Proximity Map - Locations

The Proximity Map located on the Members Directory has been updated to allow for viewing locations by themselves instead of alongside officials for those users that want to see just the geographic map of the organization's locations that events are held at.

Privacy Policy Update

Our Privacy Policy has been updated to include additional information about the third-party services we offer and integrate with. You may review our policy at This policy is effective immediately. If you do not consent to this privacy policy, you must cease operation of our services immediately.

Single Event Deletes

For schedulers, deleting single events will no longer require the entire page to be reloaded. This provides for a more seamless delete process so you don't lose your place while scheduling.

SportsEngine Game Code Import

An update has been made to the SportsEngine Game Code Import mechanism which will now include the league name as part of the Game Code for the onscreen display. This will help avoid confusion for larger SportsEngine systems when multiple leagues may have similarly named Game Codes (aka Sub-seasons)

Overnight System Tasks

A repair has made to our overnight tasks system that was preventing some overnight system tasks to not be completed as expected.

Mass Delete Events

An option is now available to delete events from your system in bulk for assignors and schedulers. Mass Delete is permanent and cannot be undone, just as single delete is. In order to prevent accidental deletions there are a few rules for what games are eligible to be deleted in bulk:

Mass Delete Eligibility Rules

  • Event must be unpublished
  • Event must not be cancelled
  • Event must be in the future or no older than 30 days in the past
  • If event is in the past, it must have 0 assignments
  • If assignor is not an administrator, they may only mass-delete games they created themselves.

Just like individually deleted games, an email receipt of the deleted games will be sent to the scheduler performing the action and any administrators in the subscription. The new mass-delete option can be found in the Publishing menu in the top toolbar of the Master Game Schedule page.

Event Publishing [Mobile]

Publishing Single Events and Games via the mobile versions of the system has been relocated to a link under the date/time of the game instead of its own column. This better utilized the limited screen space available on mobile devices.

Observer Ratings [Mobile]

Observer Ratings are now available to be submitted via the Mobile versions of the system, including the mobile apps.

Officials Payment Tracking [Mobile]

An issue has been corrected that was preventing the officials payment tracking icons from displaying on some mobile devices.

Currency Conversions

A fix to currency conversions has been made to resolve issues when a currency conversion could not be made.

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