iGMS App release notes
iGMS App release notes

iGMS Product Updates - October 2021



  • The Dashboard section is now available to everyone.
  • Indian rupees (INR) currency is added to the Dashboard's currency selection.


  • Younder iCals are now supported.
  • Registration page is updated for the mobile version.
  • WiFi details field is added to the Airbnb Listing Editor.
  • iGMS API endpoint "get_property" contains an updated set of information if a recently grouped property is requested.


  • It is now possible to publish an Airbnb listing with the property type "Campsite".
  • Live Chat button is available for every subscription plan.
  • Incorrect "Disabled" and "co-hosted" statuses are removed for Booking.com and Vrbo listings in a group.
  • System messages about reservations events (e.g. "Reservation confirmed") are back to the Airbnb threads.
  • The guest language is set based on the first guest's message in the thread.
  • It's now possible to remove rooms in the Airbnb listings editor with the Everything sync for a listing.
  • Changes in the number of bedrooms are visible in the booking settings on Airbnb.
  • Monthly Revenue Report displays the correct data.
  • Small fixes in the Inbox real-time speed.
  • Cleaner email and SMS notifications are now delivered even if the team owner's email is on Yahoo or Mail.ru.
  • Stealth Mode can now be set for an Airbnb listing is accessed via the Single Property Calendar.
  • General fixes on external dynamic pricing tools synchronization.
  • It's essential to select an automation trigger event if the automation toggle is enabled for a message template.
  • No more indication of expired Free Trial for re-invited team members.
  • Replies from guests are now pulled fully to Booking.com threads.
  • All cleaners who are permitted to self-assign tasks can do so.
  • Guest language can be reset to default in the Inbox.
  • Images are now uploaded to messages with no errors.
  • The Airbnb reservation alteration card has been updated.
  • It's now possible to add a parent property regardless of the number of properties in the system.
  • Image attachments are sent with automated messages for direct bookings and reservations with email-only contacts.
  • Cancelled Vrbo reservations do not affect the Revenue reports.
  • Updated bedrooms and bathrooms fields are not saved without any errors.
  • Hotel updates do not fail for Booking.com.
  • Available listings are now loading property when selecting a special offer for a guest.
  • Airbnb Listing Editor form is now always up-to-date after listing publication.
  • Airbnb-generated system messages are correctly displayed in Inbox.
  • Fixed some minor issues with the iGMS API webhooks.
  • Discounts are now calculated within the base price for Vrbo reservations.
  • Vrbo reservation requests now block dates on the listings in the group, preventing double-bookings.
  • Resolved a short-term failure from the Vrbo sync for properties.