Iconfinder changelog
Iconfinder changelog

Finding 3D art easily






We've added a new option in the search field- 3D illustrations, which allows you to search through all the 3D graphics.

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Making it easier to invite your team




Good things deserve to be shared. If you have the Pro Standard or Pro Ultimate subscription, you can invite (respectively) up to 10 or 50 people to share it with you.

And we made it easier to do so. If you want to invite a group of people at once, you can now simply copy-paste an invite link đź”—

You can find your unique link in the Team settings.

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Changes to Pro subscription plans





We introduced a few changes to the subscription plans on Iconfinder.


Here is what changed in regards to each plan:

Pro Micro

The Pro Micro plan remains unchanged.

Pro Standard

Previously called Pro Starter, this plan received a simple name change. Additionally, you can share it among up to 10 team members, 5 more than earlier allowed.

Pro Ultimate

The new Pro Ultimate plan substitutes the Pro Unlimited. With the Pro Ultimate, you get 500 credits per month, roll-over of unused credits, and the ability to share the plan between 50 team members.

If you are currently a Pro Unlimited user, you can keep the subscription for as long as you want, unless you cancel.

Select what to search for from the search field





We've added a way to quickly switch between searching in icons or illustrations from the search field.

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We launched illustrations





Iconfinder is no longer just about icons! We are super excited to share that we have released our Illustrations product.

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We are launching with a whopping 15,000 illustrations focused on modern style, support and diversity: https://www.iconfinder.com/p/illustrations

The launch comes with a completely new color editor, which lets you quickly change colors of illustrations and icons to match your brand. But more about the editor later.

Share your first impressions on our Product Hunt page and claim a free $5 gift card: https://www.producthunt.com/posts/illustrations-by-iconfinder

From “downloads” to “credits”





If you are a Pro subscriber, you may have noticed that your user account now shows available “credits” instead of “downloads”. We are transitioning into a credit system to open up opportunities for more types of products on Iconfinder.

Before downloading a product, you will be able to see its value in credits. As a rule of thumb, downloading one premium icon uses one credit, just like before. You can still download the same icon in more formats or sizes without spending more credits.

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As we are gradually introducing new products and licenses, downloading some of that new content will require more credits to be spent. But more about that later.

Educational discount





We introduced a 50% discount for schools and universities.

If you are an educator, student or educational staff, you can claim the discount by applying with your institution's email address.

Apply here: https://www.iconfinder.com/p/icons-for-education

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Subscribe to Pro using PayPal





We expanded the list of options for paying for the Iconfinder Pro subscription. Besides paying with VISA, Mastercard, or American Express, you can now check out using PayPal.

If you are on a subscription already and want to change to PayPal, ping us at support@iconfinder.com, and we'll help you.


New verification badge





All verified designers now have a new bright badge next to their profile picture, which when hovered over, shows information about what being verified means. By following the link, you can read more about the verification process and the documents we require in order to get them verified.

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New options for icon designers






Icon designers can now quickly replace icon files and test them in the icon editor.