InstantCard changelog
InstantCard changelog

⭐️ Layout change, image upload and badge suggestions





We've made some really big changes over the last few days which are live on the site right now.

New, improved layout

If you're a desktop user, you'll now be greeted by an improved layout on our Create page. We've moved all the important settings into an inspector area on the left of the screen, to give more space to your preview in the centre.

Image uploads

As well as loading images from a URL to serve as the background to your card, you can now upload local images, too! These images are instantly uploaded to our image processing system, so you can take advantage of the same automatic cropping service as images from a URL.

Badge suggestions

To make it easier to use badges, we've added some suggestions that you can click underneath the input. If you have a breaking news story you'd like to share, preparing the card for your post should now be quicker and easier.