Koofr service disruption

Service status

On July 20th at 1:03:00 AM CEST, our infrastructure provider experienced a fault of the power supply in their data centers. The power was back at 3:25:00 AM CEST but our systems required additional maintenance to assure proper restoration of all services.

We apologize for any inconvenience this service disruption has caused. We are committed to improving our service stability and looking out to prevent any similar occurrences from happening again.

Revoke app access from Koofr web app


Lost your iOS or Android phone? Got you laptop stolen? Borrowed it to someone and forgot to logout from Koofr?

No problem, you can now easily remove access to your account from an existing mobile or desktop app right in the Preferences panel of the Koofr web application.

Just go to Preferences / Security and you will find a list of all authorised Applications you can revoke (even the 3rd party ones).

Google Drive integration improvement


Google Drive integration with Koofr now fully supports multiple files and folders with same names and illegal characters (e.g. / or ).

As some of you may have noticed, Google Drive allows the same filename to be used for multiple files (or folders) inside a folder. Since no other platform we support allows that (including ours), errors might have occurred when trying to copy/move/download such files/folders inside Koofr.

In case where there is more than one file with the same name in a folder, you will now see unique 8 characters added to the name (always the same for the same file) inside Koofr. This is for representantion in Koofr only. File name on Google Drive will not be changed! This allows all operations on these files to succeed, so they will behave like any other.

You may also notice folders and files containing "illegal" characters (e.g. / or ) being displayed with substituted characters (2017/06 will be displayed as 2017-06).

Once again, original files will not be changed on Google Drive. This change was required so all providers can have the same behaviour.

Drag and drop to subfolders


When uploading files to Koofr web application from your computer via the drag and drop option, you can now upload directly into subfolders. This means less clicking and more uploading.

Simply hover your mouse over the chosen folder and drop your files there. Or drop anywhere else to upload into the current folder like before.

P.S.: Like before, if you are using the newest version of Chrome or Firefox, you can upload entire folders via drag and drop.

Save link contents directly to your Koofr account


Has a friend shared files with you through a Koofr link and you would like to store them into your Koofr account? Until now you had to download them to your computer and then upload them back into your Koofr dashboard. No more, you can now save them directly by using Save to my Koofr option in the Download menu.

Everything will be saved into an automatically created folder named Saved links in your Koofr storage.

Quick sharing


You can now share your files even faster with our newest feature called Quick Sharing.

Just drag your file to our web application and drop it onto Quick Sharing icon. File will be uploaded into new folder in your Koofr named Quick Sharing and you will get a link to share it right away.

iOS bug fixes


Koofr for iOS 2.5.5. brings two small but important fixes:

  • After Google made some changes to the use of Sign in with Google it was impossible to login with Google through the Koofr ios App. And it is quite hard to use Koofr if you can't login. But it is fixed now, login again we can.

  • Sometimes, some users, found a peculiar photo online, which they saved to their phone and it would through some sort of magic prevent our auto-upload functionality from actually auto uploading any more. Because it was rarely spotted in the wild, it took us some time to figure out, but we didn't give up. Any affected users should now see the auto-upload progress going forward again.

Improved search


Sometimes, the search inside Koofr was a bit slow. Well, no more. Our engineers did some magic and have made it fast, really fast. So you can spend less time searching for photos and more time looking at them.

Networking problems - apology


We would like to apologise to all users who were affected by the delays in file listing that were occasionally experienced through the last few days.

The problems were a result of some hard to identify networking issues and have been resolved by our technical team.

Secure your Koofr account with 2FA


Today we bring an important security update to our users. You can now additionally secure your Koofr account by enabling 2-Step verification for login (and you should).

2-Step Verification (also known as two-factor authentication) is a security feature that makes your account more secure. You sign in with your password (something you know) and a code generated on your phone (something you have).

Find out more and enable the feature on your account preferences page.

Also in this update: To prevent brute-force attacks against your account, we have made a stricter login policy. The system will temporarily block your login attempts if you enter wrong credentials many times in a short period.

No published changelogs yet.

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