Updated link pages and video player

Are you sending files around via Koofr's Send link feature? Now those pages got a bit nicer and better.

Thumbnails for HEIC, raw photo formats and videos (that you've known inside the app for a while now) are finally available on the link pages as well.

Also, the video player has been upgraded - both in the web app and on the link pages. It now features sleeker looks and new options like playback speed change.

2019-05-15 - video player new koofr.png

Oh yeah, and uploading your own logo to display on the link pages (paid accounts only) works again, sorry for that.

rclone and Koofr

It is with great pleasure that we announce this news. The newest release of rclone (1.47.0) brings support for Koofr backend.

rclone koofr.png

Rclone is a command line program to sync files and directories to and from many, many services. And by including support for Koofr API, use cases for Koofr storage have grown. You can now mount your Koofr account not only through our official WebDAV connection but also through the API with rclone mount.

We would like to thank the creator of rclone Nick Craig-Wood for this great tool and helping us get Koofr among the supported backends.

We're sure our users will enjoy this as much as we did.

Improved Jobs functionality

We've introduced background Jobs in Koofr a while ago, to let you use the application while longer operations like move, copy or delete are being performed in the background.

Today we announce a major backend redesign of this functionality, which brings a more stable operation as well as better progress indicator. You will notice real time progress indication even when transferring files between external clouds.


Save To Koofr Firefox Add-on

Google Chrome users have long enjoyed our Save to Koofr Chrome extension.

And now Firefox users can enjoy it as well. You can now download our Save to Koofr Firefox Add-on from the official Firefox Add-on page.

save to koofr firefox.png

What do you get?

You can quickly save anything from around the web into your Koofr account by simply selecting Save to Koofr. Either it be an image, a document, a PDF or perhaps something completely different. You can even grab a screenshot and save it straight from your browser.

Sharing with new users token problem fixed

Yesterday we were made aware of a bug in the Koofr share component by our users. After investigating we have indeed confirmed, that since the end of February, emails sent when user would share something with a non-user inside Koofr (through the Add people function) contained an invalid activation token. This prevented the invitee from creating an account directly from the invite link, but would have to go through the signup page again.

The problem was fixed, and all newly issued invite links are now again working properly. If you notice some users not accepting an invite in the last two weeks, you should re-invite them (you can simply remove and add them back to the same shared folder or file).


We apologise for the problems this may have caused and thank the users who notified us about the issue. Please note that regular signup and inviting friends through our Get more free space initiative was not affected, as were not the public links for sharing (Send link and Receive files options).

Create folder with selection in Koofr Web app

We've listened to your wishes and added a new option to the Add button in the Koofr Web app.

Once you select items there will be an option named Create folder with selection under the standard Create folder option. This will create a new folder with the name you input in the next step and then move the selected files inside this new folder.

create folder with selection koofr.png

And due to popular demand, we have also made a small change to the behaviour of the Add button, it will no longer disappear when items are selected, thus making it easier to create multiple folders one after another through the Web app.

Use Microsoft Onedrive over Webdav

Koofr now lets you fully use your connected Microsoft Onedrive (or Onedrive for Business) account over Webdav.

After connecting your Onedrive account to Koofr via the Connect external clouds option, you will be able to access and modify your content on Onedrive. You will now also be able to upload content to the Onedrive account through our Webdav connection, which was not possible before.

clouds 2019 koofr dropbox google onedrive.png

The easiest way to setup Koofr via Webdav is by installing our Desktop App and Enabling network drive in the settings. This will take care of everything, from generating separate app password to mapping Koofr as a network drive on your computer (works for Mac OS and Windows).

Please note, free Koofr accounts have a daily transfer limit for external cloud accounts, all paid accounts are unlimited.

Invite friends - Get free space

We are happy to announce that we are beta launching a new referral option today. You can invite friends and get extra free space for each one when they sign up.

It is as simple as sending an invite or sharing your unique link.


Get up to 10 GB of free storage space with just a few clicks. And you get to keep the added space even when you upgrade to our paid plans.

Share your love for Koofr and get rewarded. For more info check out your account pages.

Be one of the first ones to grab the extra free space.

Android offline folders

This new minor release finally brings you the ability to mark whole folders for offline use and have them synchronized to your device storage. No longer are you limited to offline files only. Take everything you want to remote places and enjoy your content while being off the grid.


Shared files through WebDAV

After introducing single file shares a while ago, we now finally bring them to WebDAV.

Similar to Koofr web application, you will now find a folder called Shared among other devices, which contains all your shared files and folders. We even made sure you can access folders and files that have the same name, they will be virtually renamed in the interface, to allow for them to be displayed in your Explorer/Finder or other DAV client.


p.s.: If you made a mount to a shared folder directly before, that mount point will continue to work even it the folder is no longer displayed on the root level.

No published changelogs yet.

Surely Koofr will start publishing changelogs very soon.

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