iGMS App release notes
iGMS App release notes

iGMS Product Updates - September 2022



  • We significantly improved the mass calendar update process for Booking.com.
  • Added support for Smoobu and SideHustleHost iCals.
  • Performance of Reservations Report CSV export is improved.
  • Airbnb listing editor is now instantly updated when changes are made on the Airbnb side.
  • Reservations report CSV is now available through API to our integration partners.
  • Vrbo damage fee is now excluded from the cleaning fee in the reservations report.
  • We made some external improvements in the iGMS API.
  • Added the “Patio or Balcony” amenity to the Airbnb Listing Editor.


  • Resolved a problem where some Vrbo discounts were not correctly displayed in the reports section.
  • Fixed an issue where Airbnb pre-approvals couldn’t be removed from iGMS.
  • Fixed an error that prevented some Booking.com hotels from being edited via Hotel Editor.
  • Rectified some rare bugs with uploading listings to Wheelhouse.
  • Located and fixed a rare bug where Agent ticket types were mismarked as Pre-booking or Post-booking.
  • Resolved a problem where listings from removed accounts were showing up on the old Multi-calendar.
  • Fixed an issue where Booking.com messages were not showing up on iGMS due to the recent Booking.com API updates.

iGMS Product Updates - August 2022




24 (1).png



  • IDR - Indonesian Rupiah currency - is now added to Channel Markups.

  • Now you can choose a payment part which will be taxed in case of a direct booking.

  • My Team's Dashboard landing section is now removed for some roles: Cleaners/Concierges/Handymen will land in the jobs section, and all other roles will land in the profile section when logging in.



  • Resolved a problem where it was impossible to disconnect a Stripe account.

  • Fixed an issue where Reports failed to load due to a high number of properties loading at the same time.

  • Located and fixed a problem where team members without Guest Communications permission could access guest phone numbers by downloading a CSV version of the Reservations Report.

  • Fixed a bug with the sync button in the Accounts and Listings section.

  • Cleared up a problem where inactive properties still show up in the account.

  • Resolved a problem when taxes couldn’t be removed in the Direct Booking Listing Editor.

  • Fixed an issue when the VRBO security deposit was not included in the total amount.

  • Located and fixed a problem where the Airbnb listing couldn’t be updated due to incomplete location data.

  • Rectified a bug with a guest fee adding to the cleaning fee amount for VRBO guests.

  • Fixed an issue where the discount was deducted from the cleaning fee and not the base price on HomeAway reservations.

  • Cleared a problem where the tax was not calculated correctly for manually created Direct Booking.

  • Fixed an issue where listing images couldn’t be removed in the Direct Booking Listing Editor.

  • We sped up the process of creating a website in iGMS. Now it loads faster.

iGMS Product Updates - July 2022



  • Fixed the issue with calendar updates due to account locks from Airbnb.
  • Rectified a bug with websites created with iGMS Website builder where text lines were overlapping in the description on mobile devices.
  • Fixed an issue when existing iCal reservations were removed from the Multi-calendar.
  • Resolved a small bug when listings were marked as Disconnected on iGMS when the Airbnb account was marked as suspended.
  • Located and fixed a problem where iGMS Monthly Revenue Report showed a blank screen.
  • Resolved an issue with VRBO: inactive properties showed up on the Multi-calendar.

iGMS Product Updates - June 2022



  • Message Templates can now be automated not only for specific properties or channels, but also according to Property Labels.
  • Decimal values can now be set in the pricing fields in Direct Booking Listing Editor.
  • Airbnb special offers are now calculated with Airbnb pricing data using their new API.
  • You can now filter Payout Reports by Property.


