iGMS App release notes
iGMS App release notes

iGMS Product Updates - April 2022



  • We added a dedicated field in the Property Editor where you can keep the Wi-Fi information and share it with your guests with a new variable for automated message templates.

Property editor.png



  • JOD - Jordanian Dinar currency - is now supported in the Airbnb Listing editor in iGMS.
  • Added support for bookandlink.com iCals.
  • You can now preview and create your website using your customized Airbnb URL for a property.
  • Added a new variable {{guestfullname}} for reservation notifications via email.
  • We now recalculate taxes for direct bookings after any changes to the payout.


  • Fixed a problem when the iGMS Direct Booking Widget was not compatible with some WordPress themes.
  • Resolved a problem when a cleaning task would appear after a manual reservation once the page is refreshed.
  • Eradicated a problem interfering with changing the "Preffered guest language" setting.
  • Resolved a problem with deducting refunds from the base price of HomeAway reservations.
  • Upon-inquiry autoresponders now work for last minute reservation requests made after the check-in time.
  • Fixed a problem when fees and taxes were mixed up in the Reports section for Vrbo reservations.
  • Fixed a small bug preventing changes in the cleaners' order for auto-assignment in the Property Editor.
  • Rectified a problem with updating the Custom Description field in the Invoce.
  • Fixed a minor issue when it was not possible to delete property images from the Direct Booking editor if the images were copied from Airbnb.