Hydrozen.io changelog
Hydrozen.io changelog

New feature: Google Login




Now you can use your Google account to quickly Sign up and Log in to your Hydrozen account.

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New feature: Teams




Just added Teams functionality so you can invite your team members and work collaboratively.

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Teams & Team members are only available on the paid plans, to access the Teams menu, just click on your profile icon and select Teams System.

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Then you create one or more teams, invite team members and provide different levels of etc.

Squadcast Integration




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Squadcast is an Incident management & alerting platform and Hydrozen.io has integrated with Squadcast to send alerts to whenever your web properties are down, so you can quickly get notified and take actions.

To know more about how to setup the integration, please refer: https://support.squadcast.com/integrations/alert-source-integrations-native/hydrozen

Improved Webhook payload




We have improved our webhook payloads.

  • Changed webhook payload content-type from multipart/form-data to application/json
  • Changed the payload data from form values to JSON body raw content.
  • Added more useful feilds to the payload like type, target, port etc.

You can find more details about our Webhook payloads here.

We're starting a changelog




Big news today, we're starting a public changelog so you're always up to date with all the updates, improvements and fixes that are made in Hydrozen.

Even though we work on Hydrozen.io all the time, sometimes it may seem that not much is happening. This changelog is here to improve that very important part of the communication between you and us.

You'll always receive an update when we change something in the widget, or if needed all things we've changed is available on our public changelog page.