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Paginated posts now have a permalink


Small fix to historical posts loaded on demand, which were missing the permalink (date) to the full post.



Some of you keep adding quite a lot of changelogs – which is great!

In order to keep the public changelog page lightweight, we now paginate posts, 10 per page, with the ability to load previous for the more curious users.

Over and out!

Private mode and interface updates


Private mode

Switching to Private mode will make the changelog page only available from a special links in the widget (good for internal use).

The link itself has a special token that will invalidate itself periodically - an extra privacy measure so any leaked links will be useless after a day.

Other stuff

  • Improved editing. When you edit a changelog the main content will slide to the left, revealing it as the preview for any changes you make to the content.
  • Improved contrast. Some colors of the UI have been changed for better contrast, all in all, not a huge change but some people might welcome the improvement.

New landing page + Plans


Our landing page has been completely redesigned (with a new logo!) – the scrolling animation we had before was a cool idea but it has proven not to be the best thing on mobile.

There was a little bit of scroll-jacking involved which is something many people have very negative feelings about.

Since we're nearing the end of beta, we're introducing plans:

Until we actually exit the beta, the PRO plan will still be free ($0).

As to the price point for the Pro plan, we're still figuring this out (a sweet spot between keeping us running and not being ridiculously expensive).

Post new changelogs to Slack 🦄


New integration alert! You can now post changelogs directly to your company Slack so everyone on the team is in the loop of newly added changes to your app.

Connect Slack in Settings / Integrations.

More integrations are coming, next in line is Mailchimp - stay tuned!

Security on links opening new tabs


We've added additional means of security for tabs and windows that are opened from widget or public page context – no referrer or opener information will be passed to the target page. 🔒

Widget's read state


We've got two major improvements today:

  1. Information about read state (badge counter) is now stored as a first party cookie (it was third party). Some browsers tend to block 3rd party cookies for privacy reasons (which is good), and the badge wouldn't work well in these scenario.
  2. Read state has been rewritten in order for the badge number not to get all confused when for example a changelog was deleted or unpublished.

The reason for releasing two major improvements is because both will cause the badge to reset for everyone (even though items were already read).

Since we're still in beta these sort of changes are to be expected, although we try to keep them to the minimum.

X-Mas edition editor fixes


🎁 with a bunch of fixes:

  • Canceling a freshly created changelog no longer brings back content from the previously saved state if no hard-refresh was made.
  • Date picker allows you to select the hour of publication instead of closing once a date is picked.
  • Category dropdown in the editor will now always be populated with the correct category instead of it being empty under certain circumstances.

Tables for all


Especially for our Speadsheet-loving users, tables, tables like this one:

Weather Reaction
☀️ Yeah!
🌤 Meh
🌧 Noooope

Video in changelogs 📺


This is a quick one.

You can now use videos in your changelogs – there's support for videos from YouTube and Vimeo:

![Video name](https://vimeo.com/150879953)

The code above will result in:

No published changelogs yet.

Surely Headway will start publishing changelogs very soon.

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