Save screenshots to Koofr with the paste action

Our Save to Koofr Chrome extension and Save to Koofr for Firefox enable you to quickly screenshot anything and save it to Koofr straight from your browser.

But now, we added another option that helps you quickly save a screenshot or contents of your clipboard to Koofr.

Make a printscreen as usual, open and log into the Koofr webapp and save it directly into the Koofr folder with the usual paste shortcut: CTRL + V on windows or CMD + V on Mac OS.

If you are a Linux user, the shortcuts depend on the desktop environment that you are using. Try using CTRL + PrtSc to make the printscreen and CTRL + V to paste it into the Koofr folder.


The file will be saved as a picture in the folder you have opened and with the current timestamp as a name.

New, bigger Koofr plans available

Due to popular demand and frequent requests, we decided to officially add new larger plans to our offering.

So, for all of you who need a lot of space, we added two new plans – the XXXL plan with 2.5TB of space for 20 €/month (16,39 € without VAT) and the 10XL plan with 10TB of space for 60 €/month (40,18 € without VAT).


As usual, you can upgrade your account in the Account menu by clicking on Upgrade account. You can see, select and buy all of the new plans there.

Sharing single files from Google Drive

In a regular weekly improvements and bug fix release of our Koofr Web application, we bring you some fixes worth mentioning.

In the past files from Google Drive (that were created in Google - like Google Sheets, Google Docs etc) were shown with having a negative size value. This is because, Google doesn't report the correct size for them. This was visible both as an annoyance in the file list and had a more serious implication. You could not share such a file inside Koofr.


We have improved our service and these files can now be handled in all the same ways as any other regular file.

There were also some other fixes like problems with publicly shared images when zoomed in on iOS, incorrectly displayed plan type for legacy accounts and some other minor corrections.

Desktop sync client update

We are glad to announce, that we have released an updated sync engine for our desktop client, which will now survive all kinds of network and other problems much more reliably.

In the past some users have experienced problems after network failures or after waking computer from sleep. In some cases sync would not start properly and would only start working after few hours when it finally managed to realise something was wrong and restart the process. Now we believe, it will self diagnose errors much more accurately and most important, rapidly.

2019-06-03 koofr desktop client sync update.png

There are also some other minor reliability and stability improvements bundled in this release. The client will auto update as usual, so you do not have to worry about it, just enjoy an improved sync experience.

If you experience any problems, please let us know, we will gladly solve them.

You can also contact us on our new Reddit koofrnet subreddit

Updated link pages and video player

Are you sending files around via Koofr's Send link feature? Now those pages got a bit nicer and better.

Thumbnails for HEIC, raw photo formats and videos (that you've known inside the app for a while now) are finally available on the link pages as well.

Also, the video player has been upgraded - both in the web app and on the link pages. It now features sleeker looks and new options like playback speed change.

2019-05-15 - video player new koofr.png

Oh yeah, and uploading your own logo to display on the link pages (paid accounts only) works again, sorry for that.

rclone and Koofr

It is with great pleasure that we announce this news. The newest release of rclone (1.47.0) brings support for Koofr backend.

rclone koofr.png

Rclone is a command line program to sync files and directories to and from many, many services. And by including support for Koofr API, use cases for Koofr storage have grown. You can now mount your Koofr account not only through our official WebDAV connection but also through the API with rclone mount.

We would like to thank the creator of rclone Nick Craig-Wood for this great tool and helping us get Koofr among the supported backends.

We're sure our users will enjoy this as much as we did.

Improved Jobs functionality

We've introduced background Jobs in Koofr a while ago, to let you use the application while longer operations like move, copy or delete are being performed in the background.

Today we announce a major backend redesign of this functionality, which brings a more stable operation as well as better progress indicator. You will notice real time progress indication even when transferring files between external clouds.


Save To Koofr Firefox Add-on

Google Chrome users have long enjoyed our Save to Koofr Chrome extension.

And now Firefox users can enjoy it as well. You can now download our Save to Koofr Firefox Add-on from the official Firefox Add-on page.

save to koofr firefox.png

What do you get?

You can quickly save anything from around the web into your Koofr account by simply selecting Save to Koofr. Either it be an image, a document, a PDF or perhaps something completely different. You can even grab a screenshot and save it straight from your browser.

Sharing with new users token problem fixed

Yesterday we were made aware of a bug in the Koofr share component by our users. After investigating we have indeed confirmed, that since the end of February, emails sent when user would share something with a non-user inside Koofr (through the Add people function) contained an invalid activation token. This prevented the invitee from creating an account directly from the invite link, but would have to go through the signup page again.

The problem was fixed, and all newly issued invite links are now again working properly. If you notice some users not accepting an invite in the last two weeks, you should re-invite them (you can simply remove and add them back to the same shared folder or file).


We apologise for the problems this may have caused and thank the users who notified us about the issue. Please note that regular signup and inviting friends through our Get more free space initiative was not affected, as were not the public links for sharing (Send link and Receive files options).

Create folder with selection in Koofr Web app

We've listened to your wishes and added a new option to the Add button in the Koofr Web app.

Once you select items there will be an option named Create folder with selection under the standard Create folder option. This will create a new folder with the name you input in the next step and then move the selected files inside this new folder.

create folder with selection koofr.png

And due to popular demand, we have also made a small change to the behaviour of the Add button, it will no longer disappear when items are selected, thus making it easier to create multiple folders one after another through the Web app.

No published changelogs yet.

Surely Koofr will start publishing changelogs very soon.

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