Kanuu changelog
Kanuu changelog

Laravel Package update





We've made some big changes to our Laravel package that now makes it even easier to add billing to your Laravel app

In fact, we counted only 6 lines of code needed to get up and running, that's pretty crazy right?!

By default, the package now uses the Kanuu subscription API under the hood so your Laravel application doesn't need to care about webhooks coming from Paddle anymore - which simplifies things 10x.

We've also updated the documentation for the package too.

Enjoy adding billing even faster now!


Team Logos





Want to add a touch of team personalization to your customers' pages? We gotchu.

You now have the power ⚡ to add team logos. You can add your logo (.jpg, .png or .svg) in your team profile settings and we will show your logo to your customers when they are managing their billing.

Here's our customer page now as an example;

Screenshot 2021-07-27 at 08.15.50.png

Enjoy! ✌️

Subscription API





Phew, it's been a busy few days for releases! This one is a biggy though, hold on to shorts!

We've released our new shiny subscription API endpoint, this means you can retrieve the subscription status of any of your customers that have subscribed via Kanuu without having to listen to Paddle's webhooks.

We've put together some docs here which will give you a brief overview of what to expect from that new endpoint.

Our aim has been to keep it super simple; Is this user subscribed yes|no meaning you don't need to worry about checking dates or listening for webhooks. We even handle grace periods for paused and canceled subscriptions, so you customers can get what they have paid for! You're welcome. 🐚

We recommend fetching subscription status' once a day and heavily caching them to keep your application nice and fast.

This should be a game-changer for anyone who has gone through the pain of setting up listening to webhooks!

Go forth and p̶r̶o̶s̶p̶e̶r̶ bill people with ease! 🖖

⏸️ Paused Support - Part 1





We've made our first steps towards full support for pausing subscriptions.

From today the customer UI supports the paused subscription state and we will show some slightly different UI elements with information specific to paused subscriptions.

This means that if you pause a subscription directly on Paddle then we can handle this properly.

We will be working on the next steps soon which include being able to pause and resume subscriptions from the UI directly (don't panic if you don't want to offer pausing this will be a UI setting 😉).


Team onboarding





Today we released our team onboarding, a much quicker way to help teams get started with the essentials Kanuu needs to do its thang.

Screenshot 2021-07-20 at 15.53.18.png

You'll now see this onboarding screen when creating a new team or after registering as new user.

Happy onboarding 💪

✨ New Dashboard





If you have logged in recently you'll have noticed something, well everything, yes everything changed.

We revamped the old drab style of our team and settings pages and gave them a new lick of paint. The whole team and settings area should just make you feel happier.

Alongside that newfound happiness, you should be able to navigate through the settings easier now, with each section having its own visible page you won't need to scroll endlessly to find what you are looking for!

Internal Subscription Changes





We've made some small, but impactful, internal changes to how we store subscriptions.

Previously any subscriptions created against your team were stored the same, meaning if you had created subscriptions using your Paddle sandbox credentials there was no way to see these different from the ones created on your production credentials. This could have resulted in your customers attempting, and failing, to view a sandbox subscription.

Over the past few days we deployed a few incremental fixes for this, the subscriptions are now aware of the Paddle vendor they were created with and we only associate customers with subscriptions bound to your currently set Paddle credentials.

We don't believe Kanuu teams saw any issues resulting from the previous logic but going forward we will have a much clearer separation between sandbox and production subscriptions.


Plan Interval Switcher





Before this release, we can refer to it as the dark ages, plans were listed in an unruly manner, with no order, and no care.

Well, let there be light - or a lovely switcher for subscription intervals and some sensible ordering to boot.


Screenshot 2021-07-04 at 18.50.14.png

Now your plans will be grouped and separated into their interval periods. We currently support;

  • Daily
  • Weekly
  • Monthly
  • Quarterly
  • Yearly

If all your active plans only contain two or more of the intervals above then you'll see this switcher. When there are other, custom, intervals then we will revert to the full list again.

We have also added sensible ordering at all stages, plans are ordered by smallest internal first and then by price.

Note; the plan interval switcher is on by default but if you want to go back to how things were then there is a new section in team settings to disable it.

Custom domains





Whew! This is a biggie and has taken over two weeks of preparation and tears to get right.

Introducing custom domains! That means you can use the entire Kanuu managed billing UI but on your domain.

Can you imagine? Sending your customers to https://billing.yourapp.com and having your customers manage their subscription without leaving the safety of your domain? Imagine no more, it's here.

Documentation can be found here.

Custom domains are a paid subscription-only feature but once you've got a subscription you'll find a new section in your team settings to get set up.

Enjoy ✌️

Supplemental passthrough data





We have just released a small change to our API, with some hopefully useful consequences!

When generating a nonce via the API, we now allow you to pass an array of supplemental data which is stored along side your customer's identifier. We then use this additional data as part of the passthrough information we send to Paddle. This allows you see that data in the webhooks you receive from Paddle.

This change can be useful for adding information about the customer that you want to capture when they subscribe for example; referrer information, the page within your product they subscribed from, or even A/B testing data you want to capture.

Hope it helps!