iCompaas changelog
iCompaas changelog

Auditor Login




A complete workflow dedicated to make Auditor and clients life easy. The Auditor login ( https://app.icompaas.com/auditor/ ) helps Auditors to review and approve processes and procedures. The client shares secure access to the auditor and can check and see if the documents are approved or give clarifications. This workflow enables efficient coordination and secures sensitive email trails.

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iCompaas New Feature - Device Management




Device Management feature helps in Managing and maintaining devices in a customer/employee/client environment. It is used for the upkeep and maintenance of devices shared by employer, or employee popularly bring your own devices(BYOD).

We can view and confirm the hardware serial number of the device, user info, latest patch for the OS and antivirus presence. The feature also helps to gather info on encryption of hard disk that is imperative if you have client information. By following simple instructions, the end users can install and configure as a one time activity, after which the data can be gathered by employee as and when required.

It makes it simple to securely register, monitor, organize, and remotely assess system security levels and related software versions. Benefits include quick device registration, and frequent updates when there is a change in the system.

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iCompaas Feature - Adding Sub-users/Team




Add your Operations Team members to see alerts and notifications that are important to your cloud environment.

All users added to teams will get alerts as part of the overall monitoring of all the compliance specific features and the different AWS environments that the account is added to. You will have the ability to add/revoke and resend invites to different users.

Note: One email ID can have only access to one iCompaas account.

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Compliance Questionnaire




The Compliance Questionnaire feature rolled out in March 2021, acts as a repository for information on infrastructure, software, people, processes, and data that will be evaluated during the SOC 2 and other compliance audits.

Our comprehensive Questionnaire covers a vast range of topics from the most general information to really specific access controls, data encryption at rest and data handling in transit, etc.

The answers are used for automating the process of policy creation for compliance readiness, so no re-entry of data is required and a centralized place to modify key data and process.


Partner White-label Support




iCompaas enables the white-labeling of our products for Partners who are in the Managed Security Service Provider(MSSP) program. Partners can log in to their customized site at https://app.icompaas.com/partnersignin and experience white-labeling of their dashboard, reports, and notifications.


AWS Well-Architected Framework - New Feature




AWS Well-Architected Framework helps cloud architects build secure, high-performing, resilient, and efficient infrastructure for their applications and workloads. It provides a consistent approach for customers and partners to evaluate architectures, and implement designs that can scale over time. iCompaas maps the Client’s architecture to the technical asks of the five pillars of operational excellence, security, reliability, performance efficiency, and cost optimization.


Web Application Scanner





We are excited to release a new feature as part of our Suite of Tools "SOC2 Readiness". As Phase I, today we are launching "Web Application Scanner" that would enable a one-click scan of your web app for passive reconnaissance.


We will soon launch Phase II, which will add the "Web Application Penetration Testing" feature and also include automated compliance checks that will be bundled into the "SOC2 Readiness" offering.

Automated Cloud Cost Reporting





Improved automated cloud cost reporting will help you understand which cloud service is causing the spend in the first 30 days. This facilitates analysis for the DevOps team on a clear path in improving the existing infrastructure.


We believe this will greatly help with your cloud cost governance and cloud cost optimization.

Scheduling a Demo in a few clicks





We have made connecting with us simple. "Scheduling/Book a Demo" Quick, Simple & Easy, use the links below to set up a demo and learn how our services secure your environment and "Pays For Itself!"

https://calendly.com/icompaas/demo or Email @ demo@icompaas.com


We are SOC2 Certified!