Kamua updates
Kamua updates

1.36.0 - 1.37.6






v1.37.4 - v1.37.6

  • (Keyboard Shortcuts): Improved Keyboard Shortcuts. Fixed issue where space instead of playing / pausing preview it would toggle that last active switch button.


v1.37.3 (2021-06-25)

  • (Preview): Updated Instagram & TikTok iPhone 8+ Frames
  • (Pricing): Added VAT back to the table underneath the price
  • (Link Import): Fixed issue with Facebook links not importing
  • (Crop Box): Fix issue where the Crop box asked to process when a crop process for the whole project was already processing.
  • (Multi Render): Multi Render now properly computes required Quota
  • (Multi Render): Fixed issue when if more than 10 renders needed to render, it would just error. Current maximum limit now is either plan quota limit or 600 videos.
  • (Outputs): Improved sorting for Outputs page.


v1.37.2 (2021-06-17)

  • (Overlays): Added Keep Aspect Ratio Toggle, that preserves the Aspect Ratios (or not) of overlays.
  • (Overlays): Added Fit Overlay to video to easily be able to fit the overlay over the whole video (useful when the overlay is the same size as the video).


  • (Outputs): Added Thumbnails to Output in List View.


v1.37.1 (2021-06-16)

  • (UI): Fix issue when Crop & Media Sidebars could both be opened simultaneously.
  • (Captions): Fix issue with Captions when data is not yet loaded.


v1.37.0 (2021-06-16)

  • (Outputs): New view modes for the Outputs pages:

List Mode:


& Relaxed Grid:


  • (General): Support for 2 Factor Authentication (2FA):

Can be toggled from Profile -> Security -> Multi Factor Auth



v1.36.3 (2021-06-07)

  • (Upload): Fix upload issue that kept failed chunks after an upload succeeded.
  • (AutoCrop Preview): Fix issue with AutoCrop that prevented to properly update the current clip when refreshing AutoCrop data.


v1.36.2 (2021-06-03)

  • (Multi Render): Fix issue that prevented the Multi Render dialog to render videos that needed to be split by clips or by duration.


v1.36.1 (2021-06-02)

  • (General): Clicking on the Shot Index (Ex: #15) number that's on top of the Clip in the timeline will take you to that Shot in the Shot List.
  • (Multi Select): Disable trimming while multiple clips are selected.
  • (Keyframe): Fix issue where temporary keyframes would get added when adding a new keyframe.
  • (Multi Select): Fix issue where Fit Video couldn't be applied to multiple clips at once.
  • (Multi Select): Fix issue where dragging clips wouldn't preserve order and drop location when dragged & dropped.






This entry condenses 2 large releases (v1.36.0 & v1.35.0) and 23 patch releases.


New Features


v1.36.0 (2021-06-02)

  • (Timeline - Multi-Select): Added the ability to select & apply options to multiple clips in the Timeline. Learn more about it here.

  • (Uploading - Trim): There is now a new Upload Modal, from which a trim region can be selected when importing, so only the selected portion is processed & counted against your quota. An important thing to note is that the whole file still needs to upload for us to import just the selected portion of the video.

  • (UI - General): A new dedicated crop button has been added to the left side navigation of the Project, so it's easier to find for new users. It can also still be accessed from the Project Settings.

  • (Shot List): Shot List scroll position is now saved when moving between Shot List and Preview, and now you can also click the Shot Index Numbers that appear on the top left side of each Clip in the Timeline. By doing this, it will load and take you to the corresponding Shot in the Shot List.

  • (Timeline): Timeline Scroll now consistently works, and the scroll is also saved when moving between screens (Project Outputs - Project Preview).

  • (Multi Render): Multi Render (that can be accessed by clicking the drop arrow next to the Render Button) has additional options added to it:

    • Render only Selected Clips (is a selection is active)
    • Render each Clip as a separate video (can also work simultaneously with Selected Clips)
    • Split video into X (15 seconds default) pieces.
  • (Outputs): - Added a link to our free compressing tool - TinyVid on Outputs so people can additionally compress their footage after it's done or make it fit a pre-defined size.


v1.35.0 (2021-03-25)

  • (Captions): Added RTL (Right to Left) support to captions and increased the number of supported fonts.


Detailed Changelog:


v1.36.1 (2021-06-02):

  • (Timeline - Multi-Select): Dragging multiple clips from a different location now preserve the order and drop location
  • (Timeline - Multi-Select): Fixed a bug where fit video could not be applied to an even number of selected clips
  • (Timeline - Multi-Select): Disable Clip Trim while Multi Select is active, so people don't accidentally trim while they select or drag multiple clips
  • (Keyframes): Fixed a bug where adding a keyframe would automatically add another one at the beginning and the end of your clip
  • (Shotlist): Fixed an issue when clicking a Shot Index from a different source, to also change the Shot List to that particular media instead of navigating to the shot number of the currently selected one.


v1.36.0 (2021-06-02) - Feature List is at beginning.


