Iconfinder changelog
Iconfinder changelog

From “downloads” to “credits”





If you are a Pro subscriber, you may have noticed that your user account now shows available “credits” instead of “downloads”. We are transitioning into a credit system to open up opportunities for more types of products on Iconfinder.

Before downloading a product, you will be able to see its value in credits. As a rule of thumb, downloading one premium icon uses one credit, just like before. You can still download the same icon in more formats or sizes without spending more credits.

Frame 3.png

As we are gradually introducing new products and licenses, downloading some of that new content will require more credits to be spent. But more about that later.

Educational discount





We introduced a 50% discount for schools and universities.

If you are an educator, student or educational staff, you can claim the discount by applying with your institution's email address.

Apply here: https://www.iconfinder.com/p/icons-for-education

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Subscribe to Pro using PayPal





We expanded the list of options for paying for the Iconfinder Pro subscription. Besides paying with VISA, Mastercard, or American Express, you can now check out using PayPal.

If you are on a subscription already and want to change to PayPal, ping us at support@iconfinder.com, and we'll help you.


New verification badge





All verified designers now have a new bright badge next to their profile picture, which when hovered over, shows information about what being verified means. By following the link, you can read more about the verification process and the documents we require in order to get them verified.

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New options for icon designers






Icon designers can now quickly replace icon files and test them in the icon editor.

Sign in with your Google account






You can now log in using your Google account. If you already have an account using the same email, you will connect your Google account and the existing Iconfinder account.

You can always disconnect your Google account from your account page: https://www.iconfinder.com/account/

New Pricing page






We are gradually refreshing our product pages, and the latest addition is the new Pricing page. We hope this cleaner design will help you get a better overview of all the possible approaches to using Iconfinder.

More design updates are coming soon 👨‍🎨️

Synonyms in search





When you search on Google, how much thought do you give to what you type in? If you are like us, your searches are probably just a splash of words that first pop up in your mind. Yet, you expect the results to hit exactly what you meant.


To address this expectation of finding results easily, we made a small improvement to Iconfinder search.

Now you will be able to find icons that are labeled with the synonyms of your search term. For example, if you search for IOT, it will also search for "internet of things", "nyc" includes "new york city" icons, etc.

Voila! We hope this makes search results better and your life easier.

New homepage





One of the most significant design principles is to omit the unimportant in order to emphasize the important.

~ Dieter Rams

Our homepage needed a redesign and we went pretty minimalistic and move most of the content below the fold. Focus is back on search and speed, while the main concepts of Iconfinder are explained in the sections when you scroll. We hope you'll like it!


Add style, designer, or icon set name to your search query





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To make the search experience more natural, we also search in other things than tags now. If you know the name of your favorite designer or icon set, you can directly add that to a search query. For example, “laura reen folder” or “icojam cat” will now give meaningful results. The same goes for styles (e.g. “facebook outline”) and price (“computer free”).