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🔑 Pre-Sender ID Registration On Hellio Messaging






At Hellio, we're always striving and finding new ways of improving our platforms with the aim of making it seamless for our users to use our platforms. Today, we're introducing a new feature which serves more as a security feature to first protect our client's identities and that of our reputation as a company.

Previously, we allowed the option for our users to use "any" Sender ID pertaining to their business need or brand name. Though this was great and served its purpose, we also noticed abuse of this feature by some users of the platform.

As part of the License Conditions, the Electronic Communication Act 2008, Act 775 mandates that service providers provide for consumer protection and this is why Hellio is taking on this decision to protect brands of our clients and our reputation as a company.

Starting 14th, April 2021, Hellio Messaging requires that all its cherished clients pre-register their sender IDs which then would be reviewed by our Customer Success and Complaint team and approve based on critical reviews and consideration.

Should the client's proposed Sender ID meets our criteria, it should take 10-20min for a Sender ID to be approved.

Sender ID Registration Flow:

  • The client clicks on Configure Sender IDs from the sidebar once they're logged into the platform.
  • Next, click on the Add New button, then enter the desired Sender ID you wish to use that represents your brand or business. NB: Please note that Sender ID can only be 11 characters long including space.
  • At this stage you should receive an email from us indicating the status of the Sender ID you requested to have us register on your account.
  • Our Customer Success and Complaint team will review your request and would decide to approve or disapprove of your request when necessary. This should take between 10 - 20min.
  • Once our team decides on the status of your request, you would receive another email notifying you if your request was approved or not, then and then you would be able to send messages or not.

Should you have any question or concerns, kindly send us an email to support@helliomessaging.com