• (Project Settings & Clip Options): Introduced a black bar editor from which you can edit the black bars that were already generated or even crop the video to your desired new regions. It can also be used to exclude regions so that AutoCrop does not crop into them (like watermarks / blurred background / etc)

Screenshot from 2020-11-11 12-59-09.jpg

image (61).png

  • (Rendering): Added a new Render Option called "Multi Render" which allows you do directly render the project in multiple aspect ratios. From there you can also add and save any number of custom aspect ratios.

image (65).png

image (63).png

  • (Timeline): Added a Timeline Setting to allow users to enable / disable options. The first option that was added is the "Auto Split on Trim" option, that allow you to disable the functionality of automatically splitting your clip when expanding a clip beyond it's cut points.

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  • (Project Settings): AutoCrop refresh button is now also available in the Project Settings, and it allows you to generate the AutoCrop data for all clips currently in the timeline.

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  • (Aspect Ratios): Custom Aspect Ratios now support decimals. Instead of writing 90:195, you can now write 9:19.5.
  • (Timeline): Fixed an issue when splitting a clip and seeking somewhere in that clip would show the wrong timings.


  • (Project Settings): Project Settings Icon from the Sidebar has been changed from a Cog to a Filter Icon
  • (Material-UI): Base UI framework has been updated from 4.9 to 4.11