Hostaway updates
Hostaway updates

December 1 - You can now set the text color for the booking engine’s header & footer




November 28 - rate plans now appear in the reservation page




This will make it easier for you to understand which rate plan guests booked. The rate plan can be found in the reservation page next to the channel field, as well as in the reservations table and its csv.

November 28 - When reservation dates are changed, so does the title of related tasks




Tasks display the dates of a related reservation in their title. Until now, when a reservation’s dates were changed, the task title didn’t change. We now update the task title to reflect the correct dates of the related reservation.

November 22 - New custom fee: Early check-in




We added a new custom fee - Early check-in. This fee is available for upsell in the booking engine, as well as on Vrbo.

To add the fee, go to listings > edit > price & fee and add a fee at the bottom of the page.

November 21 - It is now possible to edit user emails




After a user was created, it was impossible to edit its email in the user management module, which forced administrators to either create a new user or reach out to support. Now this field can be updated

November 21 - We have separated cancellation policies for each channel




Cancellation policies pushed to channels depended on a mapping we were applying at Hostaway. However, this came with some problems:

  • The options don’t mean the same because we have just 5 different possibilities. This was a worse problem when we pushed them to channels (Vrbo + Marriott for instance) and the policies meant different things

  • Sometimes it was unclear what was exactly being pushed to channels

  • Parts of the settings were in different places. For instance, in channel-specific, we have Vrbo custom cancellation policies

  • It was not scalable. For instance, if we want to add a 6th policy for one channel, we need to map them to something previously existing

With this release, they are not mapped anymore and everything related to cancellation policies is now placed under listings > additional info. There we will see a cancellation policy for each OTA, their description and any other related setting (such as custom cancellation policies or Airbnb non-refundable discounts)

This improvement is transparent for listings because we did the split keeping the same mapping we had. But now it is possible to modify it individually for each OTA. These settings are compatible with the bulk updating tool, so it is possible to quickly copy them to other listings Together with it, we updated the public API

November 10 - Set which contact details appear in the booking engine’s footer




To provide more control over how guests contact you, it is now possible to set which contact information details appear in the booking engine’s footer. This is done from the booking engine settings > pages > contact us. We also Added TikTok to the list of social media apps.

November 7 - Listing cleanliness status is now visible in the multi-calendar




To help with operational processes, the listing cleanliness status can now be shown and changed in the multi-calendar, to the left of the listing name. Listings will automatically be marked as not clean after a guest checks-out, and as clean when a cleaning task is marked as done.

November 7 - Tasks can now be assigned to categories




This will help you organize your tasks better. Tasks and auto-tasks can now be assigned to one or more categories. The categories are cleaning, maintenance, check-in, check-out, back office and other.

November 7 - We fixed occupancy reports for multi-units




The occupancy report now shows the correct percentage for multi-unit listings too.