Horizon Dynamic Web Designs LLC. release notes
Horizon Dynamic Web Designs LLC. release notes

Saved Login Credentials

With the release of our new public facing website, the system now actively supports the use of saved login credentials via your web browser's credential storage method. This applies to desktop/laptop logins along with users utilizing the mobile-web (non-app) versions of the system. Previously, the system actively disabled the use of login credential saving via web browsers.

New Logos & Public Website

We've published our new logos and public website design today. Changes today include design changes to the public website pages only. Design & functionality of the pages while you're logged into the system have not changed. There will be more changes over the coming months, but that's all for now.


New iOS App Published


An Upgraded Version of our iOS App has been released to the iTunes App Store. This update addresses compatibility with Apple's newest operating system version, iOS 13. Users that have updated their devices to iOS 13 will need to utilize the new version of the app in order to continue using our systems. The following steps will be required to use the new version:

  • Ensure your Apple device has iOS version 13.1.2 (or newer) installed. You can check this by going to Settings >> General >> About >> Software Version. If you still need the update, you can go to Settings >> General >> Software Update to start the update on your device, if it's eligible. Devices that are not eligible for the 13.1.x update from Apple can continue using the older version of our app, but the older version of our app will be discontinued in the near future.

  • Upgrade your HorizonWebRef Mobile App to version 1.3.1 which contains compatibility patches specific to iOS 13, including a patch that fixes issues with opening the main menu tab.

iOS 13 Update

This article is outdated. Please refer to the latest article for updated details.

Apple has released a new version of their operating system, iOS 13, which powers their iPhone and iPad devices. Many people have started to upgrade to this platform and noticed degraded performance with our mobile app. We are currently testing our mobile app for compatibility with the new operating system, however, our mobile app does not fully support iOS 13 at this time. Over the coming weeks, we'll be evaluating their brand new operating system and what changes need to be made. We'll issue any necessary updates to fully support iOS 13. In the meantime, we recommend either waiting on the iOS update, reverting back to iOS 12, or utilizing the mobile-web version of the system by navigating to our website using your Safari (or Chrome) web browser. The mobile-web version of our system functions nearly identical to the mobile app with minimal differences.


Why did you release an update? We did not release an update. Our app remains unchanged at this time. Issues are occurring that are related to Apple's new operating system software, iOS 13, that powers your iPhone or iPad.

When will this issue be fixed? Unfortunately, we do not have a definitive timeline. It will likely take a number of weeks after the iOS 13 release before our application is updated to accommodate any changes. Our engineers are already working on it, but it will take time to both develop & receive publishing approval from Apple.

What can I do in the meantime? If you're experiencing degraded performance, we recommend uninstalling the app and using your device's web browser like Safari or Chrome and navigate to www.horizonwebref.com to access our systems via the mobile-web version. This version is very similar to the mobile application and will still operate in the meantime so you can have mobile access to our systems.

How do I know when this is fixed? Updates to this situation will be published on our changelog as well as to our Facebook and Twitter pages.

Percentage Rescheduling Fees

A fix has been implemented to resolve percentage-based rescheduling fees that were not properly displaying during the rescheduling process. This fix only applies to organizations using the Rescheduling Fee that is charged to officials when rescheduling an assignment and that had this set to use a percentage value instead of a flat dollar value.

Deleting Meeting Attendees

A fix has been implemented to address an issue that prevented deleting meeting attendees in some instances. Meeting attendees can now be removed from a meeting normally.

Coach / AD Cancellation Cutoff

Organizations may now set a time restriction for the latest they will allow a Coach or Athletic Director to cancel an event. Previously, allowing Coaches and ADs to cancel games and events was either a YES or NO option. When enabled, the system will now allow you (administrators) to set a cutoff time (in hours) prior to the event start time in which a cancellation will be allowed by a Coach or AD. The default value will be ANYTIME, meaning it is unlimited and Coaches or ADs can cancel an event whenever necessary. This default value can be changed by an organization's administrator on the System Settings page via Feature #29.


Lower Rejection Cost [Payment Center]

Effective today, we've lowered the cost of another bank rejections type for users that close their bank account, but do not properly update their Payment Center account to reflect this. Naturally, if a bank account has been closed, any transactions issued to that account will be rejected. Previously, the fee for such rejections was $15. Effective today, the fee will be reduced down to $5 for this rejection scenario. This adjustment applies only to bank response code:

  • R02 – Account Closed

For full up-to-date pricing information on the Horizon Payment Center, including other bank rejection types not referenced in this post, you may visit our Pricing Page here.

Evaluations [Mobile]

An issue has been corrected that was preventing some users from being able to access the Rate Fellow Officials option on mobile platforms. This option appears after the completion of a game for organizations utilizing the Fellow Officials Ratings & Evaluations System. Some mobile devices were not displaying this as an available at the conclusion of a game. This has been corrected and now displays normally, based on the organization's desired settings and enforcement/collection policies.

Lower Rejection Cost [Payment Center]

Effective today, we've lowered the cost of 2 bank rejections that can occur with some Credit Union institutions. For organizations that utilize the Horizon Payment Center, we've lowered the cost from $15 down to $5 for any bank rejections with the following rejection return reasons from the banking institution:

  • R03 – No account/Unable to locate account
  • R04 – Invalid account number

This bank rejection most commonly occurs with Credit Union institutions. We've found that some Credit Unions are rejecting transactions on verified bank accounts, even though the Credit Union successfully verified the account via Instant Verification. We've lowered the cost on this situation to help ease the burden of these rejections.

Additionally, any users utilizing a Credit Union as their bank account will be required to perform Micro-Deposit Verification and will not be permitted to use the Instant Verification method. Although this issue is only occurring on a few select Credit Union institutions, we're now requiring Micro-Deposit Verification on ALL Credit Unions to help avoid rejection fees to Senders. We recommend any users with credit unions re-verify their bank accounts via Micro-Deposit Verification to ensure their bank doesn't reject an incoming transaction and result in a rejection fee ($5) being assessed to the Sender.