iOS 13 Update

This article is outdated. Please refer to the latest article for updated details.

Apple has released a new version of their operating system, iOS 13, which powers their iPhone and iPad devices. Many people have started to upgrade to this platform and noticed degraded performance with our mobile app. We are currently testing our mobile app for compatibility with the new operating system, however, our mobile app does not fully support iOS 13 at this time. Over the coming weeks, we'll be evaluating their brand new operating system and what changes need to be made. We'll issue any necessary updates to fully support iOS 13. In the meantime, we recommend either waiting on the iOS update, reverting back to iOS 12, or utilizing the mobile-web version of the system by navigating to our website using your Safari (or Chrome) web browser. The mobile-web version of our system functions nearly identical to the mobile app with minimal differences.


Why did you release an update? We did not release an update. Our app remains unchanged at this time. Issues are occurring that are related to Apple's new operating system software, iOS 13, that powers your iPhone or iPad.

When will this issue be fixed? Unfortunately, we do not have a definitive timeline. It will likely take a number of weeks after the iOS 13 release before our application is updated to accommodate any changes. Our engineers are already working on it, but it will take time to both develop & receive publishing approval from Apple.

What can I do in the meantime? If you're experiencing degraded performance, we recommend uninstalling the app and using your device's web browser like Safari or Chrome and navigate to to access our systems via the mobile-web version. This version is very similar to the mobile application and will still operate in the meantime so you can have mobile access to our systems.

How do I know when this is fixed? Updates to this situation will be published on our changelog as well as to our Facebook and Twitter pages.