Infinity changelog
Infinity changelog

June 2, 2020 Updates






  • Folder loading is much faster
  • Table rendering is much faster
  • New attribute: Vote
  • Add members to board from dashboard
  • Form option to remove Powered By Infinity
  • Form option to set redirect URL after submission
  • Added 42 label colors
  • Added more synonyms to attributes search


  • bugfix/mobile-vote-bugs
  • bugfix/roadmap-buttons
  • bugfix/change-guest-vote-error-msg
  • bugfix/longtext-css-fix
  • bugfix/vote-export
  • bugfix/small-filter-optim
  • bugfix/allow-vote-for-all
  • bugfix/fix-load-more-bugs-vote
  • bugfix/vote-tests
  • bugfix/form-refactor
  • bugfix/table-sticky-row-count
  • bugfix/revert-table-sticky-fix
  • bugfix/table-row-count-sticky
  • bugfix/apply-deal-label-when-not-owner
  • bugfix/ac-vote-attribute
  • bugfix/table-drag-drop
  • bugfix/lazy-load-table-item
  • bugfix/attachment-activity-log
  • bugfix/voting-test
  • bugfix/source-folder-group-dragdrop-bug
  • bugfix/summary-undefined
  • bugfix/small-ac-log-optim
  • bugfix/overview-order-fix
  • bugfix/form-on-removed-folder
  • bugfix/csv-export-date-null
  • bugfix/duplicate-board-bugs
  • bugfix/summary-number-fixes
  • bugfix/copy-service-item-static
  • bugfix/form-input-width
  • bugfix/dragging-and-scrolling
  • bugfix/ngrok-region
  • bugfix/permission-attempt-order
  • bugfix/calendar-overview
  • bugfix/safari-conflict
  • bugfix/form-required-should-use-title
  • bugfix/remove-delete-board-button-if-no-permission
  • bugfix/form-longtext
  • bugfix/change-country
  • bugfix/gantt-view-settings
  • bugfix/table-add-column
  • bugfix/fix-emoji-error
  • bugfix/vue-router-nav-duplicate
  • bugfix/notification-edge
  • bugfix/handle-oauth-exception
  • bugfix/insert-value-fix
  • bugfix/initial-board-redirect
  • bugfix/try-fix-board-revert-error
  • bugfix/form-members

April 25, 2020 Updates





  • New stable infrastructure
  • Templates > New Design
  • Templates > Embed Preview
  • Dashboard > Search Templates
  • Download apps icons in Dashboard
  • Invite members logic is improved
  • Removed member logic is improved
  • Time zones logic is improved
  • Workspace owner can see all boards by default -'Missing data' bugs/reports solved
  • Overview bugs are fixed
  • Demo data bugs are fixed
  • Public boards bugs are fixed
  • Static attributes/fields value bugs are fixed
  • Item restore bugs are fixed
  • Trello bugs are fixed
  • Permission bugs are fixed

March 10, 2020 Updates





  • The checklist now has the default option

  • Number currency format added (thousand separators)

  • Import CSV > Multiple labels option added

  • Number currency format (thousand separators)

  • Added pound currency in number attribute

  • Guest users can now comment and add items

  • The public board featured image option added

  • Columns empty lines removed from preview

  • Item navigation now works in calendar and Gantt

  • Mobile > now has a refresh button

  • Mobile > folder list is now default view

  • Mobile > hover bugs are fixed

  • Mobile > board rename bug is fixed

  • CSV Import doesn't crash in case of empty space

  • Login errors are fixed

  • Performance improved for modals

  • Modal 'jumping' error fixed

  • Overview error bug fixed

  • The board description field is longer

  • Going offline/online is now more stable

  • Performance improved for views

  • Grouping checkbox bug is fixed

  • Drag and drop performance optimization

  • The selected item is now focused in view

  • Multiple files upload bug fixed

  • New homepage and pricing page

January 27, 2020 Updates





✅ Workspace permissions

✅ Default board permissions

✅ Permissions tabs, descriptions and UI improvements

✅ Embed Youtube videos in the long text Donald

✅ Board settings inside board (top left in nav)

