We're updating our privacy policy

We have updated our Privacy Policy to reflect the requirements of the upcoming European data protection law known as the General Data Protection Regulation (GDPR), which comes in force on 25 May 2018.

Here is an overview of what’s new in our terms:

  • More Information About Data: We explain what data we have about visitors to our website and users of our service to better understand visitor and user preferences and improve our website and services.
  • Access to Information: We help inform individuals about their rights to their personal data and how to exercise these rights.

We’ve prepared a separate document relating to GDPR, whilst our Privacy/Terms covers all aspects of GDPR we wanted to provide a clear document detailing the 12 points of GDPR.

Companies using Kiosk Browser Remote Management and handling European user data (people living in the EU) may need to sign a Data Processing Agreement (DPA), as part of GDPR requirements. You can find your DPA under My Account (admin users only).

In order to make it easier to find all our policies we have put them all in one place.

Please review the new terms and please email us with any questions or feedback at support@android-kiosk.com

Thanks for using Kiosk Browser Remote Management.

KB v2.6.4

Kiosk Browser v2.6.4 has been released! Full changelog here. Available shortly on Google Play and via the normal install channels.

KB v2.6.3

Kiosk Browser v2.6.3 has been released! Full changelog here. Available shortly on Google Play and via the normal install channels.

KB v2.6.2

Kiosk Browser v2.6.2 has been released, and its a big update! Full changelog here. Available shortly on Google Play and via the normal install channels.

Remote Management (when v2.6.2 is installed)

  • If permissions are not correctly granted on Android 6.0 or higher a red flag will be shown on the device list. Requires KB v2.6.2 (build 199) or higher.
  • Added device action "Execute kbRemoteFunction() on device" executes JavaScript function kbRemoteFunction() within your own page on the device. Requires KB v2.6.2 or higher.
  • Added user agent/webview version to device detail page, requires KB v2.6.2 or higher (to report back to remote management).

Device Registration Changes

Registration Keys

Registration keys are now the only method available to register devices (KB v2.6.2 or higher). We have done this for two reasons 1) to make it easier to register devices 2) to remove library dependencies within the Android App to make it as lightweight and stable as possible.

Current registration keys are long and cumbersome to enter, they were originally designed silent registration without requiring an end-user to manually enter them. To make this easier we have introduced 5 character “short keys”. Existing registration keys will continue to work as normal but every key in your account now also has a short key. There is also a “master” registration key which adds devices to the default device group it can be found on the main dashboard page or by clicking the [+] button on the devices page.

Related article: Adding a device

dialog.png dashboard.png keys.png

API Changes

  • PATCH Profile now accepts filegroupid, allowing switching of file groups
  • Added registration key endpoint
  • Added POST method to Profile endpoint, allows creation of a new profile (only copying from an existing profile).


Fixed issue with file group uploads in Safari

File Group Improvements

  • Folder upload support, supported by Chrome, Firefox & Edge or any other browser that supports webkit based folder uploads.
  • Performance improvements for file group navigation via management console.

New API Endpoints

  • API: Added Profile endpoint, GET & PATCH(update)
  • API Endpoint Added: File Groups
  • API Endpoint Added: File Group Files GET, DELETE, POST(upload)
  • API Method Added: Get device by identifier (rather than id) i.e. /api/device?identifier=b60e7c95-d160-439d-8dc6-4c7e1648bd1a

API Endpoint documentation can be found here.

KBR - Update

  • Cleaned up spurious entries on device events report
  • Fixed bug with session event data not showing correctly in modal window (combined report)
  • Added “Device Reports…” to the device detail page for quick access to individual device reports
  • Added “Last page loaded” to device detail page, shows the last URL loaded when the device polled the server
  • API: Update/PATCH Device endpoint, change the device’s associated device group, Override Url and device name

KBR - Account, API & Minor Tweaks

  • Concept of “master account” is no longer valid, all admins can handle subscription related tasks (extending, resolving payment issues)
  • Added “last seen” to device map (when clicking device)
  • KioskURL, DeviceGroupID, ProfileID are now returned through API (Device endpoint)
  • Devicegroup API endpoint now returns collection of devices as well as the standard device group information
  • Profile settings descriptions re-worded relating to file groups
  • Device detail page now Indicates if the location has been manually overridden

No published changelogs yet.

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