Junip updates
Junip updates

Messages: Sent

There is one resounding thing we heard from you over the first couple of weeks using Junip - you wanted to understand what was happening to the review requests you were sending.

Now you can, with "Sent":

Screen Shot 2020-01-22 at 1.53.16 PM.png

Sent is a simple feed of all the messages you've been sending from Junip. It tells you the what, when & who of your message, as well as the status; whether a customer has opened, clicked or engaged.

You can find Sent in Admin here, just under the Messages section.

Screen Shot 2020-01-22 at 1.56.35 PM.png

Over time we'll add more functionality to this section based on what you tell us you're trying to find. So please reach out if there's something specific you'd like to see!