JumpInChat updates
JumpInChat updates

Shutting down March 2nd 2021

Some banlist and chat message improvements

  • Banlist now shows username (if banned user is registered)
  • Chat message timestamp will show time with seconds on hover
  • Minor performance improvements for chat messages

Additional room restrictions: minimum account age


You can now set a minimum account age restriction for your room, available in your room settings. Should help with those getting around bans by creating new accounts over and over again.

2fa and password bypass permission

Accounts now have the ability to enable two factor authentication, by way of an authenticator app. This can be found in your account settings (https://jumpin.chat/settings/account).

Additionally, I've added a role permission to allow bypassing a room's password. This will, like all other permissions, be found in the "roles" section of the chat settings


New roles system added, allowing custom roles to replace the previous moderator list


Room audio slider

Room cams audio controls will now allow you to set global audio volume, which will set all broadcast volume levels.

User list will also no longer be visible until successfully joining a room.

Room perma-bans and improved duration selection

Permanent bans are now available as an option when banning a user from a room. Additionally instead of a text field, I've added a set of pre-defined duration options.

Starting at 1 hour, going up to 3, 12 and 24 hours, 7 days up to permanent. Permanent bans are, in fact, 6 months which is equivalent to site-wide perma-bans.


Wide layout

An alternate to the main chat layout, it gives broadcasts more room on wider screens by having chat and cams side-by-side. Access it via the settings menu. EDAi1WdXUAMlmtk.jpg_large.jpg

Currently, this is an alternate layout. Future plans may instead see this becoming the main layout, at least for wider screens.

Seek YouTube videos

YouTube videos now allow for skipping ahead, by selecting the time from the progress bar.


Higher resolution streams and quality selection

An improvement to supporter perks, you can now choose your broadcast resolution. Currently, the options are from 240p, 480p and 720p but more could be added at a later date. Choose your quality setting either in the source selection pop-up or in your user settings.

Additionally, you can also set the stream quality to receive, reducing all cams to a lower definition. These options should allow for better network performance on mobile data services, or if you just want to conserve bandwidth.