Official C# library is out!

Finally an easy to use chart image generation library for C#!


Package Manager:

PM> Install-Package ImageCharts -Version VERSION


dotnet add package ImageCharts --version VERSION


<PackageReference Include="ImageCharts" Version="5.2.0" />
using ImageChartsLib;

ImageCharts pie = new ImageCharts().cht("p").chd("a:2.5,5,8.3").chs("100x100");

pie.toURL(); //
pie.toDataURI(); // ...
pie.toBuffer(); // BufferedImage

Check out Image-Charts C# documentation and also the package on NuGet.

3 improvements to QRCodes: colors, SVG output, no watermark!

We know lot of you use Image-Charts API to generate large numbers of QRCode on the fly. We've got 3 news for you:

  • πŸ’Ž No watermark: everyone can now generates watermark free QRCodes!
  • 🎨 Customize Background and Foreground colors: black and white is nice but what about other colors? Two new parameters let you customize background color icqrb=<hex_color> and foreground color icqrf=<color>.
  • πŸͺ SVG Output: until now QRCodes were rendered as PNG. We've added support for SVG output as well. Use chof=.svg to do so.

What is the next improvement you would you like to see?

🎚 Generate GraphViz chart as png

GraphViz Charts are the perfect representation to organizational chart, model state machines, and any relation-based chart.

Until now Image-Charts supported only svg output and many of our users asked for png support for broader compatibility. Starting today, every graphviz chart outputs png by default.

For those you wish to still use svg output, use the chof=.svg parameter. Learn more.

Official πŸ’Ž Ruby library

Any rubyist πŸ’Ž out-there? The official Image-Charts Ruby library is there!

gem install image-charts
require 'image-charts'

const pie = ImageCharts().cht('p').chd('a:2.5,5,8.3').chs('100x100');

pie.to_url // ""
pie.to_file('/path/to/chart.png') // nil
pie.to_data_uri // "..."
pie.to_blob // binary string

Generating charts in Ruby in order to embed them inside emails or reports has never been easier!

Official β˜•οΈ Java library

Ever wanted to sent image charts from Springboot? The official Java library is there!

import com.image.charts.ImageCharts;

ImageCharts pie = new ImageCharts().cht("p").chd("a:2.5,5,8.3").chs("100x100");

pie.toURL(); //
pie.toDataURI(); // ...
pie.toBuffer(); // BufferedImage

Official 🐍 Python library

Any pythonista out-there? The official Image-Charts Python library is there!

pip install image-charts
from ImageCharts import ImageCharts

pie = ImageCharts().cht('p').chd('a:2.5,5,8.3').chs('100x100')

pie.to_url()) #
pie.to_data_uri() # ...
pie.to_binary() # b'\x89PNG\r\n\x1a\n\x00\x00...

Official JavaScript and 🐘 PHP libraries

Good news! We started to release official libraries for Image-Charts. The first two are JavaScript/NodeJS and PHP!

npm install image-charts --save
composer require image-charts/image-charts

What the next programming language/platform you would like us to support?

Bar chart labels positionning

Additional placement details are now available to describe where to put text marker in bar charts.

That's another improvement from your favorite image url maker!

Check out the Text and Data Value Markers chm documentation.

Top bar-chart labels

Bar chart with bottom labels

Generate Multiple Chart URLs from Google Sheets (or Excel file)

For our beloved Enterprise and Enterprise+ customers, we've updated our Enterprise documentation with a Google App Scripts that let you sign Image-Charts with your ACCOUNT_ID and SECRET_KEY.

Capture d’écran 2020-04-12 aΜ€ 14.11.11.png

Here is a sample Google Sheets you can copy into your drive as a starting point.

Capture d'écran 2020-04-12 14.08.57.png

Google Sheets is the easiest way to generate multiple chart urls from a sheet (or Excel file). Use Image-Charts today to generate charts that you can then embed inside your clients' email.

We will continue to improve the overall experience so you can have the prefect tool to mail Perfect for mailing your customers with embedded charts.

Website redesign!

After 4 days of hard work our team released a new website for Image-Charts.

There are a brand new support page, a in-depth security page and a full comparison table between our subscription plans.

Love it? Hate it? Please ping us at @ImageCharts and let us know what you think!