InstantCard changelog
InstantCard changelog

💾 Auto-save, error handling and much more





Over the past few months we’ve been working hard on some new features that we’ve just released and we’re really excited about them!


Starting today, changes you make to your InstantCard in the sidebar show up on your image…instantly!

You no longer need to press the “Create” button to generate the card, which means our tool feels more responsive and takes you less time to use.

We’ve also placed a message underneath the “Reset” button in the inspector to let you know the last time a change was made. This should help you keep track of any changes you’re making while you’re generating your card.

More font sizes

Starting today, you can now choose from two more font sizes with which to display your headline.

To reflect this choice, we‘ve also switched the font size selector to a slider control, to make it easier to change the size of your headline and try out different looks.

Improved quality on iOS

We have improved the quality of images downloaded on iOS, so they now match the same high quality of images downloaded elsewhere!

Improved error handling

Sometimes, something goes wrong and there’s nothing anyone can do about it. When that happens, it’s nice to be told so you can react accordingly.

That’s why we’ve added some messages that appear on our site when things don’t quite go as planned. For example, should you try to generate a card with an image greater than 25MB (the limit on our image processing system), we’ll tell you!