB) as part of our limited-time Black Friday Deal (35% off), valid until 30. 11. 2021. After this, gift cards will become available for all Koofr plans at regular prices.

For more information on how Koofr gift cards work, please visit our FAQ page.

Koofr desktop client update




We released a minor but important update for the Koofr desktop client.

Certain Mac OS users were experiencing a pesky bug in some very specific scenarios, where some files in a synced folder would for no apparent reason be moved to local trash folder only to be re-downloaded from the server right after that. We are pleased to say that this bug together with some minor other bugs was successfully hunted down and crushed.

Screenshot 2021-11-19 at 20.05.13.png

The application will self-update to the new version, so there is no manual input necessary on your end. This latest version is marked as 5974c04.

We would also like to give a big thank you to users that reported this impossible to reproduce bug and helped us with logs and additional info.

We hope you enjoy the updated version of the Koofr desktop client. Let us know what you think of it on our Reddit channel.

Recent updates: Koofr for Android




We just updated Koofr for Android to current version 3.12.0. This update mostly focuses on optimizations for Android 12 and includes improved automatic background media uploads. These changes should improve the overall experience using the app, especially for the newer devices using Android 12.


This is just the very latest in a series of smaller updates in recent months which focused mostly on improving and optimizing existing app features. To bring you up to speed, here's what other recent updates brought to Koofr for Android:

In our August 2021 update, we improved the speed of folder listings, which will make for a smoother experience browsing through folders in the app. Folders and items in folders are now displayed faster when moving up and down the folder structure.

We also improved opening documents in-app via Storage Access Framework, allowing for seamless opening of documents in other apps and saving any potential changes back to Koofr.

In our September 2021 update, we upgraded the file transfer feature to allow for multiple parallel uploads and downloads. The app can now transfer several files between your phone's local storage and your cloud storage simultaneously. This translates into faster batch upload and download and improved productivity.

Release 3.12.0 of Koofr for Android includes all these updates and is already available on Google Play.

Share your thoughts on these improvements with us on our subreddit.

False "this file is dangerous" warning in browser




When downloading your files from Koofr in the past days, you may have gotten an unpleasant warning from your browser, saying that the files are dangerous and you should not download them.


We would like to assure you that there is nothing wrong with our service or your files.

The reason for Google being unhappy about our service is because there have been various potentially unsafe files shared over public links by some users, which triggered various antiviruses and browsers to flag our whole domain as problematic.



We are working around the clock to get this issue sorted, so the warning should disappear by itself in the following days, but you can still download files by clicking Keep anyway (you may need to first click Show all downloads to get this option).

Because of these issues we will be enforcing our TOS policies with regards to illegal and malicious files being shared over public links more strictly, any malicious file detected and reported by antiviruses or google to us will be blocked and if user is sharing a larger amount of such files his account will be restricted. We will also be adding an option to report a malicious link directly on the link page. We cannot have few malicious users impacting the service quality for everyone else.

Thank you for understanding and if you detect any problematic links from our platform please report them to our support.

Introducing Koofr Gift cards with crypto currency purchase options





We have been getting a lot of inquiries about paying for a Koofr paid plan with crypto currencies. Now we have teamed up with German privacy oriented shop Proxystore in order to offer our users an option to purchase Koofr yearly plans with Bitcoin or Monero.

Koofr gift cards from proxystore purchasable with Bitcoin and Monero example redeem page inside app

To make things as easy and as pain free as possible, we have launched a special Gift card program inside Koofr.

So how does it work? Quite simple.

You purchase one or more gift cards on Proxystore or even on their Onion shop. The prices are the same as in our official price list. You will then redeem your Gift card code in the Gift card section of account settings and your account will be upgraded appropriately. You can even apply multiple codes at once.

For example, applying three yearly M gift cards will give you 3 years of the M plan. So no need to worry about extending it each year.

And what is even better, you can send Gift cards to your family and friends for them to redeem, since they can be redeemed on any Koofr account.

Koofr gift cards proxystore plans listing with bitcoin and monero payment options

P.S.: If you live near a Proxystore physical store they will even sell you Gift cards directly for cash.

Keep original filenames with Send to Koofr





Are you using Send to Koofr for receiving files through the email straight to your Koofr account? Would you like to keep the original attachment filename without it being additionally timestamped with date received?


We have listened to your wishes and now you can achieve this with a simple addition to the receiving email address.

By appending -original just before the @koofrmail.net, you will instruct our service to not modify filenames of the email attachments. What is more, all files received over Send to Koofr will now have additional metadata added, which can be viewed through the File Info panel on the Koofr Web application.

Lets look at an example:

  1. Create an upload link


  1. Add -original to the email address just before the @ sign before sharing it:


  1. The file will keep the original filename and you can see extra details like sender and time received when you click the Info button.


Edit images in Koofr





We are proud to announce the newest addition to the Koofr Web app toolkit. A simple photo editor.


From now on, you can make basic picture edits directly in your Koofr account. When a photo is selected, a new button Edit image will appear (both in the right-click menu and the top bar menu). Once clicked it will open a Photo editor similar to the Text editor you are already familiar with.


Koofr image editor offers options like Resize, Crop, Rotate, Flip as well as a set of Filters that you can apply to the image. You can also choose between JPG and PNG when saving the image. You can even open HEIC images and save them as JPG with this tool. Changes are always saved as a new file, so your original photo remains safely stored.

So why not give our new tool a try and send your feedback on our Reddit channel.

Note: Feature is available in all paid accounts.

Koofr for Android 3.9.12 released





This Koofr Android app update brings among other things a much improved Koofr document provider which allows you to open files directly from Koofr in other applications and completely renewed Offline files synchronisation logic.

These changes should resolve unexpected problems reported from some of the Android devices.

Also included in these update as always are some stability improvements and automatic photo upload detection on some more niche devices.

The new release is already available on Google Play and on Huawei AppGallery. You can let us know what you think of it on our Reddit channel.

Also, no picture in this changelog because of a bug in the changelog platform, we have notified their developers. :)

See the size of your folders in Koofr





Have you ever asked yourself what is the size of your folders in Koofr? Now you can find out with one click, with a new feature straight from the users' wishlist.

Select a folder in the Koofr web app and click on the Info button in the Editing Menu. The Item Info will appear on the left side of the screen. Click on the Calculate size button to calculate the total size and number of all files and folders inside the selected folder and its subfolders.


Note: This option is only available in the web app of the paid Koofr accounts.

When you are in a folder, you can see the number of items in it and their size in the upper-left corner above the files list in the Koofr web app.


Note: Unlike the new Calculate size option, this only works for a folder you are currently in and does not take into account its subfolders.

Let us know what you think of the new improvement on our Reddit channel.

Getting the extra free space in Koofr is even easier now





You'll be happy to hear that now it is even easier to get some extra, free space in your Koofr account.


Invite your friends to join Koofr and each one of them that starts using Koofr will now bring you 2 GB of additional free space. Since you get 2 GB of free space as soon as you join Koofr, you will now only need four of your friends to accept your invite, to get to 10 GB of free space in your account. We will, of course, give them the extra 2 GB as well.

Invite them to join by clicking on Get free space in the Koofr web app. Send them your unique invite link or invite them via email.

get free space.png

As an additional bonus, we rounded up the existing free space from your previously accepted invites. If, for example, one of your friends accepted your invite to join Koofr, you both received 500 MB of free space. Now, both of you already have the extra 2 GB of free space in your Koofr accounts, forever.

Let us know what you think of this improvement on our Reddit channel.