Inactive Member Purge

Too many inactive users in your Discord server? Purge those infidels with the newest command!


+purge followed by the number of days.


+purge 5 would have purged members who have not been active in the last 5 days, server time.

+purge 30 would have purged members inactive for over 30 days, server time.

See the pattern here?


Polls Update

Polling is now live!

Want to ask your Discord a question and receive easy answers? KnightBot now allows you to host POLLS!

To Get Started:

+poll Example Question?;Answer 1;Answer 2;Answer 3;t=60

At the end, t=60 means that poll would run for 60 SECONDS

You can provide a live time in seconds up to 10000

NOTE YOU CANNOT USE @ everyone or @ here in your poll question. The bot will detect this and remove it to prevent abuse of repetitive tags with polls. You CAN tag @ everyone or @ here AFTER the poll is posted.

Of course, report any bugs with +bugreport via DM or in your server's channel.

Help Command Update

My apologies for the extended length of time with no changelog. KnightBot has undergone some major changes that I think you'll forgive the wait for. I'll be posting them in order.

  1. +help is back and better than ever!

KnightBot help has been fully rewritten. +help is now Categorized, Sorted, and automatically marks Beta Features, yet another new feature in KnightBot. The 5 categories are: security, moderation, general, information, and music.

To access security related commands, type +security

To access information related commands, type +information

To access general commands, type +general

To access all moderation commands, type +moderation

To access music commands, type +music

Adventure Awaits...

The team behind KnightBot and myself as the Owner and Main Developer, are proud to announce that a fun and favorite game, RPG style adventures, have come to KnightBot.

Introducing - Knight Adventures

Knight Adventures is a level-field, interactive RPG where you start out by choosing a race and class, mine for resources and wonder the lands, all while fighting off the many creatures who lay in wait.

Available Races:




Available Classes:





With this new gamemode comes additional commands. They're listed below.

+start > Begin your adventure by creating your profile using this command. You'll be asked your race and class, and then you'll go from there. If you need to restart your adventure after already creating your profile, you can run this command again and you'll be asked whether you want to restart or save your progress.

+fight > Choose whether to fight your challenger or flee from battle.

+lootbag > Allows you to open lootbags you are awarded from battle. Also checks to see if you have any lootbags to open.

+travel > Travel to new locations with more challenging fights or more premium resources. You'll gain access to more locations the higher your level is. After you reach Level 10, you'll gain access to a land known as "The Forest". You'll find the toughest fights and most risky situations here.

+inv > Check your inventory and currently equipped items.

+equip > Equip new or different items from your inventory.

+gamestats > Check your game statistics.

+buy > Purchase new cosmetics, weapons, armor, and other aids.

+hp > Checks your current HitPoints and allows you to consume potions and healing aids to raise your HP.

+item > Selects items for purchase or equip.

+items > Item list for all different classes, including what you can and cannot use.

+heal > Alias of HP, allows you to consume items to heal yourself.

+daily > Recieve your daily play reward. Command available every 24 hours MST.

+rest > Allows tired travelers to sleep and regain stats + health.

+mine > Allows you to search for and mine resources such as Rock and Metal.

+chop > Allows you to chop trees for wood.

Please submit any feedback via +contact, suggestions via +suggest, and bug reports via +bugreport. Hopefully you all enjoy!

<3 ~ the team

Latency Spiking

The recent issue that arose with random latency spiking has been quietly patched.

The issue was caused by an erroneous guild check that was not running on open threads, or was trying to take priority mid-process causing other commands to stop working and the bot to need a automatic restart. This build will be in testing for a good 24-hours before I call it completely fixed.

The bot will temporarily be somewhat unstable as I deploy and restore new patches designed to help optimize the bot and reduce command latency.

Changes to Inviting KnightBot

A huge overhaul has come to the +invite command!

  1. +invite is now fully a Rich Embed, and now specifies which permissions KnightBot requires to operate properly, and which permissions it can function mostly without.

  2. With the brand new +invite command comes a partnership with a bot known as SafetyAtLast. You can read more about them at To see what the partnership with KnightBot brings to the table, type +safety


+info has received a new look and feel, a few formatting changes, and displays more information overall in a user-friendly embed.

Previously: Discord_2018-05-10_01-41-13.png

After Update: Discord_2018-05-10_01-43-41.png


Command Changes:

+botowner - This command has been removed in favor of the redesigned +owner command, providing more information in a user-friendly embed.

+blacklist add - This Owner Only command has been rewritten to feature additional information about the effects of a blacklist, what it means, what you can and can not do while blacklisted, and information as to appealing a global blacklist.

+blacklist remove - This Owner Only command has been rewritten to better explain that the user has appealed their blacklist and been removed, or has not been listed on the blacklist in a user-friendly embed.

+suggest - This command's responses have been rewritten to notify the sender when the message is recieved, not just when it is submitted. This information will now be shown in a user-friendly embed as well.

+contact - This command's responses have been rewritten to notify the sender when the message has been successfully delivered to the development team. The new user-friendly embed will also provide the command user with more information as to ways they can get in contact directly with the Development Team.