Payment Center Transactions Paginated

The transactions list in the Horizon Payment Center is now paginated to 500 results per page. This will help improve performance and load times on this tab for organizations (or users) with thousands of payments. Accounts with over 500 payments can quickly jump to other pages or move between next/previous pages at the bottom of the transactions list using either the page numbers or the orange action arrows.

Positions Import Fix

An issue with the Position Import tool has been corrected that previously caused positions to be marked "Secret" no matter what was specified in the imported spreadsheet.

Customize Turnback Request Time

Officiating organizations can now customize the amount of time prior to a game that an official may request a turnback. Previously, Turnback Requests were not allowed on game day, but were allowed anytime prior to that. Organization administrators may now customize this on the System Settings page under the System Defaults tab where they can specify a desired amount of time (in hours) prior to the game that an official may submit this request. The default value is 24 hours prior to the game time.


A turnback request is NOT the same as a declined assignment. A turnback request is only a request. The game assignment is still the responsibility of the submitting official until their scheduler chooses to honor the request. Schedulers are not obligated to honor or even reply to the request. Turnback requests can be rejected or ignore by schedulers, because of this, turnback requests cannot be disabled, however administrators may now customize the timeframe.


Printable Payment Vouchers

The system now has dedicated PDF payment vouchers available for officials to print prior to their game. Officials that are heading to a game that is vouchered and/or paid by a team can use the new dedicate payment voucher option on the Game Details page for any game to print a voucher that they can fill out and complete prior to game time. For United States individuals, this new payment voucher option also includes an IRS W-9 tax form for schools or organizations that also require officials to provide that form, which is quite common for vouchered games.

Maximum Game Assignments Per Day

Administrators may now specify the maximum number of game assignments allowed for officials per day. This new setting is available on the System Settings page under the System Defaults tab. Once an official has reached your specified maximum number of game assignments allowed per day, the system will deem them ineligible for any further game assignments on that day.


New API Endpoints

We've added new API Endpoints to control Contact Groups and the Manual Ranking System. The new endpoints are immediately available and allow software developers to programmatically control contact groups as well as the manual ranking values for their organization(s). Updated documentation is available on our Developer API page.

Dates Officials View Unaccepted Assignments

The system will now track dates & times that an official has viewed an unaccepted assignment. This date/time information will be displayed and available to respective schedulers while an assignment remains in an Unaccepted status (not accepted or declined yet). Once the assignment is accepted or declined, the viewing status information is no longer displayed.

This information is not really new as it could previously be pieced together by schedulers using the Login Records functionality on the Members Directory, however this new tracking helps make it easier and more obvious to schedulers so they can quickly view their Master Game Schedule and identify which unaccepted assignments have been viewed or not by the respective officials.

Officials that have viewed an assignment, but have not yet accepted or declined, will have an eyeball notation eye--arrow.png displayed next to their name on the Master Game Schedule page to quickly identify these instances. Hovering/clicking the eyeball icon eye--arrow.png will reveal the exact date/time of the last time the official viewed the unaccepted assignment. Schedulers can also review the Game Details page for a particular game to see this information as well.

Auto-Link Games

We've released a new Auto-Link automation feature available as part of the Game Linking System that will now allow the system to rapidly create sets of linked games for schedules to quickly get through the linking process and save more time while assigning games!

This new feature operates as part of our Game Linking System which is available via Feature #2 in your System Settings for organization administrators. The new Auto-Link option appears under both the Link Games and the Automation menu options in the top toolbar of the Master Game Schedule page.

Using the Auto-Link option will allow you to create sets of linked games between 2 and 5 games and will do so automatically by evaluating the game date, time & location to find games that are close together so you can schedule the same officials to a set of games quickly. The Game Linking process has been available for quite some time, but previously, you had to specify what games you wanted linked yourself. This process is still available, but the new Auto-Link option can help speed this up by creating these links for you in record time!

Additionally, as part of this, we've also added a new bulk Unlink option in the top toolbar of the Master Game Schedule page under the Link Games menu option. This will help rapidly unlink games in the event that you want to get rid of links or undo the Auto-Link process.

Lastly, this feature also adds the Auto-Link option to the CSV Spreadsheet Import confirmation page so you can quickly create your link sets right away after completing a new import of new games. This is a natural first step after importing games for many organizations that use the already existing Game Linking System.

Game Counter Totals

The Game Counter Reports now include a total count at the bottom of the reports for a summarized insight for the specified counter.

Android App Fix

A patched version (1.5.8) for our free Android application has been released and is available for immediate download in the Google Play Store. The new version of the app contains a minor fix that caused the app to repeatedly crash on devices running Android 9.0

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