December 27, 2019 Updates

✅ Gantt View is finally live. 🎉

✅ Set permissions who can add new members.

✅ Set permissions who can edit views.

✅ Set permissions who can edit workspace.

✅ LTD status icon in navigation.

✅ Notification indicator in the browser tab.

✅ You can now copy-paste images from clipboard to long text editor.

✅ Links now have an option to copy link to clipboard.

✅ Edit attribute setting is now in the modal.

✅ Form checkbox required option is added.

✅ Multiple labels selected indicator.

✅ Guests cannot create a new label in form.

✅ Intercom is disabled on public boards.

✅ Intercom reappears after hiding on toggle bug fixed.

✅ Calendar date offset fixed.

✅ Billing is now visible in the dashboard sidebar.

✅ CSV import CSS bug styles are fixed.

✅ CSV import rating and progress attributes can now be mapped.

✅ Trello import scroll didn't exist in Mozilla bug fixed.

✅ Sidebar layout and expand is improved.

✅ Attribute names in sidebar/modal are improved.

✅ Group by member list header bug is fixed.

✅ Reset password bug is fixed.

✅ Filter bug on Mozilla fixed.

✅ Long text undo doesn't undo items/folders.

✅ Board settings select all members option is added.