  • Fixed the issue when guests were not able to pay an invoice sent from iGMS for direct bookings or Booking.com reservations, now guests can have as many attempts to pay for their stay as necessary.
  • Fixed an issue when an update in the Airbnb Listing Editor was not possible without enabling the Override toggle under the listing’s address.
  • Resolved a problem when applying minimum stay of 1 night on Booking.com would result into setting 0 nights min stay for these dates.
  • Cleared up an issue when some Booking.com reservations were not included in the Monthly Revenue report.
  • Fixed a small bug preventing from editing photo captions in the Airbnb Listing Editor.
  • Fixed an error appearing upon an attempt to pre-approve an Airbnb reservation with Airbnb pre-approval message when there was an error message when pre-approving the reservation.
  • Fixed an issue when a property image would be mixed up on the Single Property Calendar after opening another property in a separate tab from the calendar list.
  • Rectified a problem when a recently saved task from the checklist would reset and changes were not saved.
  • Fixed a bug when reservations that were paid in different months would display an incorrect financial data in the Monthly Revenue report.
  • Fixed a hitch with direct booking reservations showing that a guest stayed for an undefined amount of days.
  • Cleared up a problem with manually sending a review to a guest from the iGMS mobile app.
  • Rectified a bug with iGMS Website Builder listing description text lines getting overlapped.
  • Located and fixed a problem where a variable with a door access code was not working for Booking.com automated messages for guests.
  • Fixed an issue with syncing account on iGMS mobile app.
  • Resolved a minor bug where cancelled Airbnb reservations were blocking Wheelhouse calendar.
  • Fixed an issue where the Stealth mode schedule was blocked by Airlock, preventing an Airbnb account from updates.
  • Resolved a difficulty where short term cleaning fee and regular cleaning fee couldn’t be updated via the Airbnb Listing Editor.
  • Fixed an issue where an email notification about reservation update showed a negative number of nights.

iGMS Product Updates - May 2022



  • iGMS Payouts Reports are back to iGMS for tracking the Airbnb cash flow.

Your Invitation.png

  • Message templates can be also automated by property labels.


  • To work better with Safely, iGMS made some updates to API endpoints on the backend.
  • 30-day and 60-day availability window is now present in the iGMS Property Editor.


  • Fixed an issue when an update in the Airbnb Listing Editor might not come through.
  • Resolved a problem when an archived thread was removed from the Inbox after the page refresh.
  • Fixed a couple of minor issues with the Team and Members functionality on mobile.
  • Rectified a problem when the Stealth Mode label would appear next to non-Airbnb listings.
  • Resolved an issue when a Channel Makrups feature would still be enabled in the system even though it was disabled.

iGMS Product Updates - April 2022



  • We added a dedicated field in the Property Editor where you can keep the Wi-Fi information and share it with your guests with a new variable for automated message templates.

Property editor.png



  • JOD - Jordanian Dinar currency - is now supported in the Airbnb Listing editor in iGMS.
  • Added support for bookandlink.com iCals.
  • You can now preview and create your website using your customized Airbnb URL for a property.
  • Added a new variable {{guestfullname}} for reservation notifications via email.
  • We now recalculate taxes for direct bookings after any changes to the payout.


  • Fixed a problem when the iGMS Direct Booking Widget was not compatible with some WordPress themes.
  • Resolved a problem when a cleaning task would appear after a manual reservation once the page is refreshed.
  • Eradicated a problem interfering with changing the "Preffered guest language" setting.
  • Resolved a problem with deducting refunds from the base price of HomeAway reservations.
  • Upon-inquiry autoresponders now work for last minute reservation requests made after the check-in time.
  • Fixed a problem when fees and taxes were mixed up in the Reports section for Vrbo reservations.
  • Fixed a small bug preventing changes in the cleaners' order for auto-assignment in the Property Editor.
  • Rectified a problem with updating the Custom Description field in the Invoce.
  • Fixed a minor issue when it was not possible to delete property images from the Direct Booking editor if the images were copied from Airbnb.

iGMS Product Updates - March 2022



  • We keep improving and polishing the Website Builder functionality and Direct Booking channels' performance.
  • Team members with the Task Management permission now can check items in the Cleaning checklists.
  • Archived threads appear at the top of the Inbox if a new message arrives for the direct booking channel now.
  • We added support for the new Airbnb listing publishing procedure on iGMS.
  • Glampinghub iCal is now supported by iGMS


  • Fixed a visual issue when a successfully sent special offer would not be visible in the Inbox for Airbnb reservations
  • Fixed a problem when the enabled availability window in the Property Editor would affect manually blocked dates on Booking.com.
  • Rectified an issue when Airbnb API would not handle the auto-responders properly
  • Resolved a problem when a tax amount was included in the base price for Vrbo reservations.
  • Quickly fixed a problem with an error upon Airbnb listing connection.
  • Resolved a problem when an alteration request would not mark an archived thread as new and would not bring it to the top of the Inbox
  • Fixed an issue with a wrong listing name for auto-responders if this listing is grouped with the other channels.
  • Resolved a problem with temporary API errors related to the Booking.com connection.
  • Rectified a problem when recently created and automated message templates would not go out to guests as scheduled.
  • Resolved an error with updating data in the Airbnb Listing Editor because of the incorrectly read field with bathrooms.
  • Fixed an issue with granting access to properties with a recently created and assigned property label.

iGMS Product Updates - February 2022



  • iGMS now supports Airbnb Luxe and Airbnb PLUS listings via API.
  • iGMS API now supports sending messages to email threads.


