07.01.2020. - Invoice Quick 2.0 released 🔥

We launched a major overhaul of the system! 👨‍🔧🛠️

Changes were made on the backend as well as the frontend.

The app is now quicker, simpler, more stable and rebuilt in a way which enables us to bring you many improvements in the near future.

Thanks to you guys we keep making InvoiceQuick better and better. 😍

We can’t wait to share more amazing features and updates coming your way. 🔥

02.22.19 - Updates

Recent resolutions and updates:

  1. Date issues some users experiencing from the previous version have been resolved.
  2. Multi-editing of posted payments bug resolved.
  3. Invoice page loading delay for users with over 2,000 invoices has been resolved.
  4. Added a invoice column on the payments page for easier tracking.

02.15.19 - Updates

Updated the search option on the invoices page so you can find your invoices easier.

Search Fields.png

Misc. Bugs Resolved.

  1. If tax or discount line is a '$0.00' value, the line will not appear on the invoice or your backend.
  2. There was an issue related to selecting a due date on an invoice, this has been resolved.
  3. When adding item description and adding multiple lines, for some users the line break was not showing on the actual invoice. This has been resolved.
  4. The bug when emailing an invoice, the value of the invoice was hidden on the customer email (even though the invoice was fine), this has been resolved.
  5. When editing an older invoice from the old platform, changing the price / qty was not displaying properly on an invoice. This has been resolved.

Add Payment Modal Updates

We've added multiple options to select when adding a payment to an invoice.


In the notes section when applying the payment, we updated the text to prevent confusion from 'Notes' to 'Internal Payment Note' - These notes are internal and will not be shown to customers.


New PRO VERSION released

Hi all, sorry for the lag in the change log. Truth is, we've been busy developing the PRO version of Invoice Quick which was launched today :)

Additional features of PRO now include;

  • Dashboard Reporting
  • Recurring invoicing
  • Saving items and tasks
  • Transactions
  • Accounting
  • Tax Presets
  • Additional Settings
  • Live chat with support

More updates coming soon to PRO. Let us know what ya think!


June 9, 2018 New Features

We’ve added some cool features to all users:

  1. Marking invoices as paid with one click
  2. Quick actions from the invoice page
  3. Light and Dark high resolution Logo's 
  4. Live Chat & Support

Check out the video below!

4 New Updates for All Users

We’ve added some cool features to all users:

  1. PayPal payments: If you’re accepting payments via PayPal, once your customers process a payment and click return to merchant, the payment will automatically be applied to their invoice.
  2. The invoicing page now has a column with icons that show you the status of that invoice so can keep a closer eye on who owes you what.
  3. Invoice status stamps are now displayed to your customers when they click to view your invoices. 
  4. Payment Terms and Notes to Customers in your Settings are now much more dynamic.

Check out the video below for the full scoop! Lots more coming out soon!