Name Display

Master Game Schedule names will now dynamically adapt their display variations for instances where 2 separate officials may have the same first initial & last name. The system will now adapt and attempt to show alternative variations on those names to make this visual instance less confusing.

Mass-Edit: Game Time

A new option has been added to the Mass-Edit automation tool that will now allow you to update Game Times in bulk, if desired.

Quick Filters: Next Month

A new quick filter has been added to the Schedule Filters to allow you to quickly jump to the Next Month with a single click. This option is available on desktops, laptops and tablets; but is not available on phones due to space restrictions.

SportsEngine Integration

The SportsEngine integration options have been expanded to allow organizations to view and import information from most SportsEngine sites that they are members of. Previously, you were required to be a webmaster (administrator) of the SportsEngine site in order to obtain information from that site. Now, simply being a member of a SportsEngine site will allow you to import most, if not all, the desired information via our SportsEngine integration and into our systems. You can read more about how to setup SportsEngine integration at this support article

Horizon Payment Center [Mobile]

An error has been corrected that was preventing mobile users from accessing the new Horizon Payment Center for verifying bank accounts and upgrading their older accounts to the new platform. We'll continue monitoring the upgrade and transition process to ensure timely resolution to any issues that may arise during this transition period.

Dwolla Upgrade Starting

The upgrade process for organizations and users utilizing the Dwolla Payment Center has started and will continue throughout November 2018. All accounts must be upgraded by November 30, 2018 to continue utilizing the new Horizon Payment Center. You can review this support article for details on the upgrade and transition process.

Payroll Summary Report

The Payroll Summary Report will now show line items for officials that have 0 games, but have an adjustment balance. Previously, if an official had 0 games, they would not appear as a line item on this report, even if they had an adjustment applied to them. The report will now include officials with 0 games on the report if they have a non-zero adjustment balance (positive or negative).

Knowledge Base Update

We've updated our Knowledge Base (aka FAQs) to further separate questions into more concise categories which allows for a smaller collection of FAQs to be grouped together without having an overwhelming list of questions. This should make finding an answer to some of your common questions easier and faster. We intend to further this trend and organization with future articles and categories to make it easier to find an answer to your question.

Me/Mac/ Emails

The system will now recognize email addresses for a user as the same address for any of the Apple email domains. For example, the emails, and will all be treated and recognized as the exact same email address since their delivery mechanism all route to the same final destination.

Deleting Video Placeholders

A correction has been made to the deletion process for video placeholders. Video placeholders occur when a video is removed or taken down by YouTube after the upload is added. If YouTube removes an uploaded video, you can now correctly delete the placeholder and try your upload again.

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