v1.35.12 (2021-05-14)

  • (Social Phone Frames): Improved Social Frames & added iPhone 8+ in favor of iPhone SE


v1.35.11 (2021-05-07)

  • (Project Page): Added Grid View for visualizing your Projects


v1.35.9 (2021-04-21) & v1.35.10 (2021-04-23)

  • (General): Fixed issue where 3rd party plugins would conflict with the page resulting in white pages for some users.
  • (Track): Improved feature usage track


v1.35.8 (2021-04-15)

  • (FullScreen): Fixed issue with full-screen.
  • (Quota): Added Quota reset date in Quota drop-down.
  • (Alerts): Fixed issue when an alert was sent every time projects were switched.


v1.35.7 (2021-04-07)

  • (Render): Fixed issue with forever pending renders where a source was not correctly uploaded.


v1.35.6 (2021-04-07)

  • (Captions): Fixed issue with the Transcript page crashing if no transcript was generated.
  • (Link Importing): Added explanation for why we don't allow the import of live videos.
  • (Captions): Don't allow Transcript generation for media with no audio.
  • (Captions): Added quota check for Captions
  • (Pricing): Made it clearer that Non-Watermarked renders also have a maximum output duration per plan per month.
  • (General): Updated 3rd party dependencies.
  • (General): Improved feature usage tracking to better monitor what are the obstacles our users confront.


v1.35.4 & v1.35.5 (2021-04-01)

  • (Shot List): Fixed issue with audio not seeking when seeking on a different zone of the Shot List
  • (Shot List): Added ability to click the audio soundwave and hold to fast-scrub the Shot.
  • (General): Added stability warning for Safari users.
  • (General): Disabled ability to switch to Preview if Timeline is empty.
  • (General): Automatically switch back to Shotlist when Preview is not available (like Timeline empty), or new source media was added to the Project.
  • (Preview): Social Frames images updated.
  • (General): Updated 3rd party dependencies.


v1.35.3 (2021-03-29)

  • (General): Fixed issue related to writing/reading data from localStorage when that was not possible.
  • (Preview): Fixed issue when the user would automatically be switched to the Shot List when he was on the Preview Page and refreshed.
  • (Preview): Improved & Re-Enabled YouTube Shorts Social Frame.


v1.35.2 (2021-03-29)

  • (Preview): Add support to enter Preview-only in Full-Screen
  • (Captions): Fixed issue with words not auto-splitting in the Transcript box - making it impossible to change the font size.
  • (Preview): Fixed preview on Safari (fill in the available space instead of being out-of-screen).
  • (Render): Fixed issue with forever pending renders where project source is errored but not used.
  • (Preview): Fixed FullScreen login on Safari
  • (Upload): Interrupted media uploads will now correctly resume.
  • (Captions): Change new line animation to seconds from
  • (Preview): Updated YT Shorts Phone Frame for iPhone SE


v1.35.1 (2021-03-25)

  • *(Preview): Auto-switch to Shotlist when no sources are in the Project.


v1.35.0 (2021-03-25)

  • (Captions): Added RTL (Right to Left) support to captions and increase the number of supported fonts.
  • (Preview): Added YT Shorts Phone Frame & Updated iPhone X frame.
  • (General): Added Network stability state and alert, alerting users when the network connection is no longer available.


v1.34.32 (2021-03-22)

  • (General): Improved storing data to local database.


v1.34.31 (2021-03-22)

  • (General): Fixes for Safari Strict Transaction Policy
  • (General): Improve bug tracing


v1.34.30 (2021-03-19)

  • (Outputs): Show cost of render on the outputs of free accounts.


v1.34.29 (2021-03-19)

  • (Preview): Improved Blur Approximation & fixed Blur bleeding outside Preview window.
  • (Quota Dialog): New and improved Quota Dialog with more details and ability to upgrade to the next plan that meets the current needs.
  • (Preview): Fixed Timeline Zoom Slider Inconsistency


v1.34.26 - v1.34.28 (2021-03-16)

  • (Upload): Show proper error to the user when upload fails.
  • (Color Picker): Fixed issue with color picker not properly selecting the color.


v1.34.25 (2021-03-11)

  • (Overlays): Fixed issue with Overlays not being able to be selected when there were more than one overlays in the Project.
  • (General): Fixed Google Login to also work when 3rd party cookies are disabled (new Mac & Incognito).


v1.34.24 (2021-03-09)

  • (Pricing Page): Don't show an error when accessing the pricing page, and the user is not logged in.
  • (User Data): Fix issue when data would overwrite existing user data.


v1.34.23 (2021-03-06)

  • (Pricing Page): Add warning when there exists a payment issue & show support bubble on Plan List Modal


v1.34.22 (2021-03-05)

  • (Preview): Show / Hide Crop region when AutoCrop or keyframe
  • (Uploads): Improved media upload details by adding three progress bars for (upload, pre-process, and process)
  • (Settings): Don't deselect Image Overlays when the Settings tab change.
  • (Preview): Phone Frame adjustments.



