Interseller updates
Interseller updates

Release Notes Announcement




We are excited to announce that our team will now start sharing monthly release notes so you can stay up-to-date on all new product features, improvements and bug fixes.

You can find these updates in our Help Center and we encourage you to check out January’s release notes here.

Nylas support updates




Starting October 13, 2022, Interseller will no longer support third-party email providers.

This includes email accounts outside of Google and Outlook, and providers that use IMAP and SMTP email servers.

Current customers using a third-party email provider will not be affected at this time, but will need to switch their email provider in the near future in order to continue using Interseller.

If you're a current user planning to switch from Google or Outlook to a third-party email provider, you won't be able to use Interseller moving forward. We recommend keeping your Google or Outlook email if you'd like continue using Interseller.

Our team will share more information soon with exact dates and instructions on how to switch your email provider. Please note that no action is required at this time.

If you have any questions about your options, please reach out to your Account Manager or our Support team through

Inclusive language updates




In an effort to reflect more inclusive language, we’ve updated the terms “blacklist” to “blocklist” on Interseller. Going forward, you’ll see these language updates across the platform that include the following changes:

  • Personal and Team Safety Settings will now include a “Blocklist”
  • The option to blacklist a domain will now display as “Block”
  • A contact’s status will now display as “Blocklist”

Interseller Screenshot (07-07 - 2022) 2@2x.png

Job syncing updates




We've recently updated how integration data syncs over to Interseller so users will need to click the refresh button in order to regularly update the job sync options that appear in the drop-down menus. The refresh button will appear next to the job sync drop-down menus in both the sequence and account settings.

Individual sequence settings

If each individual sequence has a job sync set up, you'll need to click the refresh button for each sequence.

image (3).png

Account level settings

If a job sync is only set up at the account level, you'll need to click the refresh button in your integration settings.

Screen Shot 2022-05-19 at 1.25.38 PM.png

We recommend using this workflow moving forward to ensure you see the most recent data pulled from your integration.

New Integration Fields




Interseller is now able to sync U.S. State abbreviations and Original Source (e.g. LinkedIn, GitHub, Indeed) to all integrations that support custom field mapping.

Deduplication Period




We've added a new setting to our Deduplication Safety. You're now able to set a time period for applying your contact deduplication. For example, you can now set a rule where a contact messaged after 180 days no longer shows a deduplication error.

Visit your personal settings and your team settings to get started.

CleanShot 2022-05-18 at 12.50.10.png

Updated Privacy settings




We've updated our Privacy settings with some new features to help teams remain compliant with privacy regulations. Check them out below:

  • Auto anonymizing contacts - Auto anonymizing contacts will automatically remove a contact's information if they haven't responded within 30 days of being added to a sequence. This includes information such as their name, photo, email, and LinkedIn profile.
  • GDPR Warning - When the GDPR Warning feature is enabled, a GDPR contact error will appear for contacts located within a GDPR country. The GDPR error will need to be cleared before messaging the contact. If a contact doesn't have a location listed at the time of creation or the location is added later, the GDPR warning will not appear for the contact.
  • Email disclosure message - You can add an email disclosure or confidentiality notice to the bottom of every email sent from Interseller. When this feature is enabled, it will be applied to each user's account and cannot be disabled for specific users, sequences, or email steps.

You can learn more about each of these features in our guide here. As a note, these settings can only be adjusted by owners and managers on the team.

Bounced reason available in Messages Bounced report




We've updated our Messages Bounced report to display the bounced reason for contacts so you can now see this information in an aggregate view.

messages bounced report.gif

Pull existing emails from sequences and integrations




Our Chrome Extension will now prioritize searching for contacts' email addresses in their LinkedIn profiles or from existing Interseller sequences so additional lookup credits won't be charged for identifying emails that have already been found.

This prevents our system from charging lookup credits when the email preference matches both the email address found in the sequence and the extension.

pull existing IS emails.png

Sequence activity report




We've added a Sequence Activity report where owners and managers can view the current number of active sequences and sending activity across each user’s sequences. This report includes archived sequences as well.

sequence activity report.gif