• (Clip Options): Background Blur has been enabled, and can be set for all clips that have Zoom < 100% or Fit Video enabled.
  • (Preview): When you have AutoCrop enabled and there's no AutoCrop data the crop box would not show. Now there is a big yellow warning about the missing crop box in the preview screen.
  • (Outputs): Importing an Output to Media now preserves the Output title you have set.
  • (Clip Options): Double clicking the zoom slider resets it back to 100% zoom.
  • (Clip Options): Captions Tab has been renamed to Transcript
  • (General): "Settings" button from the sidebar has been renamed to "Project Settings"


  • (Captions): When editing Captions on the Timeline but on the Shot List, changes would have not saved to the project / undo steps would not exist.
  • (Preview): When trying to open the Clip Modal or the Preview of a Clip of which the Source Media is no longer attached to the Project, the app would have crashed instead of showing an error about it.