• (Custom Track): Users doing Custom Tracks have now an improved experience and a way to exit Custom Track without applying or deleting the track region.
  • (Outputs): Updated button text from Outputs Screen from "Continue Editing" to "Back to Project".


  • (Login): Fixed issue with Login with Google button not working.
  • (Keyframes): Fixed crash that occurred when users would try to add a Keyframe while editing a custom track.
  • (AI Builder): Intro and Outro from AI Builder have been temporarily removed.
  • (Black Bars): Added Support for Media that don't have Black Bars pre-processed.



  • (UI Tutorial): - Added 66 seconds tutorial for all new users (Un-skippable).
  • (Support): Support Chat now only appears when triggered from the top Question mark. It will also shows a notification badge if there's an unread message and the chat widget is hidden.
  • (Alert): Added Alert to warn the user that they cannot zoom out when Remove Black Bars option is enabled.


  • (Preview): Fixed Flash-Frame(AutoCrop misposition) when playing Preview and reaching a new clip.



  • (Project Settings & Clip Options): Introduced a black bar editor from which you can edit the black bars that were already generated or even crop the video to your desired new regions. It can also be used to exclude regions so that AutoCrop does not crop into them (like watermarks / blurred background / etc)

Screenshot from 2020-11-11 12-59-09.jpg

image (61).png

  • (Rendering): Added a new Render Option called "Multi Render" which allows you do directly render the project in multiple aspect ratios. From there you can also add and save any number of custom aspect ratios.

image (65).png

image (63).png

  • (Timeline): Added a Timeline Setting to allow users to enable / disable options. The first option that was added is the "Auto Split on Trim" option, that allow you to disable the functionality of automatically splitting your clip when expanding a clip beyond it's cut points.

image (64).png

  • (Project Settings): AutoCrop refresh button is now also available in the Project Settings, and it allows you to generate the AutoCrop data for all clips currently in the timeline.

Screenshot from 2020-11-11 12-56-01.png


  • (Aspect Ratios): Custom Aspect Ratios now support decimals. Instead of writing 90:195, you can now write 9:19.5.
  • (Timeline): Fixed an issue when splitting a clip and seeking somewhere in that clip would show the wrong timings.


  • (Project Settings): Project Settings Icon from the Sidebar has been changed from a Cog to a Filter Icon
  • (Material-UI): Base UI framework has been updated from 4.9 to 4.11



  • (Outputs Page): Outputs now have a share button where the user can either copy the link to that particular output or scan the QR code directly from mobile.
  • (Outputs Page): On the more info button of an output (3-dots menu top right), users can enable social media overlays to see how that particular output would look like on one of the popular social platforms.
  • (Clip Options): You can now set volume on a clip by clip basis from the Clip Options - Generals - Clip Volume setting.
  • (Confirmation Dialogs): Most confirmation dialogs (like deleting a clip from the timeline, deleting the timeline, deleting keyframes when object tracking, overwriting project data with output) can now remember the last option and never ask again.
  • (Confirmation Dialogs): The never ask again settings can also be disabled in the Confirmation Dialogs page accessible by clicking on the user's name / avatar).


  • (Captions): Caption no longer duplicate words when the clip is split.
  • (Undo/Redo): Undo now work from within the Simple Clip Edit Modal (before, triggering undo would automatically close the Simple Clip Modal).



  • (CacheSettings): A Cache Settings Panel available when clicking the app version from the bottom left corner.
  • (Clip Options): A "process black bars" button for media that do not have black bars processed. (All media will be soon imported without the black-bars check for increased import speed)


  • (Project): When exiting and then re-entering the same project, it would no longer sync or create undo steps.
  • (Project): The page no longer refreshes after the user creates a new project and importing the first media
  • (Shot Filter): Number Input from the Shot Duration Filter now properly shows double & triple digit numbers.
  • (Keyframes): Not being able to add the first Keyframe on the first click of the Add Keyframe button if Clip didn't have any modified options
  • (Preview): Increased opacity of the non-cropped zone by 10%
  • (Clip Modal): Do not show Add Word button on the Source Timeline where Captions are not present.



