Payroll Summary Report

The Payroll Summary Report will now show line items for officials that have 0 games, but have an adjustment balance. Previously, if an official had 0 games, they would not appear as a line item on this report, even if they had an adjustment applied to them. The report will now include officials with 0 games on the report if they have a non-zero adjustment balance (positive or negative).

Knowledge Base Update

We've updated our Knowledge Base (aka FAQs) to further separate questions into more concise categories which allows for a smaller collection of FAQs to be grouped together without having an overwhelming list of questions. This should make finding an answer to some of your common questions easier and faster. We intend to further this trend and organization with future articles and categories to make it easier to find an answer to your question.

Me/Mac/ Emails

The system will now recognize email addresses for a user as the same address for any of the Apple email domains. For example, the emails, and will all be treated and recognized as the exact same email address since their delivery mechanism all route to the same final destination.

Deleting Video Placeholders

A correction has been made to the deletion process for video placeholders. Video placeholders occur when a video is removed or taken down by YouTube after the upload is added. If YouTube removes an uploaded video, you can now correctly delete the placeholder and try your upload again.

Faster Game Cancellation Emails

We've eliminated the processing time previously needed for sending Game Cancellation emails to officials. These emails are now processed and sent instantaneously. Previously, these notices were sent about 2 to 3 minutes after a cancellation action was performed.

Google Maps Issues

Google Maps accessibility, specifically the User Interface (UI) display is currently degraded, due to changes made by Google to their mapping product. We're investigating and looking to resolve this, however, we may need to migrate to a different mapping platform as Google Maps pricing has drastically increased and we'd prefer not to increase prices. While we work to resolve the issue, mapping displays may show "This page can't load Google Maps correctly" and/or "For development purposes only" until a solution is implemented.

Association Number Search

Association number search on the user registration pages will now limit/combine results when there are two schedulers with the same last name in the same organization. Previously, the system would show 2 separate results for this scenario with the same association number. The system will now show 1 result for this scenario and list any matching schedulers within that result.

Periodic Verified Phone Check

The system will now periodically ask users if their verified phone numbers are still valid if they haven't checked or edited their verified phone numbers in a long period of time. The user can respond simply by clicking Yes or No to the prompt. This will help prevent users from getting locked out of their accounts if they change phone numbers, but forget to update their Personal Profile with their updated number. If the user responds No, they will be taken to their Personal Profile where they can update their phone numbers. If the user responds Yes, the prompt is dismissed and the user won't be bothered again until the next check, months later. Since this is a new prompt, many users that have been members for a long time will see this prompt this week when they login.

Proximity Map - Locations

The Proximity Map located on the Members Directory has been updated to allow for viewing locations by themselves instead of alongside officials for those users that want to see just the geographic map of the organization's locations that events are held at.

Privacy Policy Update

Our Privacy Policy has been updated to include additional information about the third-party services we offer and integrate with. You may review our policy at This policy is effective immediately. If you do not consent to this privacy policy, you must cease operation of our services immediately.

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