Android auto media upload

Koofr Android app has been updated with improved auto media upload engine. This will ensure a more reliable uploads when switching networks.


It also solves issue that some users were experiencing, when having "WiFi upload only" enabled, and some images would not upload after WiFi became available.

Pay by Bank transfer - EU only

Due to popular demand, we have enabled an additional payment option.

If you are an EU resident, you will now be able to select Pay by Bank Transfer when upgrading your account. This will generate a proforma invoice that will be delivered to your email inbox.

payment bank.png

This option was already possible if you sent us an email with request, but we made it more accessible and easy to use now.

New Koofr iOS app released

So, you will not believe it. In fact, we couldn't believe it. But. It is real. I mean, really real.

It took a while. Much longer than we wanted. Many developers worked on it. Some non developers worked on it. But now it is here.

The completely new Koofr iOS App.

Screen Shot 2018-11-11 at 19.20.45.png

It is hard to describe everything that is new. Basically, everything.

  • new design
  • support for new image types
  • copy/move files
  • recent file list
  • recover deleted files
  • tile view
  • save to Koofr from other apps
  • better auto upload
  • option to upload files directly from iOS Files app or/and iCloud (you can now upload anything from iOS, not just photos and videos)

And most importantly, the app will now once again be updated more regularly.

We know it is probably not perfect. So please, send us bug reports. We will fix them. It is a promise.

Windows 10 desktop client update

After recent Windows 10 system updates, some users were experiencing problems with our Koofr desktop app. More specifically, it was restarting itself every few minutes without a good reason.

Turns out, that reason was a bug in our updating software, which was causing it to keep trying to apply the wrong update, and failing. The bug has been humanely taken out.


There is no need to update your application, the normal operation should have resumed today during the day for everyone affected.

We apologise to everyone affected.

MacOS (OSX) desktop client update

Some of you may have noticed, that our new Desktop client after the update no longer wanted to support older MacOS (OSX) systems. This was not intended and was an unfortunate consequence of updated libraries used.

This has now been fixed, older systems are still (again) supported by Koofr client.

Untitled picture.png

All affected users will need to download the client by hand since the auto-updater will not auto update it (and it only had one job). You can always get the newest version from our website:

We apologise for the inconvenience to the affected users.

New Desktop client update

It has been a week since the launch of our new Desktop client and today we are releasing the first batch of updates (and fixes).


  • Those who did not have the Default sync folder before can make one. There is a button for it now.
  • The window is no longer freakishly small on Linux computers with HiDPI displays (thank you, Nicola).
  • Folders will no longer appear in the Recently synced list.
  • When dropping files with the same name into the Default sync folder, they will get auto-renamed not overwritten (similar to the Web app).
  • Our App is finally properly signed for macOS, no more "unverified developer" message when installing.
  • Improved handling of various network changes when determining online/offline status.
  • System tray pop-up menu on Windows should now work as well as on other platforms.
  • Due to popular demand, the application window will now open every time you start it, not only on the first run.

Introducing new Desktop client

Koofr Desktop clients are among our core functionality, allowing users to synchronise their important files to safe locations.

And we are proud to announce a completely redesigned and reworked application, which brings new functionality and simpler user experience.


Everyone with the application already installed will get it through our automatic updater, those who have not installed it yet, can download the right one for your OS from the website.



Important notice to existing sync users:

The new client brings Default sync folder functionality, which was not available in the past. After your client upgrades, this functionality will not be automatically added if you have existing sync configuration. Which is why Koofr folder options will have no effect. To get this new functionality, you will have to delete the desktop client (make sure to delete the configuration as well) and reinstall it. But you will have to add all the synchronisations again.

New TOS and Privacy policy

In our attempts to protect your privacy, we've made some changes. It's our goal to hold as little personal data as possible while being able to provide our service to you.


Check out what's new in our Terms of service and Privacy policy.

We do not track your activity, use third-party cookies or analytics, do not show you ads, and do not sell your data or personal information. We make money only from our paying users.

That said, the Basic account is free, but if you like our service we will appreciate you purchasing one of our paid plans: we believe they are very affordable. Or simply spread the word of our service. :)

Your privacy matters

The privacy of your files and any user data is very important to us. That's why we took a step further and removed all third-party tracking tools (Google Analytics, Mixpanel) from our services. This goes for website and app alike.


Koofr paid plans now cheaper!

We made some changes in our paid plans and pricing, making it even more affordable than before.

The biggest news is the lower price for the 1TB plan, which you can now get for 10€ per month.

We are introducing the new 250GB plan for 4€/month, replacing the old 200GB plan which used to cost 5€/month. More space for less money! All users with an existing subscription to the 200GB plan have been automatically upgraded to the 250GB plan.

Lastly, the 100GB plan is now available for 2€/month, 1€/month less than before.

New pricing >>


No published changelogs yet.

Surely Koofr will start publishing changelogs very soon.

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