Howuku product changelog
Howuku product changelog

General updates




  • Versioning checking to ensure users receiving all the latest patches and updates on the dashboard
  • Cohort chart to plot out visitors retention rate on 7 days, 3 weeks, 6 weeks, and 3 months basis.
  • A/B Testing with more user-friendly customizable options such as Font Family, Font Bold, Size, Height, Spacing.




  • Analytics UI/UX to look cleaner
  • Visitors timeline & events loading speed
  • Analytics loading speed to be 2 times faster than before when loading for a longer time period and filtering criteria are almost instantaneous.
  • Session recording page UI/UX to look cleaner and less compact.


  • Security flaws - non-admin users were able to access admin-only pages via directly typing in the browser URL, now the system will check user role before fetching all URLs to prevent this potential abuse.
  • Registration not showing proper error on the existing email account.
  • Reporting Timezone issue - “Today” is always 1 day ahead in UTC minus timezone. It is now fixed to follow the accurate date of timezone.