• (CacheSettings): A Cache Settings Panel available when clicking the app version from the bottom left corner.
  • (Clip Options): A "process black bars" button for media that do not have black bars processed. (All media will be soon imported without the black-bars check for increased import speed)


  • (Project): When exiting and then re-entering the same project, it would no longer sync or create undo steps.
  • (Project): The page no longer refreshes after the user creates a new project and importing the first media
  • (Shot Filter): Number Input from the Shot Duration Filter now properly shows double & triple digit numbers.
  • (Keyframes): Not being able to add the first Keyframe on the first click of the Add Keyframe button if Clip didn't have any modified options
  • (Preview): Increased opacity of the non-cropped zone by 10%
  • (Clip Modal): Do not show Add Word button on the Source Timeline where Captions are not present.