iGMS App release notes
iGMS App release notes

iGMS Product Updates - January 2022







  • We polished and significantly improved the Wheelhouse integration with iGMS.
  • Vrbo pre-approval requests do not block the dates on the calendar.
  • It's possible to edit the team member's card even if an invitation has not been accepted yet.


  • Fixed incorrect date-time of the last message in the Inbox for some threads.
  • Fixed an issue with sending the location data for open Booking.com hotels, which prevented them from being updated.
  • Resolved a problem with an incorrect property nickname in the Tasks section.
  • Prevented an issue when an alteration failed if a reservation was present on the iCal for Airbnb.
  • Resolved a problem with a Booking.com thread not being marked as new if a reservation was made without a message from the guest.
  • Fixed a problem with cut-off properties' names in the mobile version of the old Multi-calendar.
  • Resolved a rare bug when an Airbnb guest message might be duplicated if a reservation request is sent.
  • Fixed an issue with an iCal would not be updated for a property group if one of the listings is unlisted.
  • Located and fixed a problem when a reservation alteration would get declined if the guest was moved to another Airbnb listing in the same iGMS property group.