Dashboard Changes

We have done significant changes in the admin panel improving the UX, eliminating unnecessary clicks and page reloads.

Concierge Services

We have added concierge services in the platform. The customer and driver apps remain same as that in the taxi platform. This is an add on functionality.

Customers can place a custom order to request anything, anytime from anywhere. The request is inputed in a text box. e.g. (Need medicine A from Shop X in Locality Z)

This request is handled by the operations staff operating the panel, which if perceived to be a deliverable request, broadcasts the requests to the concierges (drivers or delivery boys) who have marked themselves interested for such requests.

Interested concierge picks the requests, goes to the store, buys the item with own buffer cash and delivers the request to the customer and collects the cash from the customer.

Eco Cash Integration

We have added the support of Eco Cash. Customers can pay for rides via cashless payments, using Eco Cash Payment Gateway.

Note: This is available for the users in Zimbabwe only.

Modular Access Control

We have significantly improved the access control and made it in a much more modular fashion enabling us to make custom managerial controls to cover use cases with overlapping roles.

Quick Books Integration

We have added an integration with Quick Books for driver side payments for accounting purposes.

Optimisation in Google Maps Usage

We have reduced the usage of Geo Coding end points provided by Google Maps by tweaking the user flow push users to save frequently used locations hence reducing the need the need of Geo Coding APIs.

Chinese Language Support

We have added support for Chinese Language in both customer and driver apps.

Automatic Toll Fee

We have added the ability to add toll fee in the rides based on pick up points and destinations. Operators have to define the toll applicability based on the pickup points and destinations.

Drivers have the option to edit the toll if the need arises, and can add additional toll if necessary before ending the ride.

User Web Booking

We have added the ability to do the bookings from the web app apart from the IOS and Android customer apps. Customers can log in the web app, then can initiate the booking as per the standard flow.

Real Time Dashboard

We have added Real Time dash board section in the Analytics section, to see daily requests, daily rides, live drivers, active drivers and other important parameters on real time basis.

Also, percent changes with respect to last day same time and changes with respect to the same day on the last week at the same time is also available.

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