Updated CoffeeScript

Just a small bump in CoffeeScript parser, updated to version 1.12.3 - tons has changed and been fixed since 1.10.0. More on coffeescript.org.

Embed fixes

We've added a bunch of fixes to the Embed:

  1. 🎨 Overriding colors works again.

  2. 🐞 There was a problem when the Results tab would not have the correct height if embedded as the first tab in order. This is now working as expected.

JSX Syntax Highlighting

Added JSX syntax highlighting when you switch the language of the JavaScript panel to Babel.

Additionally bumped CodeMirror version from 5.9.0 to 5.19.0 – they sure update it a lot!

JavaScript-based embed

There was an issue with using the JavaScript-based embed (the default one), where it would throw an error when no-protocol was defined as the URL.

Sorry for the trouble.

Resources reordering

This is long overdue, and actually wasn't supposed to land in this version of JSFiddle, but turned out to be a 30 minute task, so here it is – resource reordering!

Just grab a resource and drag it into a new slot.

Fighting with spam + false-positives

In the past months we've implemented a number of features that check for spammy fiddles (we get a fair share of these), we've been really happy with the results, a lot of spam is caught and blocked, but there are some false-positives. 

If you notice your fiddle being marked as spam, just let us know, we'll evaluate, and unblock it.

In other news, we've also updated our captcha to noCaptcha during signup.

Inconsolata replaces Fira Mono

While we're big fans of Fira Mono, the typeface has a few issues on specific OS/browser configurations. We've tried different versions of Fira Mono hoping that will address the problems, unfortunately without much luck. So today we're replacing it with Inconsolata as our default monotype font.

We hope Mozilla can patch Fira soon, so it's safer to use without running into unwanted ligature problems or other issues with chars not rendering as they should. 

New embeds and Embed Creator

New embeds have landed and a lot of things have changed!

There’s a whole new thing called the Embed Creator, no need to go through to documentation to see what’s possible to be done with the embed, now simply open up the Embed dropdown, and presto, all customization options are available:

  • Pick which tabs are visible
  • Change theme from light to dark
  • Pick embed type: script or iframe (depending on what you fancy)

Alter some colors, like:

  • Accent color (blue line in the menu) — this if great for websites that have their own branding color
  • Font color in the menu
  • Menu background color
  • Background color of the editor

All options take a hex value (skipping the # in the front).

It’s not hard to see, the embed is now available in two color flavors, light and dark.

More are to come — we’ll be adding third-party color schemes that are quite popular in some IDE’s.

We’ve really tried not to break any backwards compatibility with the previous embed. If anything should pop up, please drop a new issue on our Github Issues.

Happy embedding!

Changes to how local drafts work

We've changed a bit how the local drafts work, the draft needs to be applied manually instead of adding it automatically right after page refresh.

In addition, there's a new view to see the diff between saved and local version of your fiddle.

TypeScript support

Many of you asked, so here it is. TypeScript support with all its strict types glory! As usual, just pick it from the language dropdown in the JavaScript panel.

No published changelogs yet.

Surely JSFiddle will start publishing changelogs very soon.

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