  • (Social Phone Frames): Added social frames, to be able to easily preview how your video will look on different social media platform on different phone types:


  • (Shotlist Navigation): Added the ability to zoom out and zoom in the Shot List to be able to more easily navigate the Shot List:

Untitled project (2).gif

  • (Usage Warnings): A top bar was added to inform users that Safari might cause bugs, and that the website is not optimized for mobile:




The above features were all added in v1.34.18 with additional fixes added in v1.34.19, v1.34.20 and v1.34.20






v1.34.0 to v1.34.12 include the following fixes and features:



  • (Captions): When multiple sources, transcript generation didn't work if current clip didn't match current selected media.
  • (Keyboard Shortcuts): Up Arrow in the timeline now takes you to the beginning of the Clip if not already there, otherwise to the beginning of the previous clip.

v1.34.15 - v1.34.16


  • (Timeline): - We have changed the behavior of Splitting a clip, the next clip starting from the clip you're currently on instead of the next clip (same behavior as with other NLE)
  • (Analytics): - Added a Customer Type question for all users.



  • (Keyboard Shortcuts): - Added ability to access Keyboard Shortcuts in the header
  • (Navigation) - Made header buttons more visible (by adding labels)



  • (Keyboard Shortcuts): - Added an explanation Modal with all our keyboard shortcuts.



  • (Keyboard Shortcuts): - Changed the split "S" shortcut to "C"
  • (Keyboard Shortcuts): - Added [ and ] shortcuts for increasing and decreasing the current clip volume



  • (UI): We have disable the Simple Timeline which now defaults to the Advanced (Manual) Timeline.
  • (Keyboard Shortcuts): - Change I / O to Q / W (Trim Begin / End)



  • (Keyboard Shortcuts): Fixed an issue where Caption keyboard shortcuts would be propagated.



  • (Keyboard Shortcuts): - Delete for Clips & Overlays (Using either Del or Backspace)


  • (Outputs): - Don't show preview jobs that don't have a video in the Outputs.
  • (Outputs): - Delete all preview jobs that finised from Outputs
  • (Jobs): - Don't allow manual job renders to be rendered without video.



  • (1min Tutorial Intro): Add skip button to tutorial page for new users.



  • (Clips): - On trim, make sure to adjust schedule, so Custom Track follows don't get offset or when a keyframe is trimmed out.
  • (Caching): - Make the shotlist load even if the caching system didn't work (because of no disk storage left)



  • (Outputs): - Fix an issue with Project Saving after Editing an Output and overwriting the current project.
  • (Outputs): - Fix an issue with not being able to edit an output that had Captions
  • (1min Tutorial Intro): - Fix a bug where it would not allow users to continue
  • (User Data): - Added ability to auto-save user data upon changes (like config updates)



  • (Captions): - Added a confirmation dialog box when accessing Overlays warning the users that the feature is in BETA and might encounter errors.



  • (Captions): - Properly update the preview with captions when the font changes.



  • (Captions): - FIX Captions crashing when enabled after Overlays are added
  • (Captions): - Draw Captions on first frame in preview if the user refreshes and also has Overlays in the Project



  • (Media Sidebar): - Show media item in Media Sources even when queued






This version includes support for Overlays. This feature is currently in Beta, allowing you to overlay images. Animated Images (GIFs), Videos and Text overlays support coming soon.




  • (Library): Added search box within the Folder Selection Modal
  • (Quota): Made Quota button more visible by adding "Quota" underneath the filling cloud icon
  • (Quota): Added Monthly maximum upload media count and non-watermarked renders
  • (Quota): Added upgrade button at the end of Quota Menu


  • (Library): General Library fixes
  • (Media Items): Properly display thumbnails of Media Images



  • (Captions): The ability to change the animation speed of a new line


  • (Upload): Media upload crashing if browser couldn't load metadata of local file in less than 2s
  • (Color Selectors): Improved usability by not making colors selectors bound to the inner element (and forcing the appearance of a scroll)



  • (Captions): Allow ability to set the captions to end at the end of a particular Word (just right click the word in the timeline and "Force End Here")


  • (Intro Video): Changed the non-skippable video from YouTube Embed to HTML5 video (some AdBlock plugins would cause the Embed to not report watch progress, not allowing the users to continue past it)



  • (General): Improved API responsiveness and response compression (lowered the sizes of the requests)
  • (Library): General Library fixes



  • (Pricing): New look for the Pricing Table with added extra details (like storage duration)
  • (Error Tracking): Improved error tracking
  • (Library): Added Library folder flags


  • (Library): Improved breadcrumbs for navigation
  • (Library): Properly refresh view to show newly created folders
  • (Library): Improved sorting
  • (Library): Fixed issue where new library would not initialize properly for some users
  • (Uploads): Clear uploads if in progress when user logs out
  • (Captions): Properly select current word after creation & finishing editing
  • (Captions): Make 0 duration words last at least 1 video frame
  • (Library): Default sorting set to creation time