Koofr changelog
Koofr changelog

The 5XXL plan with 5TB of available storage space




We are happy to announce that we have updated our paid account structure, as it was much requested. A new 5XXL plan with 5 TB of available storage space is now available, along with 10 GB of additional free storage space.


Almost a year ago, we launched a new pricing structure – we added 10 GB of free cloud storage space for all Koofr users and grouped our plans by size into three paid tiers: Briefcase, Suitcase, and Crate, of which each subsequent tier offers additional features that are not available to users with lower-tier accounts. In addition, we also added two new plans, plan 10XXL with 10 TB of available storage space and plan 20XXL with 20 TB of available storage space.

And now we are adding something more, something that many of you have been asking for: a new plan with 5TB of available storage space along with 10 GB of additional free storage space. 5XXL plan is a part of the Crate tier, which means you can enjoy all features included in the mentioned tier.


For more details, please visit our pricing page.

It's Koofr's 10th birthday!




It's a festive week in the Koofr office: we are celebrating Koofr's 10th birthday!


Ten years! Ten whole years ago, in February 2013, we launched Koofr. Ever since the inception of our initial product, we've held on to our core principles, and time has shown that everyone has been better off for it.

​ Our company has been comfortably profitable from the very beginning, which has enabled us to conform our product roadmap to the needs of the actual users.

​ Financial independence has given us the freedom to keep our backbone strong and avoid making compromises that don't make anybody happy.

​ The future is bright for Koofr and we will continue to keep privacy at the very top of our list of values. We feel our track record as a reliable and trustworthy cloud storage provider speaks for itself, and you can expect more of the same from us. ​

Here's to the next ten years!

Birthday flash sale

We're celebrating Koofr's 10th anniversary, and we're sharing the joy with you, our users! Join the festivities and don't miss our special, exclusive flash sale!

​ For three days only, you can get 50% off our best-selling cloud storage plans when upgrading to a paid Koofr plan for the first time.

Use the KoofrBD discount code when purchasing either the XXL (1 TB) plan or the XXXL (2.5 TB) plan to unlock the low price.

Gift cards at the same discounted price are available from our partner Proxystore and can be redeemed on all accounts up to the XXXL plan.

For more information, please visit the Birthday Flash Sale page.


Update for MacOS that fixes the "Unauthorized" error




A small portion of the MacOS users has been experiencing the bug – an "Unauthorized" error message appeared, syncs went into the error state and did not recover until restarted. We have now released an update for macOS that fixes the mentioned bug. This is an update only for MacOS users.


Please close the Koofr desktop application, download an official version of the Koofr desktop application for Mac, and install the new version over the existing one. It will not affect your current settings.

We would like to thank all of the users who reported the bug and helped us with testing the test versions.

Koofr Vault: open source client-side encrypted folder for your Koofr cloud storage




It has been a big year for Koofr. As it draws to a close, we're happy to share with you our last update for 2022 - one we're sure many of our users will appreciate, as it has consistently been one of the most heavily requested features.


Proudly presenting Koofr Vault: an open source client-side encrypted folder for your Koofr cloud storage, offering an extra layer of security for your most sensitive files. It's like having a box with a unique lock in your trunk: an extra layer of security to protect your most sensitive files. ​

Vault is open source, so you can always check that the code does exactly what is promised - and nothing more. File encryption is performed using NaCl SecretBox, which uses XSalsa20 for encryption and Poly1305 for integrity. ​

It is also compatible with rclone, which means that you can download your encrypted files and decrypt them locally using the rclone command-line tool. ​

Koofr Vault is included in all Koofr plans and is available now at https://vault.koofr.net.

Koofr desktop - false positive virus warning


Service status


As some Windows users may have noticed some of the anti-virus applications were giving false alarm warning messages. The application files version update that is performed by the process dropper.exe became an issue for the anti-virus software.


Dropper is a small program that replaces our existing version with the new one – some of the anti-virus software applications recognized the version as malicious. We believe that the problem is that it does something similar to what a trojan could do – i.e. replace one koofr .exe with a new one. If you already deleted dropper .exe, please note that a manual download will be required for the next update.

We have already got feedback from most antivirus vendors who confirmed false positive and have processed removal of false positive from their antivirus. If the problem still occurs, please do not hesitate to contact our support (support@koofr.net). In the meantime, we are working on a new version to hopefully prevent this issue for future updates.

