iGMS App release notes
iGMS App release notes

iGMS Product Updates - February 2022



  • iGMS now supports Airbnb Luxe and Airbnb PLUS listings via API.
  • iGMS API now supports sending messages to email threads.


  • We've been closely following your feedback about our newly released Website Builder and have made some fixes and updates to the website creation process.
  • You can now mass-archive all threads in the iGMS Inbox.

Screenshot from 2022-03-17 21-31-21.png

  • If you get a message from a guest, whose thread was archived, you will now see the message as new in the iGMS Inbox.
  • We now show the credit card's expiration date in the User Profile.




  • Resolved an issue with Airbnb co-hosting, when dates would not get blocked upon received reservation.
  • Fixed an issue when active alterations might not have been shown in the Inbox.
  • Improved the performance of detecting pending reservations.


  • Cleaned up and fixed issues with tax calculations for Vrbo.
  • Resolved an issue with an on-inquiry responder after a pre-approval.


  • Fixed an issue when the availability window setting would unblock manually closed dates on the iGMS Calendar.
  • Resolved a problem with opening the Booking.com Property Editor via Accounts & Listings.


  • Dealt with an issue when the Check-in section would go blank if there were notes left.
  • Resolved a problem when it was impossible to add a cleaning task for account with 1000 properties.
  • Fixed a broken Invoice page.
  • Cleared up a problem with inability to change a listing upon alteration.
  • Fixed a minor issue when cleaners could not sort Jobs by week or month.
  • Resolved a problem when search was not working in the Archived tab of the iGMS Inbox.
  • Cleared up a problem with a broken layout of the iGMS Single Property Calendar for low-screen resolutions.
  • Fixed a problem when cleaners with Task Management permission could not change the status of a checklist item.
  • Fixed an issue with searching threads in the iGMS Inbox.

Direct Booking Widget

  • Resolved a time-zone related problem when it was not possible to make a reservation from the current date.