Koofr desktop client update

The Koofr desktop client has recently undergone a major update. We’ve made some big changes to our syncing process.

So, imagine you are inside your default Koofr sync folder (or any other sync folder that you yourself created for that matter) and you want to copy/move a file. Previously all of the files you copied or moved inside the sync folder were uploaded to Koofr servers again which made the desktop client slow sometimes.


Now we are able to detect that you moved/copied your files and we do the move/copy action inside your Koofr sync folder locally without doing the unpleasant intermediate steps which used to hinder our speed. We improved transfer speed and Koofr now also uses less bandwidth. Or in other words - the Koofr desktop client is now faster.

And then we also have a bug fix for you. Some Koofr on Windows users occasionally had issues if they were using two syncs – for example one from the home office and the other from work.

If they renamed a folder on one of them, Koofr sync would rename the folder but it would also keep the empty copy of the original folder. We are happy to report that we have now fixed this annoying issue.

Koofr space usage tool

We are happy to announce we’ve added a new tool to Koofr EXP.

Koofr space usage tool will do a size analysis of everything you have in your account and give you the information on the space usage, size of each folder and the number of files inside each folder in your account.


From now on you can find it next to our Koofr duplicate file finder. koofr_exp.PNG Note: Koofr EXP are only available in the paid Koofr accounts.

Koofr YouTube channel

From now on you can follow the Koofr YouTube channel, and we are super excited about it.

At the same time, we are also launching the Koofr video guide series, where we will try to explain Koofr features through video tutorials.

We are starting with beginners issues, but we are also planning on doing some more advanced tutorials in the near future.

Our first video explains how to sign up for a free Koofr account - check it out below. And don't forget to subscribe to our channel.

Desktop client and gallery improvements

We’re happy to announce that we fixed a few issues that unfortunately occurred in our desktop client:

  • We fixed the hibernation issues on macOS (changes were previously not always detected after wakeup and you had to restart sync manually).

  • We fixed the network drive issue (there were cases where the enable button in the settings of our desktop client didn’t work if you had any other network drives previously added to your system).

We also made improvements to our HEIC and video thumbnailing machinery. Due to increase in such files, our gallery just could not keep up with it anymore. So it would sometime act really slow. We made sure it does not anymore.


Koofr app 3.7.0 for Android released

We’ve made some improvements to the Koofr Android app this week and released the 3.7.0 version.

This release brings you the ability to browse all upload and download links you have ever created. It also provides an editor for the link properties. From now on you can change the URL, password protection settings and link expiration date directly from your Android device, for existing links as well as on new link creation.

changelog_koofr_android_release.png changelog_koofr_android_release1.pngchangelog_koofr_android_release2.png

Apart from that, we have fixed an annoying bug that would block all other communication with the server while a media backup was taking place and implemented some other obscure bug fixes.

We hope you enjoy the improvements. You can let us know what you think about the new release on our Reddit channel.

New and improved Koofr Help & FAQ

We recently updated and improved our in-app help for all of the different Koofr versions (our desktop application, web application, WebDAV, iOS and Android), so it better reflects the current state of Koofr and its features.

Simultaneously, we also upgraded our Frequently Asked Questions section.


We tried to answer all of the questions which are repeatedly received by our support team in both in-app help and FAQ. If we missed anything important or you have any suggestions for us, feel free to contact us through our contact form, or through any of our social media accounts:

Save screenshots to Koofr with the paste action

Our Save to Koofr Chrome extension and Save to Koofr for Firefox enable you to quickly screenshot anything and save it to Koofr straight from your browser.

But now, we added another option that helps you quickly save a screenshot or contents of your clipboard to Koofr.

Make a printscreen as usual, open and log into the Koofr webapp and save it directly into the Koofr folder with the usual paste shortcut: CTRL + V on windows or CMD + V on Mac OS.

If you are a Linux user, the shortcuts depend on the desktop environment that you are using. Try using CTRL + PrtSc to make the printscreen and CTRL + V to paste it into the Koofr folder.


The file will be saved as a picture in the folder you have opened and with the current timestamp as a name.

New, bigger Koofr plans available

Due to popular demand and frequent requests, we decided to officially add new larger plans to our offering.

So, for all of you who need a lot of space, we added two new plans – the XXXL plan with 2.5TB of space for 20 €/month (16,39 € without VAT) and the 10XL plan with 10TB of space for 60 €/month (40,18 € without VAT).


As usual, you can upgrade your account in the Account menu by clicking on Upgrade account. You can see, select and buy all of the new plans there.

Sharing single files from Google Drive

In a regular weekly improvements and bug fix release of our Koofr Web application, we bring you some fixes worth mentioning.

In the past files from Google Drive (that were created in Google - like Google Sheets, Google Docs etc) were shown with having a negative size value. This is because, Google doesn't report the correct size for them. This was visible both as an annoyance in the file list and had a more serious implication. You could not share such a file inside Koofr.


We have improved our service and these files can now be handled in all the same ways as any other regular file.

There were also some other fixes like problems with publicly shared images when zoomed in on iOS, incorrectly displayed plan type for legacy accounts and some other minor corrections.

Desktop sync client update

We are glad to announce, that we have released an updated sync engine for our desktop client, which will now survive all kinds of network and other problems much more reliably.

In the past some users have experienced problems after network failures or after waking computer from sleep. In some cases sync would not start properly and would only start working after few hours when it finally managed to realise something was wrong and restart the process. Now we believe, it will self diagnose errors much more accurately and most important, rapidly.

2019-06-03 koofr desktop client sync update.png

There are also some other minor reliability and stability improvements bundled in this release. The client will auto update as usual, so you do not have to worry about it, just enjoy an improved sync experience.

If you experience any problems, please let us know, we will gladly solve them.

You can also contact us on our new Reddit koofrnet subreddit

No published changelogs yet.

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