Payment Email Notifications

We've rolled out email notifications to you and your customers for every time a payment is made towards an invoice.

By default, the option is checked. If you don't want to notify your customer of the payment being made, simply uncheck it!

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Additional Invoice Activity Actions

You now have lots more info on the history of the invoice and activity.

On the invoice you can get a quick glance at the most recent activity:

Markup on 2020-09-22 at 14:02:46.png

And by clicking View full activity log, it will show you all the history associated with that invoice.

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Small UI Update on invoice

When looking at invoices or estimates, if you click on the purple customer name, it will open that customer. Clicking anywhere else on the line will take you to the invoice to preview it. You no longer have to click on the right and go to preview/edit.

Markup on 2020-09-22 at 14:12:58.png

Additional Payment Time

We've added the Upon Receipt option to the invoice Due Date picker.

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08.04.2020 - Stripe Integration is here!

You can now integrate Stripe with invoice quick.

For individual invoices as well as recurring invoices!

Simply go to Settings > Payment Options > Stripe > Connect

Markup on 2020-08-10 at 14:45:43.png

Once you connect your account, make sure to go to any existing invoices or recurring profiles that you'd like to receive payments through stripe and make sure stripe is selected.

Markup on 2020-08-10 at 14:46:25.png

Your customer will have an option to process a credit card payment on the invoice link they receive and payment will be applied to the invoice automatically.

Recurring Invoice Profile Improvement

We've re-designed the recurring invoices module. It's easier to set-up your recurring invoices.

You can now also:

  • Edit recurring profiles without having to create new ones
  • Duplicate and change customers on recurring profiles

Here's the new design.

Markup on 2020-09-22 at 14:20:23.png

Markup on 2020-09-22 at 14:22:49.png

07.01.2020. - Invoice Quick 2.0 released πŸ”₯

We launched a major overhaul of the system! πŸ‘¨β€πŸ”§πŸ› οΈ

Changes were made on the backend as well as the frontend.

The app is now quicker, simpler, more stable and rebuilt in a way which enables us to bring you many improvements in the near future.

Thanks to you guys we keep making InvoiceQuick better and better. 😍

We can’t wait to share more amazing features and updates coming your way. πŸ”₯

02.22.19 - Updates

Recent resolutions and updates:

  1. Date issues some users experiencing from the previous version have been resolved.
  2. Multi-editing of posted payments bug resolved.
  3. Invoice page loading delay for users with over 2,000 invoices has been resolved.
  4. Added a invoice column on the payments page for easier tracking.

02.15.19 - Updates

Updated the search option on the invoices page so you can find your invoices easier.

Search Fields.png

Misc. Bugs Resolved.

  1. If tax or discount line is a '$0.00' value, the line will not appear on the invoice or your backend.
  2. There was an issue related to selecting a due date on an invoice, this has been resolved.
  3. When adding item description and adding multiple lines, for some users the line break was not showing on the actual invoice. This has been resolved.
  4. The bug when emailing an invoice, the value of the invoice was hidden on the customer email (even though the invoice was fine), this has been resolved.
  5. When editing an older invoice from the old platform, changing the price / qty was not displaying properly on an invoice. This has been resolved.