  • We've been closely following your feedback about our newly released Website Builder and have made some fixes and updates to the website creation process.
  • You can now mass-archive all threads in the iGMS Inbox.

Screenshot from 2022-03-17 21-31-21.png

  • If you get a message from a guest, whose thread was archived, you will now see the message as new in the iGMS Inbox.
  • We now show the credit card's expiration date in the User Profile.




  • Resolved an issue with Airbnb co-hosting, when dates would not get blocked upon received reservation.
  • Fixed an issue when active alterations might not have been shown in the Inbox.
  • Improved the performance of detecting pending reservations.


  • Cleaned up and fixed issues with tax calculations for Vrbo.
  • Resolved an issue with an on-inquiry responder after a pre-approval.


  • Fixed an issue when the availability window setting would unblock manually closed dates on the iGMS Calendar.
  • Resolved a problem with opening the Booking.com Property Editor via Accounts & Listings.


  • Dealt with an issue when the Check-in section would go blank if there were notes left.
  • Resolved a problem when it was impossible to add a cleaning task for account with 1000 properties.
  • Fixed a broken Invoice page.
  • Cleared up a problem with inability to change a listing upon alteration.
  • Fixed a minor issue when cleaners could not sort Jobs by week or month.
  • Resolved a problem when search was not working in the Archived tab of the iGMS Inbox.
  • Cleared up a problem with a broken layout of the iGMS Single Property Calendar for low-screen resolutions.
  • Fixed a problem when cleaners with Task Management permission could not change the status of a checklist item.
  • Fixed an issue with searching threads in the iGMS Inbox.

Direct Booking Widget

  • Resolved a time-zone related problem when it was not possible to make a reservation from the current date.

iGMS Product Updates - January 2022







  • We polished and significantly improved the Wheelhouse integration with iGMS.
  • Vrbo pre-approval requests do not block the dates on the calendar.
  • It's possible to edit the team member's card even if an invitation has not been accepted yet.


  • Fixed incorrect date-time of the last message in the Inbox for some threads.
  • Fixed an issue with sending the location data for open Booking.com hotels, which prevented them from being updated.
  • Resolved a problem with an incorrect property nickname in the Tasks section.
  • Prevented an issue when an alteration failed if a reservation was present on the iCal for Airbnb.
  • Resolved a problem with a Booking.com thread not being marked as new if a reservation was made without a message from the guest.
  • Fixed a problem with cut-off properties' names in the mobile version of the old Multi-calendar.
  • Resolved a rare bug when an Airbnb guest message might be duplicated if a reservation request is sent.
  • Fixed an issue with an iCal would not be updated for a property group if one of the listings is unlisted.
  • Located and fixed a problem when a reservation alteration would get declined if the guest was moved to another Airbnb listing in the same iGMS property group.

iGMS Product Updates - December 2021



  • Pet Fee is added to the Airbnb Listing Editor.


  • Updated the phone number validation in accordance with the newest national destination codes.
  • Added webhooks for reservation alteration events to iGMS API.
  • Added support for Guestyforhosts.com iCals.
  • Updated the Distant Request settings' options of the Airbnb Listing Editor.
  • Added a list of supported currencies from Airbnb to Direct Booking.


  • Fixed an occasional issue when some Inbox threads were invisible.
  • HomeAway's listings' time zone is correctly retrieved.
  • Added support for HomeAway reservation sync of large accounts.
  • Resolved a problem with Single Property Calendar if a team member has access to a child property but not to the parent one.
  • Added the direct booking channels data pre-fill from Airbnb or VRBO.
  • Fixed occasional duplicate inquiries in Airbnb threads.
  • Fixed an issue with missing email notifications about reservations for Booking.com listings.
  • Resolved a problem with retrieving the correct cover photo for listings.
  • Resolved a problem with a payout upon a reservation alteration.