  • (Clip Options): Background Blur has been enabled, and can be set for all clips that have Zoom < 100% or Fit Video enabled.
  • (Preview): When you have AutoCrop enabled and there's no AutoCrop data the crop box would not show. Now there is a big yellow warning about the missing crop box in the preview screen.
  • (Outputs): Importing an Output to Media now preserves the Output title you have set.
  • (Clip Options): Double clicking the zoom slider resets it back to 100% zoom.
  • (Clip Options): Captions Tab has been renamed to Transcript
  • (General): "Settings" button from the sidebar has been renamed to "Project Settings"


  • (Captions): When editing Captions on the Timeline but on the Shot List, changes would have not saved to the project / undo steps would not exist.
  • (Preview): When trying to open the Clip Modal or the Preview of a Clip of which the Source Media is no longer attached to the Project, the app would have crashed instead of showing an error about it.



  • (General): Full-Screen button in the Header (Top-Right).
  • (Clip Options): Percentage progress when generating Auto Crop for a Clip.
  • (Clip Options): Show zoom out options when keyframe go to zoom smaller than 1.


  • (Keyframes): Improved KF performance on large clips.
  • (Preview): Issue with the video not being properly scaled when zoom was smaller than 1.
  • (Keyframes): Issue with KF going over allowed limit and making the Project no longer save.
  • (Preview): Change Gridlines toggle from holding CTRL to holding CMD for Macbooks.



  • (Shot List): When merging or splitting Shots, the corresponding shots from the timeline will also be affected.
  • (Clip Options): Zoom out options no longer under Fit Video


  • (Preview): Issue with Preview now showing the right video source when switching to a different source upon deletion of a clip from the timeline.
  • (Shot List): Issue when showing the wrong size when drag & dropping Shots from the Shot list
  • (Shot List): Issue with the Shot Edit Modal not properly opening
  • (Project): Issue with Project Name not saving
  • (Preview): Issue when previewing transitory shots would suddenly stop the preview and seek the user back at the beginning of the timeline.



  • (Preview): Added Support for Grid Lines - Holding SHIFT while dragging the crop box will now lock you to either the horizontal or vertical axis.
  • (Preview): Added Support for Grid Lines - Holding CTRL/CMD while dragging the crop box will now show guidelines and will snap you to the predefined guidelines.
  • (Media): Ability to rename imported Media files.
  • (Clip Options): Allow to partially zoom out any Clip (Any zoom between 10% and 100%) with the ability to also place the video in the new container.
  • (Advanced Timeline): You can now Split & Trim directly from the Play Head from the Advanced Timeline.
  • (General): - User notification when a clip was successfully deleted.
  • (Captions Timeline): Ability to right click words to either add new lines in front of them or to easily delete them.
  • (Timeline): Clips from the Timeline (both simple and advanced) now show from which Clip they're part even if they just partially match a shot or partially match multiple shots.
  • (Timeline): Auto scroll Timeline to Playhead when moving to Next / Previous Clip or Next / Previous Keyframe.


  • (Preview): Center Point is now more visible.

  • (Preview): Issue with preview (videos rolling) when Aspect Ratio was bigger than 2.

  • (Preview): Preview to use all the available space where possible.

  • (Preview): Show grid / guidelines when moving the box.

  • (Captions Timeline): When zooming out, words would not have been properly bulked.

  • (Captions Timeline): Fix issue when the user could drag & drop a word in a location where there was no space left.

  • (Captions Timeline): Make words that have no duration, last a minimum of 0.016s so they're visible in the timeline.

  • (Captions Timeline): Clicking on a word now takes you there.

  • (Video Preview - WIP): Improved accuracy for VBR videos or multi-source videos.

  • (GIFs): Duration expanded to include the whole 15s range.

  • (Timeline): Inconsistent Preview Time compared to the Timeline Playhead.

  • (Keyframes): When dragging keyframes in non-consecutive order would mess the crop render.

  • (Keyframes): Update Diamond location on Timeline when Clips are swapped or trimmed.

  • (Keyframes): Issue when dragging a KF less than a frame would delete that Keyframe

  • (AI Builder): Issue with AI Builder showing wrong Aspect Ratio


Not yet available on all accounts

  • (Clip Options): Added support for background blur(when using Fit Video or a zoom level of less than 100%)



  • (Captions) - Captions Timeline - Ability to see all words in the Advanced Timeline
  • (Project) - Better thumbnail management with caching for instant load when re-loading a previously cached project.
  • (Project) - Back-end load for thumbnails if front-end fails to generate the needed thumbnails


  • (Project Page): When deleting any project from the project list, the right project would be deleted but the first one would visually disappear from the Project Page


  • (Clip Options): Ability to freeze a Clip on a specific frame.