January 27, 2020 Updates

✅ Workspace permissions

✅ Default board permissions

✅ Permissions tabs, descriptions and UI improvements

✅ Embed Youtube videos in the long text Donald

✅ Board settings inside board (top left in nav)

✅ CSV Import date attribute validation option

✅ Feature to measure performance improvements

✅ Drag and drop boards between workspaces

✅ Option to upgrade early LTD

✅ Trial expired LTD pricing modal

✅ Initial load board speed small improvement

✅ Gantt clear date range option

✅ Export CSV option visible only for owners and admins

✅ Enter creation flow does not create the item if nothing was typed

🕷 Board item count bug fixed

🕷 Duplicated members in group bug fixed

🕷 Name attribute rename bug fixed

🕷 Upload image from link bug fixed

🕷 Use template from the website now loads a template

🕷 Calendar items add date automatically

🕷 Gantt bugs on Safari fixed

🕷 LTD responsive bug is fixed

🕷 Mobile board loading bug is fixed

🕷 Transfer public board between workspaces bug is fixed

🕷 Gantt group offset bug fixed

🕷 Long text image upload bug fixed

🕷 Summary date bug fixed

🕷 Undated text is now same as name (same attribute)

🕷 Drag and drop in columns bug fixed