Hostaway updates
Hostaway updates

Custom pages in the booking engine now support more content




We added more options to the text editor for custom pages in the booking engine. It is now possible to add HTML and media to those pages, allowing you to embed videos or any other content you wish. Even scripts are accepted.

You can now change the header and footer colors in the booking engine




Setting the colors is done in the booking engine's design tab. This can help you adapt the booking engine to your brand colors.

We made changes to the dashboard background




You may have noticed that the dashboard looks a bit different recently. We are updating the look and feel to make better use of space and give a smoother experience. This time we removed some of the grey backgrounds in most of the dashboard pages.

June 29 - Tables upgrade




As a part of a component and style standardization initiative we have improved our tables and homogenized their style and behavior

June 27 - Airbnb non-refundable discounts support




Setting non-refundable discounts allow guests to choose between a discount with a no-refund cancellation policy or another policy that may be applying at the moment of the reservation.

This option can now be set in Hostaway’s listings, in the additional info tab. It consists of a checkbox to indicate that you want to offer this option and a free % discount that will be pushed to Airbnb together with the selected cancellation policy under Cancellation policies (OTAs).

Please remember that until now we were not exporting cancellation policies to Airbnb, but when this option is selected we will push them in combination with the selected cancellation policy.

Only some Airbnb cancellation policies are compatible with this option.

June 27 - We now allow setting closed on arrival and closed on departure via public API




Some partners (especially dynamic pricing ones) needed this option to allow pushing arrival/departure restrictions similar to the ones we have in our availability seasonal rules. This is now possible and it will apply to any connected channel. If there is a discrepancy between seasonal rules and what the partner is pushing the closing event will prevail, so:

Partner Open and Hostaway Closed (on arrival/departure) - > Closed

Partner Closed and Hostaway Open (on arrival/departure) - > Closed

Some indicators will be shown in our calendar, similar to the ones we have for seasonal rules

June 22 - We improved the amenity order component in the booking engine settings




The amenity order component in the booking engine settings > basic was hard to understand, and it was also hard to drag items up and down the list. Now the experience is friendlier and smoother

June 20 - Improved the filters disposition in the Inbox




The navigation between all conversations and archived/snoozed was a bit confusing. In addition, we will now display there the number of filters applying

June 20 - Guest name, reservation id and listing names are now clickable in the Listings Financials table




For convenience, now reservations and listings are accessible from there

Rental agreements are now available




You can now setup rental agreements in Hostaway.

Agreements are set in a new tab in the listing edit page - ‘Guest Portal’. Agreements can be bulk copied to other listings.

To send the agreement to a guest to be signed, create a message automation with the standard field {{rental agreement link}}. Pressing the link will open the agreement requiring marking a checkbox to accept and signing by drawing.

The signed agreement can be found in the guest portal and reservation page as a pdf containing the guest name, signature, timestamp and IP address.

The signature status can be found in the reservation page and changed manually. We also added a condition to message automation to send them depending on the agreement has been signed or not.

More information can be found here.