December 2, 2019 Updates

New feature: Form view

New feature: Public boards

New feature: (beta) Advanced board permissions

View options are now redesigned and moved to the new navbar

Loading template from the website is now possible

Modal width increased

Zapier bugfix

November 18, 2019 Updates

LTD pricing + payment features

LTD homepage for campaign promotion

Affiliate program for partners

Attributes in sidebar/modal are now redesigned and better structured

Table view - on hover an option to add items before and after row

Mobile UI improvements

Download attachment now keeps the name and saves file

Attribute edit now opens in modal

Safari bugfix

Notification timezone bugfix

October 4, 2019 Updates

Android App 🥇

iOS App 🥇

✅ New Dashboard & Settings design 🥈

✅ Zapier 2.0 🥉

✅ Reorder boards and workspaces 🙌

✅ Downloading attachment keeps the original name 🙌

✅ Opening item modal focus on the name

✅ Date>time input is now much better

✅ Board loading speed improved

✅ You can now change folder color

✅ Calendar now saves last view/date

September 16, 2019 Updates

✅ Performances are now much better with lazy load and optimizations. Board loading still needs to be improved.

✅ Calendar v2 - You can now see items in monthly, weekly or daily view.

✅ Creating a new folder opens a panel with options to choose a view, load template or import.

✅ New and improved folder settings panel.

✅ Search now sorts the most recent items by name.

✅ A new attribute in the table now goes to the last position.

✅ Table summary now includes formats.

✅ New icons.

✅ Logo in a board is centered.

We did lots of improvements under the hood.

August 3, 2019 Updates

  • Import CSV (Beta)
  • New Onboarding
  • Mobile Responsive Improvements
  • Long text attribute bugs fixed
  • Custom decimal number format now have precision
  • Label bugs fixed
  • Table summary improvements
  • Board name input is removed - rename option added

Vidio Link:

July 14, 2019

  • Table Summarize/Calculate is finally here :)
  • Mobile Version improvements
  • Some performance issues are fixed - this is an ongoing tasks at the moment and we'll do our best to make it really fast in the next weeks.

July 1, 2019 Updates

  • You can now export board/folder to CSV. 🥇


  • Number now has multiple formats: integer, decimal, percent, currency or custom. 🥈


  • You can now search for items in a certain folder using/command. Example: buy milk/groceries.


  • New item options: copy, duplicate, delete, created by, created on.


June 22, 2019 Updates

  • Attribute: Progress
  • Search is now sorting results by created at
  • Duplicate item is now possible
  • Sort doesn't close on click (bugfix)
  • Attribute number default is now integer
  • You went offline notification
  • Onboarding tour is removed
  • Delete folder performances and logic
  • Group by date automatically orders by new days
  • The padding of attributes in the list view is fixed
  • Firefox bug with text values missing is now fixed
  • Search now works on mobile responsive version
  • Attribute rating bugs fixes (bugfix)
  • Removing user from a team now removes him from the assignee
  • Frontend testing framework implement to reduce the number of bugs


June 8, 2019

  • New attribute: Rating

  • New attribute creation UX

  • Performance optimization

  • Folders UI design improvements

  • Zapier 1.0.4 version

  • Sidebar and modal UI design improvements

  • You can now reorder label values in attribute options

  • Search is now much faster

  • Copy item url option

  • You can now navigate through items in the modal/sidebar (prev/next)

  • Sort shortcut is added to table columns

  • Source folder link is added to item header

  • You can now listen Mp3, WAV and OGG from the attachment preview

  • Only workspace owner can remove, hide or move boards

  • Login on website redirects to dashboard if you're logged in

  • Avatar now takes user initials if there is no image

  • Group by members/created by now prioritize groups with most items

  • 404 and Something went wrong pages

  • Visible option to skip invite members in onboarding

May 15, 2019 Updates

  • You can now sort items. 🥇

  • You can now transfer boards between workspaces. 🥈

  • You can now group by reference attribute. 🥉

  • Added two more date formats: 03/31/2019 and March 31st, 2019.

  • When you expand folders and the sub-folder system will remember.

  • You can now move items between grouped source folders.

  • Attachment preview now has arrows to navigate.

  • Columns attachment now have a max height for better visibility.

  • Calendar remembers the last viewed month.

  • Comment date grouping bug is fixed.

  • Board names on the dashboard don't go in more than 2 rows.

  • New folder button is now fixed if scroll exists.

  • Scrollable columns drag and drop is faster and better.

  • You can now invite new members from the member attribute.

  • 'Include sub-folder' toggle button is not buggy anymore.