Junip updates
Junip updates

Sort by most helpful

We've added the ability for your customers to now sort reviews by "most helpful" when shopping. This is live & requires no change for you to enable:

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Better forms previews

Ever wanted to preview the Junip review submission experience for a particular product? You now can from the Forms section of the Junip admin.

Simply select the product you want to preview the submission experience for and click "Preview" 💃

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View rewards received ✨

You can now view the reward a customer is presented from a review they wrote right in the the Junip admin!

Simply select the review you want to see the reward for from the Moderation section. If the review was rewarded you'll see the "Reward received" card underneath the review body


Integration Events

We just made it easier to see the events that Junip is sending to your marketing automation integration.


Take a look at the brand-new Events view in the Junip Admin 👀

Message Outbox

Have you ever wondered which customers will be receiving a review request in the next few days?

The all-new Message Outbox lets you view the list of messages that are scheduled for delivery. You can even cancel and delay specific review requests 🙌

Try it out in the Messages > Outbox section of the Admin.


Dark mode in the Junip Admin

We added dark mode to the Junip Admin! Give your eyes a little break during those late night sessions approving reviews ⭐️

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On-site review submissions

We're bringing on-site submissions… onto your site! 🎉

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Previously, customers would be directed to a new tab to submit their review when clicking your "write a review" button. With this change Junip now opens a modal on the page that allows them to leave a review, without being taken out of your site experience.

This is live today for everyone using on-site submissions & there is no work needed for you to take advantage of it.

Custom questions

You can now include custom questions in your review requests! 💫

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Questions are either short answer or multiple choice. Multiple choice options are also filterable on product pages so customers can find the most relevant reviews for them! CleanShot 2020-11-24 at 09.13.38.png

Custom questions are available on the Standard plan & found in the Products section of Admin. More details can be found in our help doc here: https://help.junip.co/en/articles/4607278-how-to-add-custom-questions

Test Events

We've made it easier to test workflows in your marketing automation platform.

You can now ask Junip to emit test events that will trigger your workflows. Use this to make sure your workflows are working properly before you flip them live for all your customers!

Test it out in the integrations section of the Admin!

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Integration - Postscript

Junip is now integrated with Postscript! 🎉

If you use Postscript, you can now send SMS reviews requests directly from their dashboard using the Junip event. Junip also sends an event when a New Reviews is Created, letting you follow up with happy customers.

More details on the Postscript integration can be found here: https://help.junip.co/article/74-postscript-guide