• (Outputs Page): Outputs now have a share button where the user can either copy the link to that particular output or scan the QR code directly from mobile.
  • (Outputs Page): On the more info button of an output (3-dots menu top right), users can enable social media overlays to see how that particular output would look like on one of the popular social platforms.
  • (Clip Options): You can now set volume on a clip by clip basis from the Clip Options - Generals - Clip Volume setting.
  • (Confirmation Dialogs): Most confirmation dialogs (like deleting a clip from the timeline, deleting the timeline, deleting keyframes when object tracking, overwriting project data with output) can now remember the last option and never ask again.
  • (Confirmation Dialogs): The never ask again settings can also be disabled in the Confirmation Dialogs page accessible by clicking on the user's name / avatar).


  • (Captions): Caption no longer duplicate words when the clip is split.
  • (Undo/Redo): Undo now work from within the Simple Clip Edit Modal (before, triggering undo would automatically close the Simple Clip Modal).