November 22nd - NEW! All users - Same day rate and availability changes now allowed in calendar

To allow for same-day inventory closing or last-minute promotions, you can now add same-day rate and availability updates to the Hostaway calendar, and these will be synced with the channels you are connected to.

This is now available for all Hostaway customers regardless of their time zone.

November 20th - Some general improvements and fixes

  1. Added a tooltip for due date in Invoices to explain Invoice Due Date.
  2. Guest Invoices will now show 2 decimals. There was some discrepancy regarding the decimals in invoices. Now it's standardized to be always rounded to 2 decimals.
  3. Listing time zone now gets updated after saving a new location. The listing timezone was not being updated when you changed the location of the listing.
  4. Standardization of error at input fields and red color adaptation throughout the dashboard

November 13th - NEW! Notifications System is now live!

We are very excited to announce that our new Notification System is live. If you are the main account owner just go to Settings > Notifications tab. You will now be able to decide which notifications you receive and in which format.

Also, you can decide which notifications your users will get. To do so, go to User Management > Edit user and navigate to Notifications.

For more information and further instructions please read our Notifications user guide.

Please don't hesitate to contact us with any questions or feedback at

November 7th - NEW! Notifications System coming next week.

We are very excited to announce that early next week we will be releasing our much anticipated new Notification system. This feature will allow you to set and manage email, mobile app, and dashboard notifications for Reservations and Messages among others.

We will share more details shortly, but we wanted to let you know that this new feature will create new notifications for your account. For instance, if you use our mobile app, you will start receiving push notifications for new reservations. Fret not!, you can, later on, manage these from the Hostaway dashboard.

Watch this space for more info on how to make the best of the new Notifications system feature at Hostaway!

In the meantime, please contact us at with any questions or feedback.

November 6th - Guest Portal, added request for guest Billing Address

To help you have full reservation information and avoid chargebacks we have upgraded our Guest Portal to include a checkout module that will ask the guest for a full Billing Address. This is also available in the checkout module of our Booking Engine and soon to come for our Wordpress plugin.

Learn more about how to fight disputes and chargebacks here


November 6th - New Task Module, improved loading speed

We have added some improvements to enhance the performance of Tasks. Loading times have been decreased dramatically.

November 5th - Airbnb PRO users can now set Advance Lead time in Hostaway

For all our clients on the Airbnb PRO connection you now have the ability to set the Advance Lead time you wish for your guests to book your property.

Just go to Listings > Edit > Additional Info:


You can select up to 7 days Advance Lead time. This setting will overwrite the existing setting in your Airbnb account.

October 31st - Auto Guest Payments time delta improvement

Auto Guest Payments charges delta was limited to be 4 days before/after the event (reservation, check-in or check-out). To meet your needs we now allow up to 90 days. Also when using hours, we are adapting it to max 24h.

October 25th - Guest Invoice: add notes to invoice

We have now added the possibility to add notes to an invoice. Just fill in the Payment terms section and it will be added to the printed invoice.


October 23rd - Fixes to Booking Engine & listing content export

  1. House Rules and Description appeared not differentiated in the Booking Engine listing page. We have added a fix to improve the format and now you will see House Rules and Description as differentiated paragraphs.

  2. When exporting listing content to we have fixed an error with the phone format.