iCompaas changelog
iCompaas changelog

Web Application Scanner





We are excited to release a new feature as part of our Suite of Tools "SOC2 Readiness". As Phase I, today we are launching "Web Application Scanner" that would enable a one-click scan of your web app for passive reconnaissance.


We will soon launch Phase II, which will add the "Web Application Penetration Testing" feature and also include automated compliance checks that will be bundled into the "SOC2 Readiness" offering.

Automated Cloud Cost Reporting





Improved automated cloud cost reporting will help you understand which cloud service is causing the spend in the first 30 days. This facilitates analysis for the DevOps team on a clear path in improving the existing infrastructure.


We believe this will greatly help with your cloud cost governance and cloud cost optimization.

Scheduling a Demo in a few clicks





We have made connecting with us simple. "Scheduling/Book a Demo" Quick, Simple & Easy, use the links below to set up a demo and learn how our services secure your environment and "Pays For Itself!"

https://calendly.com/icompaas/demo or Email @ demo@icompaas.com


We are SOC2 Certified!






Proactive Email Notification





We Proactively send out Email Notifications for changes in Security & Compliance checks in your environment, so you can prioritize remediation. …………………… Email notification_v1.png ……………………

Improved Report Generation





Improvements to Report Generation

Formatted improvements for the reports(Excel & PDF) generated for compliance and security policies. The reports are a great way to disseminate information to your development & Ops teams.

Report Generation_v2.png

iCompaas launched via ProductHunt





Engaging with ProductHunt community for feedback

Please show us some support!

Link: iCompaas ProductHunt

Added Notifications Support





Notification Integration Support

We added notification support for the following services

  • Slack
  • Twilio
  • SendGrid
  • SNS
  • MS Teams

Initially, we were only supporting email notifications but with this enhancement; our customers can integrate with their preferred SDLC workflow.

Ability to add "Exceptions" to Violations





Violation Feature now has the ability to add Exceptions.

Customers sometimes might need to add an exception to a violation in order to complete an audit. Typically someone at the senior management has to sign a Risk Acceptance Document(RAD) for approving a violation as an acceptable risk, for a specific duration.

This is part of the "Compliance Governance" process.

We are happy to help our customers stay compliant by creating all the tools necessary in one place. This will save a lot of time and avoid confusion.


Added Resource Summary and Details





Resource Summary and Details Feature

Retrieving resources other than ones checking for compliance policy checks. This gives our customers better overview into all the resources in play in their cloud accounts.