Interseller updates
Interseller updates

Chrome extension updates





We've made some recent updates to our Chrome extension to support new versions of LinkedIn Talent Edition (formerly LinkedIn Recruiter Enterprise) and the LinkedIn website. This version of the Chrome extension has been released as 2.42.8.

Due to LinkedIn changes, we'll be making periodic updates to the Chrome extension to support these new versions. If you're having issues with the Chrome extension, we recommend re-installing the Chrome extension as mentioned in our help center.

Export sequence steps





Sequence steps can now be exported to a CSV file so you can have a copy of email templates across all sequences. Check out our guide here to learn more.

Interseller Screenshot (05-31 - 2021)@2x.png

Updates to groups





We've added some new features to groups on Interseller that can now be accessed by unassigned owners and managers:

  • New groups can now be created with a custom name
  • Sequences can now be filtered by groups in the Sequences dashboard
  • Reporting data can now be filtered by groups in the Reports dashboard

You can learn more about these features in our guide here.


Using Interseller with Recruitly

We're excited to announce our beta integration with Recruitly. You can learn more about how to get this set up on Interseller in our guide here.





New "Two Business Days" custom field





We've added a "Two Business Days" custom field to populate the next 2 available business days in your email schedule. As a note, this custom field will exclude weekends from being counted. You can learn more about this in our guide here.

Two Business Days.gif

Export contact's LinkedIn experience to PDF





Contacts added to Interseller from LinkedIn Recruiter now have an option to export a PDF of their work experience from their Interseller contact profile, limited to the 10 most recent roles. Only one PDF can be downloaded at a time, but you can learn more about this feature in our guide here.

Interseller Screenshot (04-30 - 2021).gif

View the last time an account was messaged in the Chrome extension





We updated our Chrome extension to include the last time an account was messaged in the Chrome extension.

chrome extension domain dedupe.png

Copy and open content in LinkedIn





We've added a "Copy & Open in LinkedIn" button for manual tasks to easily copy content from the Interseller task, open the contact's LinkedIn profile, and paste into a LinkedIn message. This feature will only appear for contacts added from LinkedIn using the Chrome extension. Check out our guide here to learn more.

Interseller Screenshot (04-30 - 2021) 2.gif

Sequences dashboard toolbar revamp





We recently revamped our Sequences dashboard toolbar to provide a more seamless experience when accessing sequences, folders, and pending tasks. Check out the tweaks below:

  • The amount of pending tasks for a sequence will now display in a blue circle under the Contacts column in the Sequences dashboard
  • Multiple folders can be selected in a consecutive order by selecting the checkbox and holding the Shift key
  • A back button has been added in the toolbar so it can be easier to navigate between different dashboard views
  • We've added a user icon and an archive icon so filtering between teammates' sequences and archived sequences is more user-friendly

Interseller Screenshot (04-09 - 2021) 4.gif

OAuth authentication supported for Lever





Our Lever integration has been updated to support OAuth as an authentication method. Users can now enter in their Lever login credentials to grant Lever access to Interseller instead of using an API key. Check out our guide to learn more.