Koofr Android app brings exclusion options to auto-upload

Due to the popular demand, this latest release of the Koofr Android app (version 3.7.10) brings you the ability to choose folders in your Gallery that are included in the automatic uploads of media.

What does this mean?

Previously, when you enabled Media upload from your Android to Koofr, every new image and video file on your device would get picked up and uploaded. Many users mentioned, that they would not want all such files to be uploaded. So this release brings a rethink on how the Auto Media upload works. By default, only Camera files will be uploaded. All other folders found on the device will be excluded but can be manually added to the auto-upload. This way, we are giving you, the users, more control over this functionality.

How to configure excluded folders?

Open the Media upload settings of the Koofr app where you'll find a new clickable option named Exclude folders.

Screenshot_20191210-112640.png Screenshot_20191210-112608.png

There you will be able to include or exclude folders from automatic upload to your My Android Media folder. Note: Only folders that contain image or video files will be shown in the list.

Based on the feedback from users, initially, the only thing included by default will be the Camera folder.

The new release is already available on Google Play Store.

We hope you enjoy this improvement. You can let us know what you think of the new release on our Reddit channel.

Empty trash option now available

We have received many requests for an option to permanently delete files from the Koofr Deleted files section (Empty trash) before the retention period expires. And we made it happen for you.

You will now see a new button in the Koofr Web app Deleted files section imaginatively named Permanently delete. This enables you to immediately remove all files in the Deleted files from our servers.


permanently delete confirm.png

After confirming the permanent deletion, a Job will be created that will scrub files from our servers. Depending on the number of files this can take a few second or more. You can see the progress in the Jobs section.


If you do not manually trigger this process, the files will still be automatically removed after the undelete retention period expires. Also, the files in the Deleted files still do not count towards your usage quota.

WARNING: Please note, this action is final and there is no recovery of files from this point. We have no more copies of them. So make sure to check what you are removing.

Also, when deleting Shared files, they will now only appear in the Deleted files section of the share owner! This means that only the share owner can recover or permanently delete these files.

Amazon discontinued Koofr access to Amazon Drive

On Saturday, 16th November 2019, Amazon discontinued access from Koofr to Amazon Drive API. In the last week you were only able to see old listings of files which were not updating anymore.

What will happen to my "Amazon Cloud Drive" places in Koofr?

Your "Amazon Cloud Drive" places will be automatically removed from your Koofr account. Also all shared files, folders and links will be removed as they no longer work.

What will happen to my files on Amazon Drive?

Your files are still on Amazon Drive you just cannot access them through Koofr anymore.

How can I move my files from Amazon Drive to Koofr?

Unfortunately we cannot automate this task for you anymore. You should use the official Amazon Drive apps to download your files and upload them to Koofr manually.

Why does Koofr no longer support Amazon Drive?

Unfortunately this is not a decision made by Koofr. Amazon decided to no longer allow third-party applications access to their service. This means many services, including Koofr can no longer connect to Amazon Drive. All other external cloud connections still work and will remain part of the Koofr service.

Koofr desktop client update

We've made some improvements and fixed a few issues in the Koofr desktop client and released a new version.

The update brings these changes:

  • Windows tray icon no longer disappears as it used to after some time.
  • We now prevent syncing of files that have names ending with a dot on Windows, because Windows is unable to open them or delete them.
  • Sync trash is automatically emptied. Files that are older than 14 days are automatically deleted.
  • And lastly, the update also brings various sync bugfixes.

You can let us know what you think of the new release on our Reddit channel.

Koofr app 3.7.4 for Android released

We've made an improvement to the Koofr Android app and released the 3.7.4 version.

This release brings you a single bug fix which prevents Android from killing uploads lasting longer than ten minutes.

The new release is available on Google Play.

We apologize for the prior inconvenience if this bug hit you and, like always, you can let us know what you think of the new release on our Reddit channel.

Maintenance October 3 at 10.00 CET - finished

October 3 15:10 update:

All maintenance work has been completed successfully. As planned, there were no interruptions during the operations.

Original note:

On October 3, from 10.00 to 14.00 CEST, Koofr will be performing maintenance and upgrades on various infrastructure parts, to provide an even better service for everyone.

Maintenance and upgrades will be released in a rolling matter, which means no interruption of our service is expected. Users may experience some momentarily interrupted connections as network changes are applied in the backend.

If you do experience any occasional hiccups during our maintenance window, we apologize in advance.

We will update this changelog as work progresses.