Unveiling Koofr's brand new logo!




To commemorate the start of Koofr's next decade, we've treated our logo to a crisp and modernized redesign. A new look for the trustworthy tool you know and love!

koofr new logo 2022 sideview.png

If you noticed that there's something a bit different about the look of your favourite cloud storage - well spotted!

Koofr has been with you for 10 years now. It makes us so happy that we can proudly look back at a decade of organic growth and development, constantly improving with each new feature. We've managed to do this while staying profitable and firmly independent - our commitment has always been, first and foremost, to our users.

So, we step into our tens with a brand new image. Earlier this year, we gave our website a facelift with a modern design for the 2020's. And now, we are proud to bring our makeover full circle with a fresh and sleek new logo!

Read more about the logo design in our blog post: Unveiling Koofr's brand new logo!

The new logo is being rolled out today to all our apps across devices, but it might still take some time to appear on some systems subject to app review. Also, Android users will be pleased to note that we have added the option to display a themed icon for the Koofr app on your home screen and app list.

koofr new logo application view screenshot 2022.png

Black Friday Deals: 40% off Koofr gift cards!




You can save 40% on cloud storage if you purchase selected Koofr gift cards until 23.59 CET on Thursday, 1. 12. 2022 in our Black Friday promotion. Use the gift cards to extend your own plan or give them to your family or friends!

The Black Friday deal is available for plans L (100 GB) and XL (250 GB).

Koofr Black Friday 2022 Deals Discount.png

How does it work?

To purchase a gift card, click on the Black Friday 2022 icon in the top menu of the browser application. Alternatively, you can go to User > Upgrade your account and switching to the Gift cards tab in the left sidebar.

Each gift card has a corresponding gift code, which can then be used to redeem the gift card through the field at the top of the page. You'll be able to see a list of all of your gift codes (both valid and redeemed) in a list at the bottom of the page.

For more information, please visit Koofr Black Friday webpage

Request for help from you




Dear Koofr users,

This time, we need your help.

As some of you may have noticed, Microsoft EDGE has incorrectly flagged our landing page https://koofr.eu as dangerous. We suspect it was a coordinated attack by some malicious actors, but now we cannot reach Microsoft to resolve this matter. From the posts on their forums we gathered they simply do not respond.

So we would like to ask anyone of you, that can help us with this matter, to go and submit the "This website is safe" report. And then we hope for the best.

You can check these verified reports from the leading security authorities, that verify our website is safe and not malicious:

Koofr.eu sitecheck at Sucuri

Koofr.eu clean on Virustotal

Koofr.eu check on Google safe browsing

Koofr.eu check on Siteadvisor


  1. Open Microsoft EDGE browser and go to https://koofr.eu
  2. On the big red screen click the More information text at the bottom
  3. Select Report that this site doesn't contain phishing threats
  4. On the feedback screen select I think this is a safe website
  5. Submit the report

That is it. We hope if many reports are submitted, Microsoft will react.

Thank you all so much, we are very grateful for your help.

Koofr for Android 3.13.0




This time our new Android release brings a much needed rewrite of the core functionality, which makes it better at coping with all the new Android system quirks. This will ensure a smoother user experience throughout the app.

But more importantly, we sneaked some much requested features into this release as well.

Most notably, you will now find two (actually three) new settings relating to the Auto upload.

a) You can choose the target folder for your auto uploaded media. You are no longer constrained to the predefined My Android media folder.

b) We have provided additional options for fine tuning auto uploads. You can now choose to have photos automatically organized by year (each year will have its own folder inside the auto upload folder) and/or by applications. You can choose to organize by any of the two options, or even both (in which case you will find application subfolders inside each yearly subfolder).


You can find the new Android app on all the standard links: Google Play / Huawei

Your favourite cloud storage Koofr is now accessible over IPv6




We are glad to announce that after months of work, Koofr is fully IPv6 compatible and can now be accessed both over IPv6 protocol as well as IPv4.

In mixed environments with both IPv6 and IPv4 connectivity, IPv6 will usually be the preferred choice, since it is more secure and faster compared to IPv4. When IPv6 is not available or when establishing a connection is slow, IPv4 protocol will be used as before.

Since yesterday all our services on all platforms support access via both IPv4 and IPv6, bringing a new major milestone on our journey to the tenth anniversary of Koofr (and 24th anniversary of IPv6 being proposed as a draft IETF standard).

Untitled picture.png