Cookie Solution: Enable Advertising Preference Management

The new IAB Framework gives users a convenient way to manage preferences and is quickly becoming industry standard. If you're a first-party publisher, we highly recommended that you enable this feature as some ad networks may limit access to their network if not implemented. Read more about the framework and how to enable it here.

Auto-Sync for Consent Solution

The Consent Solution comes with the option to auto-sync your iubenda legal documents. If your legal documents were generated using iubenda’s services, you no longer need to manually push each new version of your legal documents to the Consent Solution. Read how to enable this feature here.

Data Processing Agreement available

We've published our data processing agreement, read all you need to know on the help blog.

All-new iubenda is on Product Hunt today! We're inviting you to come and say hi, ask questions you might want answered or just support us in our mission to bring you the best compliance tools for the web and mobile apps.

We have launched 2 new services to help you comply with the GDPR

Click to read our announcement here.

PrestaShop Cookie Solution plugin

We've released the PrestaShop module that allows you to automate the implementation of the cookie law rules, drastically reducing the necessity for direct interventions in the site’s code.

Just like the Joomla and WordPress plugins, this module lets you automatically block the execution of cookies coming from popular third parties like YouTube, Facebook, Twitter, G+, Google AdSense, Google Maps, AddThis and ShareThis.

You can find everything you need to know here on the PrestaShop module page.

Big Joomla plugin update released

The Joomla plugin for our Cookie Solution has received major attention. We've bumped it up to version number 1.2.0 including the following improvements:

  • revamped admin interface
  • improved iubenda script handling
  • introduced experimental script blocking method

Now the plugin works better than ever for our users that prefer working with Joomla. You can find the most recent version to download here:

--> Download Cookie Solution Joomla plugin

iubenda on the new CloudFlare marketplace

Here's a great new way to use and test iubenda: Cloudflare has relaunched their app integration marketplace and iubenda is part of a select group of apps that are included from day one to celebrate the launch!

→ Check us out on the Apps Platform

What is it about? The Cloudflare Apps Platform enables the installation of third party software to any website running through Cloudflare itself. Any users that don't have a iubenda account yet, can create an account and a privacy policy/cookie policy via CloudFlare. The app installer window even lets you preview your site with a cookie banner and privacy policy attached.

This is mainly useful for users who haven't set up their iubenda account yet and find iubenda via the Cloudflare app market. The ease of use is fantastic and we hope to see users making good use of the integration going forward.

→ Check us out on the Apps Platform

Mobile permissions launched (and improved)

We've launched a tool that let's you drastically improve/automate the way that mobile permissions are disclosed in your mobile privacy policy.

This is a reaction to the new Google policy on its Android Play Store and its related enforcement of privacy policy related topics: apps that are processing user data or using any "dangerous permission" must have a privacy policy or be unlisted.

Therefore look for "contacts", "microphone", "HealthKit" or any other of the invasive permissions in the generator and you will be on your way to a brand new privacy policy for mobile apps.

Owner field update (html)

We've shipped a small feature that allows making changes to the owner field:

  • you can now use some html tags such as bold, italic, etc.
  • more importantly this allows you to add additional information that should be there around the owner's name/company name

For instance, it's a great place to add a data processor/appointed personnel and their names or/and contact data.

Until now, the owner field was relative rigid and we forced it to adhere to the structure "company name, email". Now you can use the field in whatever way you want to deviate from the original structure.

No published changelogs yet.

Surely iubenda will start publishing changelogs very soon.

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