KBR - Account, API & Minor Tweaks

  • Concept of “master account” is no longer valid, all admins can handle subscription related tasks (extending, resolving payment issues)
  • Added “last seen” to device map (when clicking device)
  • KioskURL, DeviceGroupID, ProfileID are now returned through API (Device endpoint)
  • Devicegroup API endpoint now returns collection of devices as well as the standard device group information
  • Profile settings descriptions re-worded relating to file groups
  • Device detail page now Indicates if the location has been manually overridden

KB v2.6.1

There are a number of changes and new features in Kiosk Browser v2.6.1. Full changelog here. Available shortly on Google Play and via the normal install channels.

  • File Group downloading improvements
  • Added JS functions activateLicence(licencekey, email) and deactivateLicence() to silently activate and deactivate pro licences
  • Bug fix for barcode scanner returning to the wrong activity in some scenarios
  • Fixed crash when using the camera on 7.0 devices
  • Added link to privacy policy under Settings > About

KB v2.6.0

There are a number of changes and new features in Kiosk Browser v2.6.0. Full changelog here. Available shortly on Google Play and via the normal install channels.

  • New Profile setting General > “Reload on Screen On” – reloads home page when screen is turned on
  • New Profile setting Page & Content > “Redirect to Custom Error Page” - if browser receives a 400 or higher response the custom error page is loaded and appended with querystring ?statuscode=4xx, this can then be read via JavaScript
  • Added Profile setting Page & Content > “Uploads: Only allow camera” - when enabled only the camera will be available as a source when uploading (the camera will launch automatically)
  • Added Profile setting Admin > “Run Above Screen Lock” - allows app to run above screen lock, without requiring the user to unlock (default is on)

Improvements & KB v2.5.9

There are a huge number of changes and new features in Kiosk Browser v2.5.9. Full changelog here. Available shortly on Google Play and via the normal install channels.

  • Fixed bug relating to group screenshots
  • Save Profile now a floating button to make it more obvious that changes need to saved
  • Device overrides now applied to devices more consistently (much more like profile properties). If device fails to receive a push message notifying of override changes it will manually check during its 24-hour window
  • When deleting a device group, any deleted devices, alerts & scheduled tasks are now unassigned from the group (previously prevented deletion)
  • Fixed issue with troubleshoot whitelist/blacklist profile setting not applying via Remote Management
  • Fixed issue where Device API incorrectly reported SIM operator name against the SIM card number
  • Fixed issue where “Delayed Load on Startup” could not be reset to zero
  • Added new profile setting “Hide Google Play Messages”, which hides any google play services messages (requires 2.5.7 or higher)
  • Added new profile setting “Sleep on Power Connect” which turns off screen when charger is connected (useful if docked for charging overnight)
  • Added new profile setting Whitelist > “Deny Kiosk Url” which denies the Kiosk Url, allowing you to control everything via the whitelisted urls setting
  • Added new profile setting Advanced > “Allow Popup Windows”, popup windows are now partially supported, mainly for handling authentication and social media sharing (Android 5.0 or higher)

Service Status Page

You can now find see the service status for all our services via https://status.kbremote.net

This is automatically monitored and hosted externally, so if our services go down the status page will not :)

Create Device Group API Endpoint

We've added support for creating a registration key at the point of creating a new device group.

You can now include "createregistrationkey" in the JSON body as per below.

If "createregistrationkey" is set to true, a registration key associated with the device group will be created and it will be returned in the response.

{\"name\":\"My Device Group\",\"profileid\":1,​\"createregistrationkey\":true}


  "created": true,
  "id": 24,
  "registrationkey": "xxxxxxxx-xxxx-xxxx-xxxx-xxxxxxxxxxxx"

Security Module Update

We've updated the security module app (for Samsung devices) with a few bug fixes. It's not an essential update except where you are deploying new installations. Please use the latest version for all new installations.

Google Play Link

Copying File Groups

It's now possible to copy a file group, specifically all of its files & folders.

Just click the + button to create a new file group, enter a name and select an existing file group to copy from.

Formatting Custom Alert Emails

We've added markdown support for custom email alerts, which allows you to easily format the content of your emails. Paragraphs are automatically inserted and urls are automatically converted to links.

Basic examples

# Header 1
## Header 2
### Header 3
#### Header 4

Header 1

Header 2

Header 3

Header 4

**Bold Text**
_Italic Text_

Bold Text

Italic Text

More examples can be found here.

If you are looking for a markdown editor with preview, we recommend Dillinger.

Improvements & KB Release v2.5.6

  • When a device receives a push message, it will be added to the device events report (Kiosk Browser 2.5.6 or higher)
  • Exports: Added devicegroup name to devices export
  • Profiles: New setting “Control WiFi state”, when turned off (default) WiFi state will not be changed on app start
  • Users: You can now invite google users as well as creating username & password style accounts
  • Accounts: Newly created accounts utilise file groups only, profile files no longer available, existing accounts not affected
  • Alerts: Added %DEVICEGROUPNAME% variable to custom alert emails

Kiosk Browser 2.5.6

  • Fix for issues with angular web apps
  • Added new setting Control WiFi state, when turned off WiFi state will not be changed at all
  • Improved WiFi settings access (more secure)
  • Added JavaScript function getWiFiSignal(), which returns signal strength (0-4)
  • Added JavaScript function getCellSignal(), which returns signal strength (0-4), Android 4.2 or higher
  • Added JavaScript function getCellNetworkType() which returns a network type string i.e. HSDPA, LTE etc, Android 4.2 or higher
  • When device is connected to remote management, all received push messages are automatically logged to the device events report
  • Fixed issue with app drawer not showing on next icon tap (after dismissing via swipe)

Full changelog

No published changelogs yet.

Surely Kiosk Browser Remote Management will start publishing changelogs very soon.

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