iGMS App release notes
iGMS App release notes

iGMS Product Updates - June 2022



  • Message Templates can now be automated not only for specific properties or channels, but also according to Property Labels.
  • Decimal values can now be set in the pricing fields in Direct Booking Listing Editor.
  • Airbnb special offers are now calculated with Airbnb pricing data using their new API.
  • You can now filter Payout Reports by Property.


  • Fixed the issue when guests were not able to pay an invoice sent from iGMS for direct bookings or Booking.com reservations, now guests can have as many attempts to pay for their stay as necessary.
  • Fixed an issue when an update in the Airbnb Listing Editor was not possible without enabling the Override toggle under the listing’s address.
  • Resolved a problem when applying minimum stay of 1 night on Booking.com would result into setting 0 nights min stay for these dates.
  • Cleared up an issue when some Booking.com reservations were not included in the Monthly Revenue report.
  • Fixed a small bug preventing from editing photo captions in the Airbnb Listing Editor.
  • Fixed an error appearing upon an attempt to pre-approve an Airbnb reservation with Airbnb pre-approval message when there was an error message when pre-approving the reservation.
  • Fixed an issue when a property image would be mixed up on the Single Property Calendar after opening another property in a separate tab from the calendar list.
  • Rectified a problem when a recently saved task from the checklist would reset and changes were not saved.
  • Fixed a bug when reservations that were paid in different months would display an incorrect financial data in the Monthly Revenue report.
  • Fixed a hitch with direct booking reservations showing that a guest stayed for an undefined amount of days.
  • Cleared up a problem with manually sending a review to a guest from the iGMS mobile app.
  • Rectified a bug with iGMS Website Builder listing description text lines getting overlapped.
  • Located and fixed a problem where a variable with a door access code was not working for Booking.com automated messages for guests.
  • Fixed an issue with syncing account on iGMS mobile app.
  • Resolved a minor bug where cancelled Airbnb reservations were blocking Wheelhouse calendar.
  • Fixed an issue where the Stealth mode schedule was blocked by Airlock, preventing an Airbnb account from updates.
  • Resolved a difficulty where short term cleaning fee and regular cleaning fee couldn’t be updated via the Airbnb Listing Editor.
  • Fixed an issue where an email notification about reservation update showed a negative number of nights.