Headway changelog
Headway changelog

Google Sign-In




You can now log into Headway with any Google account, and we highly recommend it. Not only it's one less password to remember, but Google offers an extra level of security with two-factor authentication options.

To connect your Google account, simply navigate to Settings -> Profile and select how you want to log into your account.

Screenshot 2018-11-14 at 21.05.58.png

Delay in publishing changelogs




Some scheduled changelogs, tweets, and slack messages queued up this weekend and were not published on time. We fixed the issue and all delayed publications should be out 😇

Changing the author




Now you can select which member of your team will be displayed as the author on your public page.

Screen Shot 2018-07-03 at 01.42.51.png

Authors visibility switch




We added a new setting allowing you to control whether authors should be visible on your public changelog page.

You can find it in Settings -> Public page.

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Changelogs favicons




We automated generating favicons for all of our changelogs. If your changelog doesn't have a logo yet, be sure to upload one in Settings-> Account. Favicon will appear within seconds!

Screen Shot 2018-04-05 at 20.02.50.png

Mailto links fix




A bug in the editor caused mailto links to stop working. We fixed the issue and all affected changelogs.

Working mailto link 😎

Externally triggering widget popover




Until today you could only trigger the widget popover only by clicking on the badge, but sometimes it makes sense to toggle the popover from an external link, say like we do above, with the Release notes link.

Getting it implemented is really simple, just add the trigger option to the widget config, the value can be any selector (for example, .widgetTrigger or #toggle-headway-widget).

The full config would look like this:

let HW_config = {
  account: "...",
  selector: "...",
  trigger: ".externalTrigger"

For more configuration options see our widget documentation.

Scheduled publishing




Pretty self-explanatory – just pick a date in the future, publish the post and we'll handle the rest!

The feature is available for PRO accounts.

SSL certificates for all custom domains 🔐




This year we started periodically generating SSL certificates for all custom domains. We want security and privacy to be important features of Headway.

Now we are happy to announce that the process has been fully automated and within minutes new custom domains start serving traffic over secure https protocol.

Check out our updated documentation to see how you can configure your own custom domain.

RSS feeds




Changelogs RSS feeds are here and are available for free.

Feeds are accessible by adding /rss at the end of any changelog url. For example:

  1. https://changelog.jsfiddle.net/rss for custom domains
  2. https://headwayapp.co/jsfiddle-changelog/rss for changelogs under headwayapp.co domain

You can check how your feed looks like by typing your changelog's url in online rss reader like http://m.simplepie.org. This is ours.

* rss feeds for private accounts are not yet available