Inkblot Art changelog
Inkblot Art changelog




  • Adding 18+ tag to allow for accounts that are marked mature to be easily identified.
  • Enable Second 'Pro profile template' to allow for users to have widget box profile area. Widget boxes are customizable via HTML/CSS. Template can be switched off to default.
  • Users can now change the color of their profile and the color of the buttons and text.
  • Tip Jar button added


  • Profile Revamp to allow for a more modern look and easier navigation.

  • Settings Dropdown moved to top right profile picture: users can click on their profile picture in the top right to reach their profile, settings, or log out.

  • Gallery layout for profiles, Latest, Explore and searches has been made into a masonry view to allow for better viewability|

  • Resizing/ eliminating crop for all posts along mobile and webapp view.

  • Heavily Requested on our Roadmap, we have added ability for comparison icon to show up on profile galleries to be identifiable.

  • Text posts have been reconfigured UI wise as they were showing up with a black box/same UI as an image post.

  • Change Favorites to 'Bookmarks'

  • Heavily Requested on our Roadmap, First and Last Name were removed and replaced with Display name

  • Transferred to new support ticket system which will allow for better communication between users and team.

  • Transferred to new Roadmap/Idea board for better communication and ease of suggesting or upvoting ideas without logging in.



  • Fixed text box showing up for mobile view when making a comment on home feed.
  • Fixed Gore tag bug which was making posts come up as 404 when a multi image post was tagged as gore.
  • Fixed Pro membership Icon not coming up in search results.
  • Fixed Birthday prompt bug that was not saving the birthday input and causing 404 errors while navigating the site due to the input being blank but not saving no matter how many times.
  • Fixed Pro Membership system that was not allowing users to renew




  • Users can now properly disable the gallery area from their profile when switching between a creator account or non-creator account.
  • Before & After Slider post feature
  • Users can edit a post retroactively for it's description, title and more.
  • Latest text post can now be viewed on the Latest Tab
  • Go Pro membership has been activated! The price reflects the fact that this is a closed beta. This price will increase in the future.
  • Users can not change their username unless by request from admin.
  • Scheduled Posts., Users can no schedule up to 3 posts on free accounts at a time. Currently we only allow 24 hours in advance. We will update this in the future to allow for at minimum 1 hour in advance. Users can visit and preview their posts in Gallery settings.
  • Notification Page that lists and filters notifications in bulk. Users can see what post was liked and by whom.
  • Users can now repost other posts, just like a reblogging/retweeting feature.
  • Shop/Commissions area activated but still in testing. Took out auto watermark. Free Users can list 3 commission listings and Pro members can list 5


  • Character Limit warning has been added to all post captions and status posts when creating a post as well as when editing. Character limit is currently 500.
  • Announcement bars has been added to more effectively communicate with users
  • When clicking on a post from the home feed this will take a user directly to the post instead of just zooming in.
  • Pro membership icon is now a small butterfly icon.
  • Updated Latest page to show the latest text posts -Gave page headers ability to be changed for a more artistic environment.
  • To avoid spam there is a post limiter for all users made at 10 posts a day. -Removed activity bar and Pro member widget from home feed area to declutter UI




  • Users can now create an album/folder to add posts to. This will allow posts to be filtered in their profile gallery area.
  • All albums can be made into a 'Comic Album' which will have the album appear in our new comic section. This will also prompt users to add a cover image, comic summary, and album banner
  • Comic section features all comics with a cover picture, banner and comic summary.


  • Users can now upload their art with a 'Drag & Drop' tool or use the original file browser.

  • Users can now rearrange the order in which their images will appear in a multi-image carousel

  • Editing a post can now change the post title, caption, categories, filters, and warnings as well as add old posts to an album.



  • 18+ account switch was not working but was resolved on 12/6/2021

  • Category list was not displaying properly but was resolved on 12/9/2021

  • Accounts marked 18+ were not appearing in the search bar (for users that were 18+) but this was resolved on 12/10/2021

  • Featured post widget was not following filter rules but this was resolved on 12/14/2021


We're starting a public changelog so you're always up to date with all the updates, improvements and fixes that are made on Inkblot.

Even though we work on Inkblot all the time, sometimes it may seem that not much is happening. This changelog is here to improve that very important part of the communication between you and us.




  • Text/Status Posts have been brought back! Users can now make a status post

  • Art and Video posts can now be given a title!

  • Password protected feature for Sign up area when needed

  • Required DOB (date of birth) field has been activated. Users will not be able to edit this. It will NOT appear on profile but will appear in profile settings.

  • Accounts can now mark themselves as NSFW or 18+ within the General Settings Tab.

  • Users can now mark their posts with Gore or NSFW tag during post creation. These are separate tags and appear at top right of the post. A content warning will be required. Please read our Content guidelines.

  • Users over 18 can now filter out NSFW or Gore Content from home or Explore area. Posts will appear with a blur and require action to view post. Sensitive media filter can be turned off so that content warnings are completely bypassed.

  • Users under 18 (Minors) can not see any posts with Gore or NSFW. Nor can they search or interact with accounts that are marked 18+. Filter settings for NSFW or Gore are not available for these users and by default all content is filtered until users are aged out.

  • Users can now add art categories to their post. A max of three at this time. Please use this google form to submit categories that you think you would like to see!



  • Caption/Description area has been revamped to allow for HTML capabilities. Users can now add links, bold, underline, and more!

  • Search function can search hashtags!

  • Notifications will now link to the user's profile when clicking on the username or profile picture in the notification. Clicking on the content of the notification will take user to the post.

  • Allow users to be able to choose a header picture. Previously header only 'mirrored' the profile picture.

  • Dark/Light mode switch has been moved to the General Settings area



  • Grey Text for country dropdown was fixed and made easier to read.

  • Users were not able to input more than 12 characters to first name or last name fields. They can now go up to 25 characters for each field.

  • Social URLs would become 'scrambled'. This has been resolved.

  • Instagram icon was showing up as a Google+ icon. Has been resolved.