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A new Uploading Journey 🎬




Multiple Video Upload

We've redesigned our uploading flow! Now you can upload multiple videos to Iterspace.
All you have to do is holding cmd (Mac) or ctrl (Windows), then selecting all the videos you want to upload into your workspace.

Let me show how to do this:

Iterspace - Upload Journey.gif



  • There is no longer uploading limit for videos size.
    "Sky is the only limit now πŸ‘¨πŸ»β€πŸš€ " (quote by Luca | Our Tech Lead)
  • We warn you when your connection is poor and videos may take too long to upload

Filippo | Product Owner

⌨️ ⚑️ Shortcuts




Watching recordings is now faster with keyboard shortcuts:

➑️ Next comment

⬅️ Previous comment

m Mute / Unmute

. Forward 10 sec

, Rewind 10 sec

⬆️ Change recording speed

New Mobile experience





πŸ“±The new mobile experience is ready to handle your recordings, comments, and replies when you're on the go!

βš™οΈYou can also quickly access advanced settings from the top navigation bar .

⚑️ Upload your recordings from the camera roll, tap to comment, and share accurate feedback with your team!

In-app notifications





πŸ”” Never miss an update with in-app notifications! If a new Workspace, Project, Recording, or Comment needs your attention β€” you'll find it under the bell icon.

Resolve comments





βœ… Collaborators can mark comments as resolved to acknowledged that it’s been taken care of.

Click and drag to comment





🌟You can finally pinpoint specific parts of your screen with area comments.

The console is here ⚠️🐞




β›‘ The console is finally live! Relying on unclear bug reports was costing you time and frustration. We made it possible for EVERYONE to create detailed reports in seconds β€” so you don't have to get on that "quick" call.

Your recordings are free to move




πŸŽ₯ Uploaded a recording worth sharing with the team in your Personal workspace? Get things right in a couple of clicks!

You can finally move recordings around projects and workspaces β€” both from πŸ“± mobile and πŸ–₯ desktop

Welcome to iterspace Beta




What you can test:

πŸ‘₯ Organization

  • Create a Team Workspace for better collaboration or start with your Personal Workspace
  • Invite your teammates and set restrictions. You have the power to control who can view, edit, or collaborate. [Team only]

πŸ“ Projects

  • Create Projects for different purposes (🌈 Inspiration, 🐞Bugs, πŸš€Improvements, etc.)
  • Share your experience either by
    • πŸŽ₯ Recording screen sessions with the Chrome extension
    • ☁️ Uploading existing videos (Recorded on iOS?)

πŸ“Ό Recordings

  • πŸ’¬ Leave accurate feedback with a click or tap on the video β€” 🌟 iterspace is optimised for mobile browsers as well
  • @ Mention your collaborators to start proficient discussions
  • 🌍 Set granular permissions or make public

πŸš€ Product Updates

Big news today! we are starting a public changelog, so you're always up to date with all the improvements and fixes we are implementing in Iterspace.

Even though we work on Iterspace all the time, sometimes it may seem that not much is happening. This changelog is here to improve that very important part of the communication between you and us.

If you have any tip or just wanna speak about Iterspace, reach us through the chat tool in our homepage.