Self-care invoicing upgrade

Due to an increasing demand, EU businesses can now get a proper VAT invoice issued automatically when upgrading an account. This means you will be able to use the same payment options and quick self-care upgrade route as other users, and still get a valid VAT invoice for your company.


Until now, you needed to go through support to get such invoice issued, but since this week, you will be able to make a purchase the same way as end users. Thank you all for being our loyal customers.

IMPORTANT: Amazon discontinues access to Amazon cloud Drive

On Friday, 6.9.2019, we (and many other services) got notified by Amazon, that they will no longer allow third party applications connecting to their Amazon cloud Drive API from 25. September 2019 onward.

This means, that all Amazon connected drives in Koofr will stop working on that day. Unfortunately, this is a decision Amazon has made, and we have no way around it.

This change will in no way affect any other cloud connection (Dropbox, Google or OneDrive) or Koofr as a whole. You will still be able to use your Amazon Cloud Drive through Amazon's applications, but all third party applications will stop working.

What this means for Koofr users with Amazon drives connections?

  • We will first disable the option for connecting new Amazon drives into Koofr in the following days.

  • All existing connections will continue to work, until Amazon shuts down access (probably on 25.9.2019).

  • After that happens, you will no longer be able to access Amazon drives from Koofr, and you can expect any existing public links to files hosted there to fail and display an error page.

  • Afterwards, all such links and devices will be automatically removed from our service, as they will no longer work.

  • If there are any files you have on Amazon and would like to keep accessing through Koofr, we suggest you copy them to Koofr storage or some other external cloud before the 25. September 2019.

Update from Amazon on 16.9.2019:

They have extended the period, the connected drives will now apparently work until November 2019. See both notes below.

Below, find the original note we got from Amazon:

Your integration to Amazon Drive’s API will be discontinued


On September 25, 2019, Koofr's integration to the Amazon Drive API will be discontinued. Customers of Amazon storage will continue to have access to their content through our first party applications for Amazon Photos and Amazon Drive. Please make arrangements to discontinue all traffic to the Amazon API before September 25, 2019.

Sincerely, The Amazon Drive team

Second Email:


We emailed you on September 6th to inform you that Koofr's API integration with Amazon Drive would be discontinued on September 25, 2019. Given the difficulty of transitioning on this timeline, we are extending access until November 8, 2019. This should allow more time for your users to retrieve their content from Amazon Drive using your application. We will also be emailing any user who has uploaded content with your application, in an effort to make them aware of the upcoming deactivation, and to give them an opportunity to retrieve their data.

We apologize for the impact this has on your application, and thank you for being a developer on our platform.

Amazon Drive

Koofr search improvements

We’ve made some major changes to our search algorithms. So, what’s new?

  • We now support search in languages using non-Latin scripts (e.g. Japanese, Chinese, Korean, Thai, Arabic etc.)
  • We implemented exact search, meaning you can now search for the specific phrase by putting quotes around the text (if you search for the phrase “my cute cat” our search will find all files with this phrase in their name, but only those which have the exact same word sequence to the searched phrase). You can use exact search and normal search in the same query.
  • You still have to use at least three characters when using search. Since quotes also count as characters, you can use one character when you put it in quotes (see picture below).
  • We fixed a bug in our search, which sometimes affected search results not appearing when they should have.
  • We implemented accent-folding, meaning if you search for the letter "o" our search will also find "ö" and all other variations of the letter and vice versa.
  • And lastly, we improved our search results ranking, meaning we made sure you will get the most relevant search results at the top of your search results window.


Koofr desktop client update

The Koofr desktop client has recently undergone a major update. We’ve made some big changes to our syncing process.

So, imagine you are inside your default Koofr sync folder (or any other sync folder that you yourself created for that matter) and you want to copy/move a file. Previously all of the files you copied or moved inside the sync folder were uploaded to Koofr servers again which made the desktop client slow sometimes.


Now we are able to detect that you moved/copied your files and we do the move/copy action inside your Koofr sync folder locally without doing the unpleasant intermediate steps which used to hinder our speed. We improved transfer speed and Koofr now also uses less bandwidth. Or in other words - the Koofr desktop client is now faster.

And then we also have a bug fix for you. Some Koofr on Windows users occasionally had issues if they were using two syncs – for example one from the home office and the other from work.

If they renamed a folder on one of them, Koofr sync would rename the folder but it would also keep the empty copy of the original folder. We are happy to report that we have now fixed this annoying issue.