Iconfinder changelog
Iconfinder changelog

Phrase search




You can now do a phrase search on Iconfinder.

Phrase search allows you to find assets tagged with the exact multi-word phrase you’ve entered.

All you need to do is to enclose the phrase in quotation marks (“…”).

For example, you can search for “pizza restaurant”. The search will only return content depicting pizza restaurants instead of “pizzas” and “restaurants” separately.

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Exclude items from search results




You probably know the trick on Google, which allows you to exclude certain items from your search by using the minus sign (-). Now you can do the same on Iconfinder.

For example, if you are looking for a "save" icon but want to exclude all floppy disks, you can enter save -floppy in the search. Here are the results that you will get:

Group 1 (26).png

You can also exclude certain designer’s icons or illustrations by adding the minus sign (-) before their name. E.g., entering business -icojam excludes content created by Icojam for a "business" search term.

Try Pro for a week for free




It doesn't get any better than trying out a product for free. Especially when it's a product you're already looking for. That's why we're excited to announce our new free trial, which gives you access to all of our Pro features for a whole week, absolutely free.

What's included:

  • 10 credits to access all three types of premium content: icons, illustrations, and 3D illustrations
  • 3 seats, so two more people can try it with you
  • Built-in color editor, with which you can recolor graphics in seconds
  • Other Pro features- unlimited shared download history and shared collections
  • 7 days duration

Anyone and their dogs can try Pro now. Just follow this link https://www.iconfinder.com/pro

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Keyboard shortcuts




We are introducing shortcuts that make it super easy to download or copy icons, just by using your keyboard!


The keyboard shortcuts work when hovering icons & illustrations. For example, in order to download an icon from your search results, simply hover over the icon, and hit the D key. The icon will be downloaded in the last format you used. If you prefer a more specific approach to downloading, you can use S and P to download SVG and PNG respectively.

Copying to clipboard

In a similar fashion, you can use the (MacOS) modifier with S and P keys to copy specific formats. So ⌥ + S and ⌥ + P to copy SVG and PNG respectively. For Windows users, that‘s Alt + S and Alt + P.

It’s as easy as that!

Here is a nice overview of all the keyboard shortcuts: https://www.iconfinder.com/en/articles/6151795-keyboard-shortcuts

Ensuring consistency




We have launched some new ways for you to find closely related icons in the same style.

When clicking an icon (or an illustration) from search results, you’ll now see a new row of related icons from the same family. Clicking the button under this row will take you to the family page with all the icons.

Group 37 (1).png

If you click on an icon from this related row, you’ll get to the details page. On that page, you’ll find more previews of icons from this family. There’s also a little search field on the right side that lets you search inside this particular family only.

Copy to clipboard




We’ve released a new feature that will save you time and make your workday just a little bit easier.

There’s a great chance of you working with tools like Figma, Miro, or Powerpoint. When moving an icon or illustration into one of these apps from Iconfinder you have to download the file, find it on your computer and drag it into the app.

Now, with the new Copy to clipboard feature, you can skip this step. Just click the Copy to clipboard button and paste it into your favorite app. When clicking the button, you’ll use credit like when downloading. Likewise, anything that is copied this way will show up in your download history.


Stay informed with usage reports




Keep track of your team’s activity. The new reporting feature gives you a rich set of metrics that can help forecast credit usage and guide you in making better-informed decisions.

Group 36 (1).png

Usage reports are available for team owners of Pro Ultimate and Pro Enterprise subscription plans.

Find past downloads faster




Download history got a makeover. Now it’s easier to find your past downloads than ever. You can:

  • Search by keyword
  • Filter by type (icons, illustrations, 3D illustrations)
  • Filter by download date
  • Filter by team member (if you have team members in your Pro plan)

Group 21 (7).png

Head to your Download history and try it for yourself.

We hope you’ll enjoy this improvement.

Finding 3D art easily






We've added a new option in the search field- 3D illustrations, which allows you to search through all the 3D graphics.

Frame 13 (1).png

Making it easier to invite your team




Good things deserve to be shared. If you have the Pro Standard or Pro Ultimate subscription, you can invite (respectively) up to 10 or 50 people to share it with you.

And we made it easier to do so. If you want to invite a group of people at once, you can now simply copy-paste an invite link 🔗

You can find your unique link in the Team settings.

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