New integrations

  • Added support for importing csv files from Paxful,, Xapo, Airbitz & Circle
  • Added new comprehensive tax report

Added support for Crypto Wallet, Coss, CoinEx and

Add your staking and earn income easily with Koinly!

More integrations

We have added some new integrations:

  • Gatehub
  • Coinjar
  • Divi Wallet
  • Nxt Wallet

Public key support has been added!

The long-awaited feature is finally here.

  • Import your x/y/zpub keys for Bitcoin, Bitcoin Cash and Dash.
  • Also added support for bech32/bc1 addresses.

ypub key synced with koinly

Nicehash, costs and better fee handling

  • Added csv support for nicehash and electrum
  • Deposits can now be tagged as staking, loan interest and cost (ex. mining fees)
  • Liquid's 'storage' transactions are now tagged as lost

Special note: Transfer fee handling has been updated. You might notice some minor changes in your dashboard. Read about how we handle fees in our blog post.

Liquid & are out of beta

More integrations have now been released:

  • Liquid (formerly Qryptos) API added
  • API added
  • Coinexchange, Mercatox csv file import added
  • Bitstamp csv file import added (we already have api for this)

Changes to price calculations and more

  • Better handling of prices for transactions involving stablecoins.
  • Cryptocurrencies that we do not have market prices for are highlighted on the Transactions page.
  • The transactions edit page now shows if the value of the transaction was determined by our market rates or manually updated by you.
  • Additionally, manually created transactions will be marked as 'manual' on the transactions page.
  • Dashboard now shows stats for current year by default instead of last 1 year.

Gemini API released!

We have released the Gemini api, so you can easily sync your transactions. Gemini offers a read-only api key so make sure to enable the 'Auditor' role when creating it.

Bitfinex out of beta!

The Bitfinex API importer can now be used by everyone. It is still early day, if you notice any issues just hop onto live chat.

Kraken, Coinspot, EOS!

You can now connect your Kraken & Coinspot wallets via API keys. We have also released an EOS importer that will sync all your EOS transactions and tokens. More to come!