✅ CSV Import date attribute validation option

✅ Feature to measure performance improvements

✅ Drag and drop boards between workspaces

✅ Option to upgrade early LTD

✅ Trial expired LTD pricing modal

✅ Initial load board speed small improvement

✅ Gantt clear date range option

✅ Export CSV option visible only for owners and admins

✅ Enter creation flow does not create the item if nothing was typed

🕷 Board item count bug fixed

🕷 Duplicated members in group bug fixed

🕷 Name attribute rename bug fixed

🕷 Upload image from link bug fixed

🕷 Use template from the website now loads a template

🕷 Calendar items add date automatically

🕷 Gantt bugs on Safari fixed

🕷 LTD responsive bug is fixed

🕷 Mobile board loading bug is fixed

🕷 Transfer public board between workspaces bug is fixed

🕷 Gantt group offset bug fixed

🕷 Long text image upload bug fixed

🕷 Summary date bug fixed

🕷 Undated text is now same as name (same attribute)

🕷 Drag and drop in columns bug fixed

December 27, 2019 Updates





✅ Gantt View is finally live. 🎉

✅ Set permissions who can add new members.

✅ Set permissions who can edit views.

✅ Set permissions who can edit workspace.

✅ LTD status icon in navigation.

✅ Notification indicator in the browser tab.

✅ You can now copy-paste images from clipboard to long text editor.

✅ Links now have an option to copy link to clipboard.

✅ Edit attribute setting is now in the modal.

✅ Form checkbox required option is added.

✅ Multiple labels selected indicator.

✅ Guests cannot create a new label in form.

✅ Intercom is disabled on public boards.

✅ Intercom reappears after hiding on toggle bug fixed.

✅ Calendar date offset fixed.

✅ Billing is now visible in the dashboard sidebar.

✅ CSV import CSS bug styles are fixed.

✅ CSV import rating and progress attributes can now be mapped.

✅ Trello import scroll didn't exist in Mozilla bug fixed.

✅ Sidebar layout and expand is improved.

✅ Attribute names in sidebar/modal are improved.

✅ Group by member list header bug is fixed.

✅ Reset password bug is fixed.

✅ Filter bug on Mozilla fixed.

✅ Long text undo doesn't undo items/folders.

✅ Board settings select all members option is added.

December 2, 2019 Updates





New feature: Form view

New feature: Public boards

New feature: (beta) Advanced board permissions

View options are now redesigned and moved to the new navbar

Loading template from the website is now possible

Modal width increased

Zapier bugfix

November 18, 2019 Updates





LTD pricing + payment features

LTD homepage for campaign promotion

Affiliate program for partners

Attributes in sidebar/modal are now redesigned and better structured

Table view - on hover an option to add items before and after row

Mobile UI improvements

Download attachment now keeps the name and saves file

Attribute edit now opens in modal

Safari bugfix

Notification timezone bugfix

October 4, 2019 Updates





Android App 🥇

iOS App 🥇

✅ New Dashboard & Settings design 🥈

✅ Zapier 2.0 🥉

✅ Reorder boards and workspaces 🙌

✅ Downloading attachment keeps the original name 🙌

✅ Opening item modal focus on the name

✅ Date>time input is now much better

✅ Board loading speed improved

✅ You can now change folder color

✅ Calendar now saves last view/date

September 16, 2019 Updates





✅ Performances are now much better with lazy load and optimizations. Board loading still needs to be improved.

✅ Calendar v2 - You can now see items in monthly, weekly or daily view.

✅ Creating a new folder opens a panel with options to choose a view, load template or import.

✅ New and improved folder settings panel.

✅ Search now sorts the most recent items by name.

✅ A new attribute in the table now goes to the last position.

✅ Table summary now includes formats.

✅ New icons.

✅ Logo in a board is centered.

We did lots of improvements under the hood.

August 3, 2019 Updates





  • Import CSV (Beta)
  • New Onboarding
  • Mobile Responsive Improvements
  • Long text attribute bugs fixed
  • Custom decimal number format now have precision
  • Label bugs fixed
  • Table summary improvements
  • Board name input is removed - rename option added

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