Saving is back... Don't ask.


A bit of a regression happened today, we updated some under-the-hood things and unfortunately broke saving posts along the way.

Issue is now solved. Sorry for the trouble.

Layout changes (future proofing)


Easy to notice change – the top line acted as a color accent for the changelog, that is now gone and instead we have the sidebar that will double as navigation between new upcoming modules, like the Roadmap module.

We're really excited about this, it's going to be really great!

Widget 🚀


We've done a lot of under-the-hood improvements for the widget – it's now speedier than ever. Keywords: more advanced caching!

Every second counts


Since we want your public changelogs to load as fast as technically possible, we're constantly optimizing things behind the scenes – this time it's worth mentioning that we've hit a milestone in loading speed.

As to what has improved, a few things, like we've moved away from font-icons, in favor of SVG, so instead of loading a few heavy font files, we're just loading a couple of lines of SVG markup.

We've also stopped loading parts of the code that should be only available to logged in users, making the JS/CSS files for the public changelog around 40% lighter!

More changes coming!

PS. Worth mentioning we have a public roadmap, where you can vote for the features you'd like to see in Headway.

Paginated posts now have a permalink


Small fix to historical posts loaded on demand, which were missing the permalink (date) to the full post.



Some of you keep adding quite a lot of changelogs – which is great!

In order to keep the public changelog page lightweight, we now paginate posts, 10 per page, with the ability to load previous for the more curious users.

Over and out!

Private mode and interface updates


Private mode

Switching to Private mode will make the changelog page only available from a special links in the widget (good for internal use).

The link itself has a special token that will invalidate itself periodically - an extra privacy measure so any leaked links will be useless after a day.

Other stuff

  • Improved editing. When you edit a changelog the main content will slide to the left, revealing it as the preview for any changes you make to the content.
  • Improved contrast. Some colors of the UI have been changed for better contrast, all in all, not a huge change but some people might welcome the improvement.

New landing page + Plans


Our landing page has been completely redesigned (with a new logo!) – the scrolling animation we had before was a cool idea but it has proven not to be the best thing on mobile.

There was a little bit of scroll-jacking involved which is something many people have very negative feelings about.

Since we're nearing the end of beta, we're introducing plans:

Until we actually exit the beta, the PRO plan will still be free ($0).

As to the price point for the Pro plan, we're still figuring this out (a sweet spot between keeping us running and not being ridiculously expensive).

Post new changelogs to Slack 🦄


New integration alert! You can now post changelogs directly to your company Slack so everyone on the team is in the loop of newly added changes to your app.

Connect Slack in Settings / Integrations.

More integrations are coming, next in line is Mailchimp - stay tuned!

Security on links opening new tabs


We've added additional means of security for tabs and windows that are opened from widget or public page context – no referrer or opener information will be passed to the target page. 🔒

No published changelogs yet.

Surely Headway will start publishing changelogs very soon.

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