Image Charts changelog
Image Charts changelog

Self-service billing management




­čÄë Image-Charts new customer portal let you:

  • update your default payment method
  • update your billing information
  • list and download your invoice history

Known limitation: only the email used at subscription time will work.

SQL/Athena code example for Enterprise

Learn how to sign Image-Charts url with hmac using purely SQL function available from AWS Athena or Presto in this code snippet.

Consistent errors





When Image-Charts API yield an error, the x-ic-error-validation header details what went wrong. We saw that sometimes header value was serialized JSON sometimes it was not. Starting today, it will always yield a serialized JSON value.

Learn more about Image Charts errors.

Background Image





Specify an image url to use it as a background for your chart! The URL must be completely encoded in order to be handled and we will take care of the rest! The image will take up all the available space.

/chart.js API

If you wish to use our chart.js api endpoint instead, this feature is available through the backgroundImage plugin:


/chart API

The usual chart background parameter now supports a new img modifier to specify the encoded image url?


Progress bar charts





Progress bar are excellent to show the progress of something associated with your customer, your product or anything else. We have made it really easy to setup. Read more about Progress bar charts in the dedicated documentation page.


Multiple improvements





Localization support





Some charts might be rendered for customers over various location with different currency and localization requirements. iclocale is a query parameter available to specify in what localization the chart should be rendered.

In the example below, check the thousands and decimal number separator as well as the currency position. Same chart parameters. Only iclocale changes.


english localized chart


french localized chart

Learn more in Localization documentation page.

Grid line colors





Grid line colors are now available for line, bar, bubble and radar charts!


Edit this chart

Rounded bar charts!





Bar charts are good but rounded bar charts are better!

Specify the corner radius with the new chbr parameter.

All types of bar charts are supported from stacked horizontal bar charts to grouped vertical bar charts!

Official C# library is out!





Finally an easy to use chart image generation library for C#!


Package Manager:

PM> Install-Package ImageCharts -Version VERSION


dotnet add package ImageCharts --version VERSION


<PackageReference Include="ImageCharts" Version="5.2.0" />
using ImageChartsLib;

ImageCharts pie = new ImageCharts().cht("p").chd("a:2.5,5,8.3").chs("100x100");

pie.toURL(); //
pie.toDataURI(); // ...
pie.toBuffer(); // BufferedImage

Check out Image-Charts C# documentation and also the package on NuGet.