Your writing, at its best - Grammar assistant.

Hello everyone, we hope your start of the week is going well and you are already preparing new scheduled content to rock with your Instagram account for another week.

As we mentioned before in our previous notifications we got many suggestions and requests from you guys on how to improve Instalgic platform even more and we are working hard to include most useful and user efficient features to our improvement timeline

Here is a sneak peak of our to do list and more ideas, features are added every day. Working_Hard_Instalgic_Mockup.png

Today we would like to introduce you grammar correction in posting tab - text area of Instalgic platform. You will notice a wiggly red line if you make a mistake while typing your post caption or comment. It's a well known practice, which we believe you are all already used from the internet.



With the right click on highlighted word you will se a corrected suggestion


That's not all you can even add additional language to spellcheck so you won't see all the highlited words if you are using different languages for your Instagram accounts.

See this GIF if you are curious how to archive this in Google Chrome