Headway changelog
Headway changelog

Multiple categories




Now you can legally put all your recent updates in a single entry! Multiple categories feature allows you to separate different updates with category labels directly in the content of your update.

Use the categories dropdown in the editor to add another category to your markdown:


This update triggered some noticeable changes in the changelog view, which is still a work in progress. Your feedback is always welcome 😊

Markdown buttons ⌨️




Our editor is now equipped in new markdown buttons that make it easy to start working with Markdown language.

Hover over a button to see a tooltip with an example of the formatting, click to apply, and again to remove it. Repeat and you will master Markdown in no time 😎

Screenshot 2020-07-17 at 00.00.48.png

Colourful categories update 🌈




Have you already noticed our new color picker in your account's settings? Now you can use it to change the color of your categories as well!

Screenshot 2019-11-20 at 00.29.16.png

We will automatically apply a darker label for brighter backgrounds,

Screenshot 2019-11-20 at 01.22.15.png

Loom videos support!




We added support for embedding Loom videos!

All supported videos are now automatically embedded, so you can simply paste a link like this:


to turn it into this:

Automatic video emebedding 📽️




Easier way to add a video - simply paste a link to one of our supported providers (YouTube, Vimeo, or Wistia) and it will be automatically embedded in your changelog 🙂

Try it out:

Our documentation has some more details.

Incorrect order in the widget




For around one hour today, our widgets started showing entries in reversed order (oldest entries first). This bug is no longer with us 🤓

Summer UX improvements in settings panel




We've updated our settings with a bunch of gentle UX improvements.

A groundwork for some upcoming product updates 😎

Wistia videos support




Wistia is joining the list of supported video platforms. To add your Wistia video, simply copy its url from the browser and wrap it in a video markdown to turn this:

![Wistia is for Marketing](https://wistia.com/medias/ve7pzy0d3y)

into this:

Empty emails




Today our application sent a few empty emails. We fixed the issue and re-sent all affected messages 🙌

Google Sign-In




You can now log into Headway with any Google account, and we highly recommend it. Not only it's one less password to remember, but Google offers an extra level of security with two-factor authentication options.

To connect your Google account, simply navigate to Settings -> Profile and select how you want to log into your account.

Screenshot 2018-11-14 at 21.05.58.png