May 6th - Airbnb toolkit for COVID-19

To minimize the impact of Covid-19 on your business, Airbnb has created a Toolkit to help you continue welcoming guests (longer stay, flexible cancellation policies and much more advice).

Find the Toolkit here

May 5th - Improvements to Cross-Listings

We have added a few improvements to the UI of Cross-Listings:

  • In Listings, you will now see a line that identifies the Parent and Children.
  • We have added the Parent and Child icon to dropdowns.
  • When selecting a Child listing we have made it easier for you to identify the selected listing/s through modal + confirmation pop-up with all the changes

April 21st - Keep reservations after unmapping

If you need to unmap a listing to fix an issue on or Expedia you can now choose whether to keep existing reservations or not after unmapping and therefore keep your reservation and payments history.

Please note that if you choose to keep your reservations after unmapping, these will no longer be synchronized with the channels. Also, in order to avoid double bookings when you remap the listings, those reservations will not be reimported.

April 21st - Set up to 200 days Minimum stay on calendar and listing.

You can now set your minimum stay to be up to 200 nights both at the calendar and listing level. In the calendar just click on the days you wish to change the minimum stay. In Listings go to Edit > Additional Info > Minimum Stay and update it there.

Please note that Expedia only accepts a top minimum stay of 27 days. We will automatically adjust your settings for Expedia in case your minimum stay is above 27 days.

April 16th - support for instant booking allowed categories for Airbnb Pro users

If your listing is set to instant bookable = yes in Hostaway you are now able to select which categories it applies to and export it to Airbnb:

choose between:

  • Everyone
  • Experienced guests
  • Guests providing government ID
  • Experienced guests providing government ID

Learn how to Export to Airbnb PRO here

April 16th - support for Booking Settings for Airbnb PRO users

We have included support to update and export to Airbnb the following booking settings:

  • check in time start (Additional info)
  • check in time end (Additional info)
  • check out time (Additional info)
  • allows children as host (Suitable for children, Amenities tab)
  • allows infants as host (Suitable for infants, Amenities tab)
  • allows smoking (Smoking allowed, Amenities tab)
  • allows events (Suitable for events, Amenities tab)
  • allows pets (Pets allowed, Amenities tab)
  • 'instant booking allowed category’ (channel specific tab) in Hostaway is equal to ‘guest requirement’ in Airbnb

Learn how to Export to Airbnb PRO here

April 9th - Cross Listings relationship shown in dropdowns

In all dropdowns used to select listings you can now identify which listing is the parent and which is the child as we now show the appropriate icons. When filtering or searching by name, the cross listing relationship will also be visible:


March 31st - Listing Custom Fields on Reservation CSV export

Your Listing Custom fields are now included in the CSV exports available from the Reservations tab.

Customize your CSVs export using the columns selector or download the CSV (All Fields) to include all available columns:


March 31st - Approve / Decline pending reservations in Mobile App

In the Mobile App messages page, click on the ( i ) on the top-right corner to Approve / Decline pending reservations and to view detaile reservation info:

  • Listing name
  • Address
  • Channel
  • Reservation date (when the reservation came)
  • Number of guests
  • Payout sum
  • Reservation status
  • Link to the reservation
  • Calendar availability

image (1).png

Airbnb Maintenance

Airbnb has informed us of a maintenance downtime of their systems from 3rd March through 4th March 2020. This may cause some delays to your Airbnb connection through Hostaway. Please read below for more details:


Please contact with any questions or doubts